We all love Amazon because we can shop without leaving the house. (Okay and maybe because of all the little known secrets about Amazon Prime.)

But how many of you are earning money with Amazon? Probably very few! Here are 14 ways to earn:


1. Get Amazon credit for choosing FREE No-Rush Shipping.

If you already have Prime, just choose FREE No-Rush Shipping when checking out, and receive promotional credit to use later on items from Prime Pantry and Kindle.

When I ordered my FitBit today, I got $5 Prime Pantry credit just for selecting the FREE No-Rush Shipping option.


2. Get $5 for downloading the Amazon app, then make $5 each time you refer a friend.

Download the Amazon app to get an instant $5 off your first $10 app purchase.

Once you have the app, use your own referral code to send invitations to everyone you know. You’ll both receive $5!



3. Earn $18-25/hour delivering Amazon packages in your community through Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex is a good way to supplement your income. You choose your hours and deliver packages or Amazon Now orders.

The guaranteed wage is $18/hr and you can keep any tips you receive. If you want a little extra cash but you don’t want a part-time job, this is for you.



4. Review (and keep) free merchandise by joining the Amazon Vine community.

You won’t earn money as a Vine Voice, but you CAN choose free products to review (and keep!) by getting invited to join Amazon Vine.

It’s a selective community, but there are a few ways to increase your odds of getting chosen.


5. Trade used electronics, music, and books for Amazon gift cards with Amazon Trade-In.

Instead of holding a garage sale or dealing with Craigslist, I tried Amazon Trade-In.

I got a $23.92 Amazon gift card in exchange for my old iPhone 4, and another for $19.23 for my daughter’s Little Mermaid Blu-ray.

Amazon accepts hundreds of thousands of used items from categories like Video Games, Cameras, Electronics, Music, Books, and more, so going through my old gadgets and entertainment was like mining for cash.

Just search for items in the Trade-In Store, make sure they’re in "Acceptable" condition, print Amazon’s free shipping labels, and kiss your clutter goodbye.


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6. Refer your friends to Amazon Prime and get $5-10 for each referral.

First, sign up for Prime if you haven’t already! Once you realize how much you love it, refer your friends and family to get $5 when they make their first $5 purchase. Or refer a student and you both get $10.

Tip: If you have a blog or are active on social media, post your referral codes. Readers will get up to $10 (if they sign up for both), and you’ll benefit too!


7. Earn money from home with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Set up a Mechanical Turk account using your Amazon profile and start completing short tasks or surveys for extra cash.

You may think it’s not worth it when you see the small value of each task ($0.10 to a few bucks), but it can add up.

One of my SAHM friends is on a tight budget, but she sets aside 30 minutes every day to do Mechanical Turk. She earns about $30/month of extra money and gets to treat herself to coffee or whatever else their budget doesn’t allow.



8. Sell your mad skills through Amazon Services.

Love interior design or have a knack for assembling treadmills?

Whatever your skill may be, Amazon will advertise your services to local customers who may be interested (for example, someone purchasing a treadmill that needs it to be set up).

Amazon will send you jobs and pay you for the work!

There aren’t any upfront costs or fees, but keep in mind that Amazon takes a 10-20% commission from your service rate.


9. Earn up to 10% sales commission with Amazon Associates.

If you have a website, join the Amazon Associates program and start using affiliate links to advertise Amazon products on your site. You’ll receive 2-10% commission on purchases.

Commission rates for General Products increase as your sales increase (up to 8.5%), while certain product categories have fixed rates and ranging from 2%-10%.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, this is a good way to monetize it. Start talking about products you love and link to them on Amazon with your affiliate link.



10. Sell your craft on the largest online marketplace with Amazon Handmade.

Have a gift for making 100% handmade items? Apply to sell them on Amazon Handmade.

As the artist, you’ll be charged a 15% commission fee (or $1 minimum) on each sale. Perks include access to Amazon’s online traffic, discounted shipping, and fraud protection.

Tip: Love crafting but hate the idea of storing or shipping your orders? For an extra 8-15% commission you can join Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and have Amazon take care of it all!


11. Sell a little (or a lot) of new or used products as a third-party seller.

Not crafty but still want to try your hand at selling merchandise on Amazon? Anyone can sell up to 40 (new or used) items per month in categories like shoes, toys, electronics, or handbags as an Individual Seller.

Once you’ve mastered that, bump up to 40+ items per month as a Professional Seller or Vendor.

You’ll be charged a commission (of at least $1) on each sale, plus additional costs. You’ll either need to handle your own orders, or pay Amazon another 8-15% fee to handle all that for you with FBA.

And if you hate the idea of handling merchandise…


12. Become a middleman between a drop ship supplier and Amazon.

What the heck is drop shipping?! It’s the practice of finding low-priced items through a wholesaler, then selling them for a higher cost on Amazon without ever handling items. Kinda like flipping products you never touch.

Check out the subscription-based Salehoo directory to find low-cost drop shippers and a list of their products. After finding items you believe you could sell for a higher price, sign up as an Amazon Seller (using one of the selling plans in #9). Then, start selling!

You pocket the profits, while letting your supplier handle all the storage and shipping. You don’t even have to purchase the products before a customer puts in an order!

Sounds a bit too easy, right? There are a lot of drop ship scammers out there, so do your homework, and read Amazon’s Drop Ship Policy for more info.


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13. Self-publish eBooks through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for a 70% royalty rate.

Anyone can do this. For real.

After you’ve written your story, you’ll make the most money if you price your eBook between $2.99 to $9.99 (70% royalty or commission on sales). Your commission is cut in half (down to 35%) for eBooks priced outside that range.

Increase your earning potential by joining KDP Select and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library to pocket your share of the global KDP Select Global Fund when someone reads more than 10% of your book through Kindle Unlimited.

And since Amazon even provides eBook cover options, your book could be available for purchase within 24-48 hours!


14. Get paid when you design T-shirts with Merch by Amazon.

If you have steller T-shirt ideas in mind, submit your designs to Merch by Amazon. The program is invitation-only, but you can request an invite. If accepted, your shirts could be listed on Amazon within a few days.

You’ll get decent royalties that increase when your design sells well. For example, you’ll make about $7.68 for each $19.99 shirt sale. You don’t even have to produce the shirts—Amazon takes care of listing, producing, shipping, and customer service. You design and get paid!


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14 Ways to Earn Money on Amazon