The Fetch Rewards app is now one of my favorite shopping apps. Why? Because it pays you back with digital gift cards for scanning your receipts, which you can redeem on purchases at your favorite stores like Target and Amazon.

What makes it different from other rewards apps is that you can scan both physical and digital receipts — a feature not all rewards apps have.

You don’t have to take any annoying surveys, and it’s quick and easy to set up.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Fetch app, and let’s talk about how you can start saving (and while you’re at it, download the KCL app for more deals!).


Earn over 1,200 points for scanning your first two receipts.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up with your email address or through Facebook. You’ll also be prompted to enter your zip code and phone number.

When you’re in, the app will point you to the camera icon in the bottom right of your screen. This is where you can scan receipts. Fetch offers a 750 bonus for your first receipt, and 500 for your second.

If you have receipts, go ahead and scan them. So you know, Fetch accepts receipts from the following types of vendors:

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores
  • Big-box retailers

It only takes a moment to get your points, so go ahead and rack up.

NOTE: Fetch has a scan limit. You can only scan and complete up to 35 receipts in a rolling seven-day period, and receipts older than 14 days will not be accepted.


Earn 2,000+ points when you refer a friend (worth $2).

You can also get 2,000 (or more) points when you refer a friend, and they get the points, too! (When I downloaded the app, there was a 3,000-point promotion per referral, so look out for it to earn even more.)

To refer a friend, look for the “Get Code” button located in the top banner on the Discover/homepage (scroll right on the carousel until you see it).

You can send referrals via text, email, or copy and share the link. Once your friend opens the app and creates an account through your link, you’ll both receive your points shortly after.

When I downloaded the app, I referred it to my mom and a friend (6,000 points) and downloaded my first two receipts (1,250) for a total of 7,250 points.


Earn points for uploading your e-receipts.

You’ll see a blue “e” icon next to the camera icon, which is where you can upload e-receipts. You have two options for e-receipts: You can add both your Amazon account and your personal email address.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, your e-receipts will automatically upload if your purchase falls within the 14-day calendar period.



Earn points when you buy specific brands.

You can earn points in the Fetch app whenever you scan receipts, but you’ll earn more points when you make a purchase on a qualifying brand (any product).

To earn points, just buy any product from the brands listed, and you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar you spend.

For example, if Axe is listed and you buy Axe Deodorant for $3, you’ll receive 30 points.

To see all 279+ participating brands, scroll through the brands carousel on the home screen.


Earn points when you buy specific products.

“Special Offers” on specific products will earn you points for buying set items and quantities. You can find Special Offers on the home screen if you scroll down.

One offered was 350 points for purchasing any Dove Men+Care product.

PRO TIP: Filter the deals you see by “High to Low” so you can capitalize on the highest saving deals before they expire. Products offering the most points tend to expire quicker than others!



Redeem your points for gift cards, sweepstakes, and magazine subscriptions.

To see your rewards, click on the “Rewards” icon in the bottom navigation menu. You’ll see icons for rewards labeled 3k-50k.

A thousand points equals $1 in rewards, and once you’ve earned 3,000 points, you can redeem them for gift cards — but this comes with exceptions. For example, $3 gift cards (and only $3 gift cards) for popular brands like Target, Amazon, and Dunkin’ Donuts cost an additional 500 points (3,500 points total), but you can also spend your points on charity, entertainment, clothing, and more.

To redeem points:

  1. Tap on “Rewards” in the bottom navigation menu, and click the icon that corresponds to the amount of points you want to redeem. For example, if you tap “3k”, you’ll see gift cards for $3 available.
  2. Click the gift card you want then select the reward amount.
  3. To use the gift card, tap the “Rewards” icon again and then tap the “My Rewards” tab at the top of your screen. You’ll see “Current Rewards.” (Don’t tap “Mark as used.”)
  4. Now, tap the image. Once you do, you’ll receive a code that you can copy and apply to your purchase.
  5. After you’ve copied and used the code, then tap “Mark as used.”

You can also use your points for sweepstakes entries. Right now, you can redeem 100 points for one entry (and up to 1,000 points for 30 entries) for a chance to win either a $500 prepaid Visa card or a $100 prepaid Visa card.

PRO TIP: Rather than spend your points immediately, save them up to pay for Christmas and birthday gifts or other special occasions.


Look out for new ways to earn points.

Fetch Rewards is constantly expanding their offerings for smart shoppers.

For example, I noticed after tapping the “Me” icon that you can now earn 5,000 points the first time you pick up your prescription using SingleCare and 1,000 points every time after that!



Fetch Rewards FAQ


At what stores can I use Fetch Rewards?

You can shop at any grocery store, supermarket, club wholesaler, or convenience store that carries the products featured.


Is there a limit to how many receipts I can submit?

You can submit up to 35 receipts per week.


Can I use coupons and still earn Fetch rewards points?

Yes, Fetch can be used with coupons and other apps.


How long do I have to submit a receipt?

Submit your receipts up to 14 days after the purchase date.


What do I do if I didn’t get points for a qualifying brand?

You can edit your receipts if you find discrepancies. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the “Activity” icon in the bottom menu.
  2. Scroll sideways until you find the receipt in question.
  3. Tap the pencil icon by the store banner OR scroll down until you see “Correct my Receipt.”
  4. Select the item you want to correct, or tap “+ Add an item that was missed.”
  5. Select or add the correct item and tap “Change Item.”
  6. Adjust quantity and price. If you can’t find the exact item, use the associated generic brand of the item.
  7. Tap “Yes, submit” to have your receipt reviewed.
  8. You can also re-scan the barcode when correcting the receipt.


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