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How Does Fetch Rewards Work? Your Complete Guide

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Do you love turning everyday shopping receipts into money? Us, too! That’s why you’re going to want to know the answer to this question: “how does Fetch Rewards work?”

Fetch Rewards is an app that pays you — that’s right, pays you — in digital gift cards just for scanning your receipts. So before you delete your next order confirmation email or toss out any paper receipts, let me teach you all about how to use their app and earn gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon and Target.

What makes Fetch different from many other rebate and cash-back apps is that you can scan both physical and digital receipts. Plus they have a quick and easy setup — and no annoying surveys (but if you like those, we do have a few paid survey apps we recommend).

While you’re downloading some apps, check out The Krazy Coupon Lady app for even more deals. Now let’s answer your burning questions about how the Fetch app works.

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is a free app you can download to earn points just for uploading your shopping receipts. You can then convert these points into gift cards for retailers.

As a seasoned Fetch user, I can tell you that these points are like currency for snagging gift cards from stores like Starbucks and Target. And what makes it different from other rebate apps is that they’ll take digital receipts, too.

1. How does Fetch Rewards work? Let’s break it down.

someone scanning a receipt in the fetch app

Once you’re in, the app will point you to the orange camera icon in the bottom middle of your screen. That’s where you scan receipts and sync e-receipts.

No matter which retailer the receipt is from, you’ll earn a minimum of 25 points.

Fetch accepts receipts from the following types of stores:

  • Grocery stores

  • Fast-food restaurants

  • Clothing retailers

  • Convenience stores

  • Drugstores

  • Big-box retailers

  • Department stores

  • Club wholesalers

  • Home improvement stores

  • Pet stores

  • Liquor stores

  • Gas stations

  • Consumer goods retailers

Besides the usual 25 points you get for each receipt you upload (worth about $0.03), Fetch has other ways to rack up additional points. Check this out:

  • When you buy stuff from the “Brands” section in the Fetch app, you’ll get an extra 10 points for every $1 you spend.

  • Keep an eye out for special deals in the app. Like, you could earn 1,500 points just for spending $15 on Huggies Wipes.

  • And then there are these big milestones. For example, spend $550 and you’ve got yourself 15,000 points!

You might wonder, how long does Fetch Rewards take to process receipts? It only takes a moment to get your points, so go ahead and rack them up.

TIP: Fetch does have a scan limit. You can only scan 35 receipts in a rolling 7-day period, and they won’t accept receipts older than 14 days.

2. Here’s the Fetch points to dollars conversion: 1,000 Fetch points equals about $1 in gift cards.

two phones showing the different point conversion for rewards on the Fetch app

When it comes to Fetch Rewards, it’s not just about collecting points — it’s about knowing how to turn those points into something awesome, like your next Starbucks fix. Most of the gift cards on Fetch start at $5, but some are as low as just $3. To get that $5 gift card, you’re aiming for 5,000 points. But watch out for places like Amazon— they play by their own rules. For a $5 Amazon card, you’ll need 6,500 points.

Sure, earning points with Fetch is easy-peasy, but getting a stash big enough for those gift cards? That’s where patience comes in, especially if you’re not diving into special offers or racking up referral points.

Picture this: you’re just scanning your regular shopping receipts, no special items. You’ll need about 200 receipts to hit that 5,000-point mark. But here’s a pro tip: zero in on those special offers in the app. That’s how you turbocharge your points collection and get those rewards much, much quicker.

3. Earn 1,000+ points when you refer a friend (worth $1).

Two women sitting next to each other on a sofa while looking at their cell phones.

Talk about a win-win. You can get 1,000 (or more) points for referring a friend — and they get points, too. (When I got the app, Fetch had a 3,000-point promotion per referral.)

To refer a friend, tap the bottom right icon which will bring you to your account. Then you’ll see a banner that says “refer a friend.” You can send referrals by text or email or copy and share the link. Once your friend creates an account through your link, you’ll both receive points.

When I first downloaded the app, I referred Fetch to my mom and a friend (6,000 points) and downloaded my first two receipts (1,250) for a total of 7,250 points — worth about $7.25!

4. Link your Walmart, Amazon, or email account to automatically earn rewards from e-receipts.

someone using the Fetch Rewards app to scan through their email for digital receipts

When it comes to uploading e-receipts, Fetch makes that pretty easy, too. Just look for the blue “e” next to the camera icon on the home screen. You’ve got a couple of choices here: link up your Amazon and Walmart accounts, or connect your Gmail or Outlook. Or go ahead and add all four! Heads up, though — Fetch recently stopped supporting Yahoo and Hotmail email linking.

If you connect your email account, Fetch will scan your account and automatically upload e-receipts from over 200 retailers. You can check out the complete list of accepted retailers on their website.

The only stipulation is that e-receipts must be from the past 14 days.

TIP: If you’re worried about Fetch having access to all of your personal email data, you can create a separate email account that you only use with your rebate apps.

5. Earn extra points by buying participating items (specific brands or specific products).

someone holding a dove mens deodorant and showing the Fetch app offer on their phone

There are plenty of additional ways to rack up points quickly and consistently with Fetch. Like, you’ll earn more points when you buy from a qualifying brand — as many as 10 points for every dollar spent.

For example, if Axe is listed as a qualifying brand and you buy Axe deodorant for $3 (and upload that receipt), you’ll get 30 extra points.

They have almost 300 participating brands, so there’s a ton to choose from. Just scroll through them on the home screen carousel to see all the products currently featured.

Then there are “Special Offers,” where you earn extra points by buying specific products (with set limits and quantities). Those are listed on the lower section of the home screen, too.

This is where I rack up the most points just doing the grocery shopping I would normally do. My grocery haul always consists of Larabar bars — and Larabar is a participating brand — so I get 10 points for every dollar I spend on them. And they consistently have special offers, like getting 500 points for buying one Larabar item.

Keep in mind, points are from the pre-tax amount after any coupons.

TIP: Filter your deals from “High to Low.” That way you’ll see the best deals before they expire. Products offering the most points tend to end the fastest on the Fetch app.

6. Join Fetch Clubs to unlock even more points.

three phones showing the steps how to get to Fetch Rewards clubs

Within the world of Fetch Rewards, there are unique loyalty clubs. They’re fittingly called Fetch Clubs, and they’re packed with even more special offers. Joining is free! These clubs are special programs that offer you exclusive rewards. If you’re already a member of a Fetch Club, you can find them listed under the “Me” tab.

Current Fetch Clubs

Right now, there are two Fetch Clubs available: Huggies Rewards+ and General Mills Good Rewards. To join the club, just tap on any Huggies or General Mills product within the app and follow the link to the Club page.

  • Huggies Rewards+ lets you earn more points when you buy Huggies, Pull-Ups, or Goodnites. Not only do you get points for eligible products, but you can also score up to 50,000 points with their milestone program. Hit your first milestone of 5,000 points just by spending $150 on eligible Huggies items.

  • The newest club is the General Mills Good Rewards. This club has members-only deals, recipe ideas, and more. New users can get 2,000 points right off the bat with the promo code GOODREWARDS when you join Fetch.

7. We post the best Fetch Rewards deals you should shop for.

a person holding an iphone with a coupon app in the dollar tree store

Ready to rack up those Fetch points? Our Fetch Rewards Deals page should be your new go-to for scoring the best deals available. We curate and regularly update the deals listed on that page. From exclusive offers at popular retailers to must-have items, we make sure you’re always in the loop with Fetch deals that maximize your points.

8. Redeem points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and pre-paid Visa cards.


Once you’ve earned 9,500 points, you can redeem your points for a $10 gift card from a select group of retailers. But $10 gift cards for the really popular brands (like Target, Amazon, and Dunkin’ Donuts) will cost you an additional 2,000 to 3,000 points (up to 12,500 total points for a $10 Amazon card). That said, you can also spend your points on charity, entertainment, clothing, and more.

Want to know where you stand? Click on the “Rewards” icon in the bottom navigation menu. You’ll see icons for rewards labeled 5k – 60k.

Here’s how to redeem points on Fetch:

  1. Tap the two stacked cards icon in the bottom navigation bar to access the Rewards menu. You can then choose “points available” or see rewards for other point increments.

  2. Select the gift card you want, then pick the reward amount.

  3. To use the gift card, re-tap the “Rewards” section and then tap the “My Rewards” tab at the top of your screen. You’ll see “Current Rewards.” (Don’t tap “Mark as used” just yet.)

  4. Now tap the image. Once you do, you’ll receive a code you can copy and apply to your purchase.

  5. After you’ve copied and used the code, then tap “Mark as used.”

You can also put points toward sweepstakes entries. Right now, you can redeem 100 points for one entry (and up to 2,500 points for 100 entries) for a chance to win a Meta Quest 3.

TIP: Rather than spend points as they accrue, save them up to pay for holiday and birthday gifts or other special occasions.

9. Maximize your points by using GoodRx to buy prescriptions.

someone holding up their phone displaying the goodrx page of the fetch app in front of a medicine cabinet in the bathroom

Fetch offers a complimentary GoodRx card when you download the app. This lets you earn points and save on your prescriptions.

Just go to the account icon on the bottom right and earn 10,000 points with your first coupon and 1,500 points for future coupons or prescription refills.

All you have to do is confirm that the pharmacist entered your unique member ID at checkout and you’ll receive your Fetch points within two to three days.

10. Make it fun by competing with friends and family in the app.

someone looking at the social page of the fetch rewards app

Encourage friends and family to save and earn with you by using the new social feature in Fetch Rewards. The social feature gives a competitive edge by creating a monthly leaderboard that’ll compare who earns the most points.

At the end of the month, a first, second, and third winner will be crowned based on the number of points they accumulated that month. Each month, everyone goes back to zero, so everyone gets a chance to be a winner!

You can find the “Social” section at the bottom of the screen (with the icon showing two people). This is where you can see your friends’ saving activity and the leaderboard.

How does Fetch Rewards work? Even more FAQ:

Do Fetch Rewards expire?

Yes. If you don’t log any activity with your Fetch account for 90 days, your points will expire. To keep your account active, you need to submit a receipt, redeem a reward, or use a GoodRx coupon at least once every 90 days.

Is Fetch Rewards safe?

So you might be wondering: is Fetch Rewards safe? This is a legitimate app that keeps all of your information safe. Your linked Amazon account and email information are kept private and secure. If you’d rather not let Fetch have access to your personal email account, consider creating a separate email you use just for receipts.

Does Fetch Rewards steal my credit card info?

The Fetch app doesn’t require you to link any bank information, so your credit and debit card information is not shared.

At what stores can I use Fetch Rewards?

You can shop at any grocery store, supermarket, club wholesaler, or convenience store that carries the products featured in the app.

Is there a limit to how many receipts for Fetch Rewards I can submit?

You can submit up to 35 receipts per rolling 7-day period. If you’re on a receipt-snapping spree and rack up 35 receipts in three days (like 5 on a Monday, 10 on Tuesday, and 20 on Wednesday), your limit will reset on the following Monday. The clock for snapping more starts ticking based on when you submitted the oldest receipt.

Can I use coupons and still earn Fetch rewards points?

Yes, Fetch can be used with coupons and other apps (including cash-back apps for groceries).

How long do I have to submit a receipt?

You can submit your receipts up to 14 days after the purchase date.

What do I do if I didn’t get points for a qualifying brand?

You can edit your receipts if you find discrepancies. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the “Activity” icon in the bottom menu.

  2. Scroll until you find the receipt in question.

  3. Tap the pencil icon by the store banner OR scroll down until you see “Correct my Receipt.”

  4. Select the item you want to correct, or tap “Add an item that was missed.”

  5. Select or add the correct item and tap “Change Item.”

  6. Adjust quantity and price. If you can’t find the exact item, use the associated generic brand of the item.

  7. Tap “Yes, submit” to have your receipt reviewed.

  8. You can also re-scan the barcode when correcting the receipt.

What is Fetch Pay?

This is Fetch Rewards’ new debit card that’s in the testing phase. Currently, Fetch Pay is invitation-only, and you can earn five points for every $1 spent wherever Mastercard is accepted. When you use Fetch Pay, you receive your points within a couple of business days. The points gained from Fetch Pay are added to your overall balance.

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