Using all of the best rebate apps at once feels a little like juggling and a lot like herding cats. You might have dozens of questions. Read on. You will find all of the answers in this, your ultimate guide to rebate apps.

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(When you download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app, you’ll see a lot about rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Fetch Rewards. We love them all. The real trick to getting huge savings is using all the cashback apps together, whenever you can. And don’t worry. You can!)

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What are cashback rebates?

Rebate apps get you cash back or other reimbursements for receipts showing proof of purchase for an item or items. So instead of getting money taken off your total before you cash out, like with a coupon, you pay and then get some sort of a rebate once you’ve reached each app’s minimum amount, which I’ll explain.

To show proof of purchase, for most of these cashback apps you pre-select the offers you want to take advantage of at a particular store inside the app, creating a list. Next, you snap a pic of your receipt. For some, you must also snap a pic of the product barcode. But, most are trying to get away from this by having you pay for your products through the store loyalty app, which is partnered with the cashback app. Many apps even have the feature to link your store account inside the app, allowing you to skip the scanning the receipt option.

Many rebate apps also give you a bonus when you refer a friend. We also have a few exclusive sign-up codes for KCL readers too!

Download Ibotta, the cashback app for groceries with the most offers.

Ibotta rocks. Ibotta claims to have more offers for groceries and other products inside their app than any other app. And if there is any app to start with, this is the one.

Plus, most offers reset up to three times each (about every two days). This means you can use the Tillamook cheese offer once, then wait a couple of days, use it again, and then again (on different purchases of the same product). You can even redeem some offers up to three times per receipt.

PRO TIP: Ibotta can also link with your loyalty accounts for easy redemption. For stores like Target, Walmart, and Meijer, you simply link your Ibotta account and store account together. At checkout, use your loyalty account like you normally would. As always, be sure to check off your items before you shop.

You’ll have to rack up $20 before you can cash out. But trust me, that money comes in quickly and Ibotta gives you a $10 head start when you sign up. You can cash out through PayPal or even use it towards a gift card. I love cashing out for a Starbucks gift card.

Plus, KCL negotiated an extra $1 for you on top of that: you just need to use the referral code: GETKRAZY. Then $11 is all yours for joining and redeeming your first offer within 30 days.

You can also find Ibotta rebates for retail items like clothing, food delivery, and hotel stays when you shop online through the Ibotta app or website.

Ibotta also gives you instant cash back on buying gift cards to partnering retailers! You can get 4% back on Panera gift cards when you purchase through the Ibotta app.

Download Ibotta now and start redeeming hundreds of offers on items you’re already buying!


Checkout 51 is a cashback shopping app that lets you redeem offers up to five times.

The best thing about the Checkout 51 app is you can redeem some offers up to five times! Meaning Checkout 51 allows you to buy more than one of each item in a single transaction and redeem a rebate for each. Just look next to the item for a plus sign and click it until you hit the maximum allowable amount for redemption.

Plus, Checkout 51 rebates get better the more you use them. As time progresses, you’ll have access to “Choose Your Own Offer” rebates where you can apply savings to whatever you want.

When you redeem qualifying Checkout 51 offers by Wednesday of every week, you’ll receive a “bonus” on Friday. For example, I bought French’s Ketchup, redeemed the $0.50 rebate offer on Tuesday, and Friday I received another $0.25 because it’s eligible for a bonus.

Offers reset on Thursdays each week — but be sure you’re not missing out on any of those “by Wednesday” bonus offers if you’re checking it on Thursdays for deals.

To redeem offers, tap the items you purchased and click “redeem” to load the offers. Then, take a picture of your receipt.

You’ll need to hit the minimum of $20 in rebates in order to cash out, and Checkout 51 only gives new user accounts the one free extra dollar. I’m a PayPal girl, so I don’t love how Checkout 51 sends an actual check in the mail.

Download Checkout 51 right now!


Earn points for gift cards with Fetch Rewards.

Fetch Rewards is slightly different from the other rebate apps for shopping like Ibotta or Checkout 51. Instead of your only cashout option being PayPal or a check mailed to you, Fetch Rewards pays out in the form of gift cards.

One thousand points are equivalent to $1, and you can cash out once you earn 3,000 points (or $3). It sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Points are super easy to accumulate. For purchasing one Dove hair product, you could earn 1000 points.

Fetch has three ways to earn points — you can earn by buying certain brands that qualify for points, by shopping for specific products featured in the app, or earn points by just scanning your receipt.

To earn your points, you can either take a picture of your receipt through the Fetch Rewards app or link your email and let Fetch automatically find your points (this is my favorite method). You can even link your Amazon account and earn points for your Amazon purchases. Fetch currently gives 25 bonus points for ANY receipt. And when I say any receipt, this can even be your Chick-fil-A receipt!

Download Fetch now to earn 2,000 bonus points! That’s a free $2 bonus! Just enter promo code KRAZY before you add your first receipt.


Cash out right away with the app.

Did you know you can skip printing coupons altogether if you’d like? has caught rebate fever. Many retailers have partnered with to allow you to link your loyalty card and cash out through PayPal within 48 hours with no minimum.

You can also do it the old-fashioned, rebate-app way and snap a picture of your receipt, then upload it to the app to redeem an offer (the cash-out process is the same).

You’ll need to pick one of three ways to save using the app. Since they’re all manufacturer savings, you can’t stack them, meaning you can’t use newspaper or printed coupons with a load-to-card or rebate offer.

Look for new offers every day, but especially on Sunday.

To get started, download the app.


TopCashback is a cashback app that rewards you for online shopping purchases.

TopCashback is an app that gives you cash back on anything you buy from its retail partners (except for groceries).

TopCashback is super easy: it gives you actual cash (or you can pick a gift card instead). And, even better, it also gives you promo codes that you can stack on top of your cashback earnings. For Black Friday 2019, you could get 11% cash back for any coat purchase you made on, in addition to a special promo code for TopCashback members that reduced the 60% off coats offer from JC Penney from $60 – $270 to $29.99 – $108.

To earn cash back, start on the app or website, make sure you’re signed in, and tap or click the retailer you’d like to shop with. Then start shopping and earn cash back on anything you buy!

TopCashback offers a certain percentage of cash back for each of its partners and will price match if you find a higher cashback offering from its competitors, like Rakuten. Some examples:

  • Home Depot: up to 9% cash back in certain departments
  • Groupon: up to 10% cash back in certain departments
  • GNC: up to 10% cash back
  • Under Armour: up to 10% cash back

TIP: Get exclusive promo codes and coupons by downloading the free browser extension or setting notifications in the free TopCashback app. For example, during Black Friday 2019 at Game Stop you could save $100, get a free $25 off coupon for all PS VR bundles, and get 6% cash back!

To redeem, you have to wait for TopCashback to get paid their referral fee from the retailers (which they get for referring you to shop). This can take anywhere from one to three months. They give you 100% of what they get paid right back, rather than take a percentage, like most other apps. When your money goes from “pending” to “payable,” you can request a payout anytime for any amount.

Select your method of payout, whether it’s PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or even better, many gift cards and prepaid cards have percentage bonuses for cashing out to them. Like the Virtual Visa Card will earn you an additional 5% cash back. For example, if you are cashing out $100, your Visa card will have $105 on it. Other gift cards and prepaid cards have percentage bonuses, too.


Earn “kicks” or reward points you can redeem for gift cards with Shopkick.

Shopkick gives you six ways to earn (but you must download the app):

  1. Walk in: Open your app and walk into participating stores listed under Kicks Nearby. Make sure you enable Bluetooth. Just for walking in you automatically earn kicks points into your account.
  2. Scan Stuff: Select “Kicks Nearby” under the “Earn” tab in your app. Select your store, tap the “Scan” icon, find a listed product, and scan it with your phone camera.
  3. Link your Card: Link your credit card or debit card to Shopkick, make a credit purchase with that card at a participating retailer (if it’s a debit card you have to run it as credit), and in 48 hours earn “Kicks” into your Shopkick account.
  4. Make a purchase online: Buy something with your linked card at any participating online retailer and earn kicks.
  5. Watch Videos: In the app, watch short ads and get kicks.
  6. Scan Receipts: Before you shop at a participating store, check to see which kick offers are available in the “Earn” tab at that store. Scan your receipt as proof of purchase.

Roughly 250 kicks equals $1 in gift card rewards, and you can cash out once you’ve earned 500 kicks. Here’s a breakdown of kicks:

500 kicks = $2 gift card
1,250 kicks = $5 gift card
2,500 kicks = $10 gift card
3,750 kicks = $15 gift card
6,250 kicks = $25 gift card

Download Shopkick and start earning!

What are some of your favorite cashback rebate apps? Share the wealth and tell us in the comments!

Your Ultimate Guide to Rebate Apps