Truth: I’ve spent hundreds of hours wasting time on social media. This year, I refuse to mindlessly scroll as I have in the past—that is, unless I get paid for it! With Inbox Dollars, I can do easy tasks, watch videos, and search the Web—all while earning cash.

Four-star app ratings from nearly 30,000 people should assure you that it’s a legit way to make easy side income by “playing” on their site, whether from a phone or computer. If you find that you have an extra 10 or 15 minutes of downtime, skip scrolling through the same social media updates and try InboxDollars!

1. Sign up and instantly get $5.

Getting started is a breeze. Sign up with your name and email (create a new email account if you’re worried about flooding your inbox) and instantly get a $5 credit! Just make sure to head to your inbox and activate your account. After we activated our account, our $5 went into our InboxDollars account immediately (no joke!).


2. Get paid to give feedback to thousands of advertisers.

InboxDollars has thousands of advertisers who are always looking for feedback and ways to target audience behavior. As a member, I get paid to visit advertisers’ Web sites, sign up for their offers, do their surveys, and read their emails. The fact that InboxDollars rewards me with cash instead of points, gives it even more legitimacy.


3. Earn $57 a year just for surfing the Web.

Click and read emails, play games, take surveys, watch videos, and print coupons all while earning cash. You can even make money by using the InboxDollars search toolbar (an instant $1 credit) which, according to their Web site, could potentially net you up to $57 a year. Most of the payouts on activities range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on what you choose. Sure, it can take some time for it all to add up, but if you look at it as I do, this is solid side money. Mine goes toward my grocery budget.



4. Reach the minimum payout of $30, and automatically become a Gold member.

Once you’ve earned $30, you can cash out and request payment. InboxDollars will send you a check. It takes a little over two weeks to receive your cash, but the nice part is, you automatically get promoted to Gold member status—and that’s when the pace picks up! When you’re a Gold member, checks are processed quicker and your online earning options grow.


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5. Check out ‘offers’ for a faster payout.

Here’s a tip on taking the quick cash route if you don’t feel like waiting around to accumulate $30. To get it done fast and easy, go to the toolbar and click ‘offers.’ This is where you’ll find the bigger earners. For example, they currently have an offer to sign up for a Discover card which earns you $20 (if you’re interested in responsibly using a new credit card, this offer is perfect!). Plus, first timers get that $5 signing bonus, so you’re already at $25. Throw in a couple of surveys where you fill in your name and contact info, and you’re done. You can cash in that $30 in no time.

Just a heads up: InboxDollars charges a $3 processing fee, so in this case, you actually get $27. Still, if you don’t mind putting in some time, you’ll reap the reward of free money.


6. Refer friends and get 10% of their earnings.

Cash in with friends through the referral program (think social media). If you can refer a friend or two…or three to join, you’ll get 10% of their qualified earnings, which is paid by InboxDollars. Don’t worry–your friend gets to keep 100% of their earnings while you continue to make extra money. No one loses a piece of the pie.


7. Using the app to take surveys is the way to go.

Here’s a backdoor tip overheard in a crowded chat room: Your phone is your friend. Some believe using the mobile app instead of a computer is the way to go with surveys, and the more you do them from a phone, the faster and better it gets.


8. Spend as much or as little time on the site as you’d like to make in cash.

At the end of the day…or days, depending on how much time you put into it, it’s worth your while. Get to know the site. Play around and see what works for you and what doesn’t. If you already enjoy playing games online then why not get paid to do it? For the little gambler in all of us there’s even a ‘Spin the Wheel’ where you can spin to win prizes and money. When it comes to InboxDollars, you are the captain of your money ship. While you shouldn’t expect to pay off a student loan or home mortgage, the bottom line is you will make money. Free money. And who doesn’t like free money?


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