Looking for a side hustle to make some extra change? Now you can earn with survey apps that literally pay you to answer questions.

Getting paid to take surveys is nothing new, but it’s still a great way to rake in money on the side. Here’s a list of the best paid survey apps out there and how you can make money while you chill on the couch.

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1. Earn points and redeem them for gift cards or cash with Survey Junkie.

The Survey Junkie app struck me as initially kinda spammy, just because you have to take a “Settings Survey” and “Profile Survey” before you can really do anything.

Like with any other survey app, though, the point of answering these questions is to provide consumer data to companies for market research, so answering questionnaires asking for your name, age, and location should be expected.

Survey Junkie offers you points for completing these surveys to make that pill a little easier to swallow — 25 points for the “settings” survey and 50 points for completing your profile via the “profile” survey.

You need a minimum of 1,000 points to cash out (worth $10), and points can be redeemed as either e-gift cards or actual cash through your PayPal account.

There is a slight hiccup here, though. To cash out, you have to first verify your identity, which the app will prompt you to do via email once you’re ready to cash out.

Aside from setting up your account, the app is easy to use: The surveys will tell you how many questions you need to answer, how many minutes the survey will take, and how many points you can get before selecting them.

All in all, it’s easy to rack up points if you have a few extra minutes to spare.


2. Knock out surveys for up to $1 each with Google Opinion Rewards.

The Google Opinion Rewards app will pay you $0.10 – $1.00 per survey. Once you’ve reached $2, you can redeem your money through PayPal.

The app is super easy to use and the surveys are pretty straightforward, but the only problem is getting more surveys. I took an initial profile survey to set up my account and got $0.10, but after that the app told me, “No survey at this time.”

So here’s the catch: To get more surveys, you have to turn on your location services. Whenever you visit a place and spend time there (say 30 minutes to an hour), like a restaurant or store, Google just might ask you to take a survey.

When you leave reviews of the places you’ve visited, there’s a higher chance Google will prompt you to take another survey.

If you’re not sure how to leave a review, here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone
  2. Search for and tap on a location
  3. Tap on “Review” (next to “Overview” or “Menu” if it’s a restaurant)
  4. Give the location a star rating and leave a quick review

If you visit a place that Google wants to know more about, you’ll get a survey soon after!

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3. Connect with brands to earn cash through Pinyada.

The Pinyada app is kinda like the Tinder of survey apps: You literally swipe right on deals you want or left on ones you wanna skip.

That said, Pinyada isn’t really a survey app. You actually get points for completing the desired action for a deal. For instance, if you sign up for a free trial of ABCMouse in the app (an actual deal in the app), you can earn 240 points (worth $2.40).

Or, you can sign up for a Disney+ bundle including ESPN and Hulu for $12.99 and get 150 in-app points back (worth $1.50).

While you don’t have to continue these services after signing up for them in the app, the point is obviously to get your personal data in the hands of Pinyada’s partner brands.

You start with 500 points ($5), and you need 1,000 to cash out (1,000 points = $10). When you’re ready to cash out, you can do so through PayPal.

If you’re into signing up and cancelling free trials before they expire, go for it. The rewards are pretty decent, but if you forget to cancel a service, you’ll pay more than you saved.


4. Earn $1 a day for taking Quick Polls on Eureka.

I earned $2.26 within the first 15 minutes of signing up for the Eureka app.

The app wastes no time setting you up to earn cash — I took a three-minute Welcome Survey and earned $1.

The app also does a great job showing you how you can earn cash fast. Basically, there are two types of surveys:

  1. Quick surveys
  2. Sweepstakes surveys

Quick surveys are designed to be completed in under four minutes. I took three in a row after signing up, and they’re super quick and fun!

I took a ride share survey for $0.39, a Netflix survey for $0.42, and a profile survey for $0.44 cents (an easy $1.25) — all in less than 10 minutes.

The sweepstakes surveys take a lot longer, but they have a higher earning potential and you get a free entry for a cash reward up to $25.

The only problem is completing them. They are more involved and ask really specific qualifying questions. If for some reason you don’t qualify, you get booted from the survey. I attempted two of these long-form surveys before giving up.

But, they do offer Daily Polls on trending topics. For example, they asked me if hard seltzer is a fad or if it’s here to stay (let’s be real: You won’t catch me in the water without a White Claw), so I answered “Here to stay” and got $1 added straight to my account balance.

The app is also super user friendly. You can choose what time of day you want to be notified of survey opportunities, and you can cash out through PayPal with a $10 minimum.

So if you don’t want to think too hard and have some time to kill, it’s worth downloading just to score a quick buck.


5. Redeem credits for Amazon gift cards with the Survey Monkey Rewards app.

The Survey Monkey Rewards app is quick and easy to sign up for. Once you complete your profile survey, you get $1. If you answer more questions about yourself, you’ll get matched with more surveys!

Most surveys take five minutes or less (but there are long ones, too), and you can expect to earn $1 or more depending on the length. For example, I recently got a survey opportunity that, according to the app, takes an estimated 13 minutes to complete and pays $1.50.

If you take a survey and get disqualified from a qualifying question, you’ll still get rewarded. I was about halfway through one and got disqualified, but they still rewarded me with $0.10.

It’s not much, but it’s nice knowing you get something for your time. Once you’ve reached $5 in your account, you can transfer it to an Amazon gift card or donate it to a charity and Survey Monkey will match your donation.

The only real downside is that surveys aren’t always available. Comments in this Reddit thread claim you need to check the app throughout the day to find new survey opportunities. My experience was the same: I checked twice the other day and got two surveys back-to-back, each offering $0.25.

All in all, it’s quick and easy to use, so it’s worth hacking away at some questions if you have the time.

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6. Get $5 for filling out a profile survey with InboxDollars.

Yep. If you download InboxDollars and complete their profile survey — about 30 questions in total — you get $5. Plus, you get a sign-up bonus of $0.50.

As you take surveys, you can occasionally scratch digital tickets for cash when they pop up. Each ticket has the potential to earn you $10, $20, or $100, but you’re way more likely to get $0.02 (that’s what I got, anyway).

InboxDollars really encourages social interaction. If you check their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, they drop “WinIt” codes, which are limited promotions that help you score more scratch cards in the app.

Today, for example, I checked their Facebook page and got the promo WinIt code PATTY (for National Hamburger Day). The codes won’t get you cash, but they get you scratch cards, so it’s worthwhile.

You can also take surveys (most offer between $0.10 – $0.50) and even scan barcodes in stores like Target and Walmart for $0.50 each. Cool, right?

Another great perk is the referral system. You get $1 per referral for up to 5 referrals, and 30% of your friends’ earnings if they’re active users.

To cash out, you need to reach a minimum of $30 and cash out through PayPal or a traditional check. Hitting the $30 threshold takes some time, so you have to work at it every day for the app to pay off.


7. Get $6.25 for your first survey with Zap Surveys.

The Zap Surveys app claims you’ll earn $6.25 for your first survey, and I definitely got that money after completing mine.

Within the app, there are four types of surveys you can take:

  1. Daily surveys
  2. Value surveys
  3. Daily polls
  4. Location surveys

Daily surveys are awesome because Zap will donate $0.05 to charity for every dollar you make from them. These are typically shorter surveys, like 9 to 10 questions, and they get you “cents” in the app, which are just points (confusing).

Value surveys are just like daily surveys, only longer with more points for completing them. They offer anywhere from 14 – 65 “cents” (at least from what I’ve seen), and you can filter these by “Best Match,” “Time,” and “Reward.”

Daily polls are just surveys curated to you from marketing companies that align with your interests. You get five “cents” for starting out by answering basic profile questions (like job title, age, or relationship status), and when you finish a survey, Zap claims they donate to charity, too.

Lastly, there are location surveys. You have to turn on location settings and wait for Zap to prompt you to take a survey, so there’s no rhyme or reason to getting these.

Ten “cents” is worth $0.01, and you need $25 in your account before you can cash out through PayPal or deposit it to a gift card.

Overall, the surveys aren’t too annoying or time consuming, so it’s worth it if you take the time to visit the app daily and build up your points.


8. Earn attendance rewards for checking in daily with Make Money.

Nice way to increase customer retention, right? Marketing schemes aside, you can get 20 credits for checking in every 24 hours (credits are worth $0.001 — so it’s not a lot). Still, Make Money (App Store and Google Play) gives you plenty of other ways to get credits quick.

You can:

  • Refer friends for 20 credits
  • Get a 30-credit welcome gift
  • Complete tons of tasks to get more credits

Tasks are all over the place and range from taking surveys to (I kid you not) completing level 11 in Disney Emoji Blitz for up to 4,800 points (if you’re not up to the challenge, let your pre-teen have a stab at these games to save you on labor and mental fatigue).

You can watch videos (two credits for a 30-second video) or share the app on FB for 100 credits (worth $1). You can also take a registration survey and bag 5,000 points ($5 already) that asks 15 questions.

After that, you can take surveys that offer anywhere from 90 – 270+ credits. What’s great is they also tell you approximately how long each survey will take.

Once you’ve racked up enough points, you can cash them out through PayPal. Here’s a breakdown of their cash-out system:

  • 5,000 credits = $5
  • 10,000 credits = $10
  • 20,000 credits = $20
  • 50,000 credits = $50

If you want to sign up for random apps (you can earn 4,000+ points for registering for Stash through their app), play random mobile games, or just take surveys, this could be the app for you.

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9. Become a panel member with NCP and get prizes and cash.

NCP makes you become a panel member first before you can use their app, and you won’t get in if your demographic details don’t match what they want. If you do get in, they’ll send you a device that requires you to manually record your purchases.

That’s a lot of effort, especially if you’re not jazzed about sharing your shopping history every week. The payoff, though, comes in the form of pretty awesome prizes, like smart TVs, wearable devices, gift cards, and sizable chunks of cash if you win their sweepstakes.

Every week you submit your shopping data, you’ll get 150 points, and you need 9,000 to qualify for most gift offerings. Yes, you can also answer surveys in the app as well to earn points.

If you’re willing to put in the time, the app can really pay off. But, if you’re trying to make a quick buck while you wait in line or looking for a distraction while commercials are airing, it’s not the app for you.


10. Do some social good and earn cash with We Are 8.

The We Are 8 app is very transparent about their purpose and mission statement. That is, you earn money by connecting with brands to positively impact the world you live in.

They’re very much into connecting you with brands that are focused on effecting change. For example, I earned $0.05 for watching a 15-second Beautyrest video, and We Are 8 donated $0.01 to Earth Day Network.

However, all the earning opportunities are just that: Watch a video and respond to follow-up questions. There are no real surveys, but what makes it worthwhile is that you can also see how much you’ve earned and donated over time.

You can also cash out once you reach $1 in earnings, but they take up to 30 days to show up in your account. If you want to make a positive impact and make some money, it’s definitely an app worth checking out.


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