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If you’re concerned about your packages sitting solo on your porch while you’re not home, you need to know how Amazon Hub Lockers work. Unfortunately, we live in a world where purchases are stolen from outside homes on the regular, but it’s hard to resist delivery when so many places offer free shipping. Even so, you can protect yourself and your packages. Amazon Lockers are a great solution.

Amazon Lockers have been around for years, but they’re all over the country now. You’ll probably find one within a 10 mile radius, unless you live in a very rural area.

Read on for everything you might possibly want to know about how Amazon Hub Lockers work, along with a few insider tips and tricks.

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Amazon Hub Lockers are basically your package delivery home.

outside amazon hub locker near parked car

Figuring out how Amazon lockers work is a matter of two tweaks to your normal Amazon experience. You’ll shop Amazon like usual, and then instead of selecting your address, choose a locker closest to you. This is where you’ll pick up your items. Amazon Hub Lockers are essentially self-serve kiosks that hold your package for pickup. When you get the email that it arrived, go to the Locker location, enter your unique pick-up code (you’ll receive this in your shipping confirmation), and pick up your Prime purchase.

And if you have issues with the Locker for whatever reason, call Amazon’s helpline at 1-888-280-4331. They’ll assist with accessing your package.

So tweak one is selecting your Amazon Hub Locker. Tweak two is picking up your package. Easy, right?

Find an Amazon Hub Locker near me.

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Use of Amazon Hub Lockers are included in your Prime membership, but you can use them if you’re not a member, too.

A person getting a package from an Amazon hub locker

Think of it just like free Prime Shipping, except instead of landing on your doorstep, your purchase will go to an Amazon Hub Locker and wait for you.

If you’re not a Prime member, you can still use Amazon Hub Lockers. You’ll pay shipping in the same way you’d pay it to have an Amazon package shipped to your home. Instead, it goes to the locker.

You’ll have three days to pick it up, and you can do so any time the store where your locker is at is open — evenings, weekends, whenever!


Your item needs to be less than 10 pounds and smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches to use a locker.

A person's hand going to pick up an Amazon box that is sitting on the ground next to another Amazon box inside an Amazon hub locker.

Learning how Amazon Hub Lockers work includes knowing what’s a solid no-go. Two things will make a Prime shipment ineligible for shipping to an Amazon Locker.

First, weight and size. Your item must weigh less than 10 pounds and be smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches.

Next, you can’t ship anything that’s over $5,000 in value, hazardous materials, orders from third-party sellers, or Subscribe & Save items. Speaking of which …



If you love Subscribe & Save, you’ll have to choose between it and Amazon Lockers.

An Amazon delivery van driver dropping a package on a front porch.

Sadly, you can’t ship your Subscribe & Save items to an Amazon Locker. It’s a bummer, I know.

Amazon Lockers work best with random shipments you won’t be home to receive versus auto-ship items. So if you’re ever in a position where you have to choose between that sweet 15% discount on Subscribe & Save items and Amazon Lockers, spring for the discount! You can always choose a day to receive your Subscribe & Save orders.


Return any Amazon purchase to a Hub Locker instead of shipping it back.

person holding an amazon box with looking at amazon locker keypad

When you initiate your return on Amazon, if there’s availability in a Locker for your return, you can absolutely return it there. When you make that selection, you’ll receive a code to enter when you arrive at the Locker. Just enter the code and leave your package. It’s like a reverse pickup.



Not a Prime member? Sign up for Prime in mid-November to use free lockers during the holidays.

Someone looking on their phone at the webpage for Amazon Prime free trial

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, consider waiting until about a month before Christmas. Why? Because when you sign up for Prime the very first time ever, you’ll get access to a free 30-day trial. A great money-saving tactic is to use this to do your Christmas shopping. You’ll be able to simultaneously try out Amazon Prime while also saving a ton of money on your holiday shipping expenses.

Plus, the holidays are a great time of year to use Amazon Hub Lockers for added security.

Here's Exactly How Amazon Hub Lockers Work