Home Depot Price Match


The Home Depot price match policy is also known as their Low Price Guarantee. The policy isn’t totally clear on their website, so let’s clear up some of the confusion. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Home Depot Low Price Guarantee.


Does Home Depot price match Amazon?

No, but it’s tricky. The Home Depot price match policy excludes online-only retailers like eBay and Amazon. But, especially when it comes to Amazon, they tend to be lenient every once in a while. If you find a better Amazon price, talk it over with a manager at your local Home Depot and see if there’s anything they can do.


Does Home Depot price match Lowe’s?

Yes. Home Depot will price match Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and the like. They’ll also price match mom and pop hardware stores. As far as other hardware and contractor supply retailers, the only ones that will be excluded from Home Depot’s price match policy are those that offer “volume or wholesale discount pricing” — like you might receive as a contractor from a specialty tile or paint store.

If you have a coupon for a big box hardware store like Lowe’s or Ace Hardware, they’ll even price match that deal.


Does Home Depot price match Costco?

No. One of the listed exclusions in Home Depot’s official policy states, “Pricing from membership-based retail wholesalers” is excluded. So if you’re trying to price match from Costco or Sam’s Club, you’re outta luck.


Does Home Depot price match only or give an extra 10%?

After years of not only matching, but also beating competitor prices by 10%, Home Depot removed this ‘beat it by 10%’ language from their low price guarantee policy in May 2020. But check this out, they still do it in Canadian Home Depots.


Do Home Depot stores match prices on HomeDepot.com?

Typically, no. Whether your store will let you match a price from HomeDepot.com is completely at the discretion of your local store manager.

Home Depot stores and HomeDepot.com operate as separate entities. Neither is required to price match the other. However, the store manager can approve a price match to HomeDepot.com and will do in some cases, especially if it’s a simple sale price, versus some crazy clearance deal.

Just don’t expect them to match online-only deals like the Special Buy of the Day.


How to price match in store at Home Depot

To price match at a Home Depot store, bring proof of the lower price (a digital version on your phone is fine) to the register for validation. The cashier may call the competitor on the phone to verify the price. Once verified as an identical, in-stock item, your cashier will manually override the Home Depot price for the competitor’s.


How to price match online when shopping HomeDepot.com

To price match at HomeDepot.com, call (800) 466-3337 use the online chat. The customer service representative will need to verify that the item is an identical match, that’s in stock and available for immediate shipping, and check the shipping rate.

Home Depot price matches cart-to-cart. So, if Home Depot sells an item for $60 and a competitor sells it for $50, plus $10 shipping, Home Depot will not give you the $50 price.

The item has to be the same model and size.

Home Depot is pretty strict when it comes to price matching. If the lower priced item isn’t the exact same brand, size, and model, they won’t let you price match.


Can I request a price match after I’ve made a purchase?

No. Let me explain.

A price adjustment entitles the customer to a credit for the difference in price if the cost of an item purchased drops after the sale. If you buy a drill for $54.99 and 10 days later it goes on sale for $44.99, Home Depot will credit you the difference in the form of your original payment. The Home Depot price adjustment period is 30 days.

A price match after-the-sale is a different beast, and Home Depot’s price match policy is essentially void or inactive once you buy the item. If the drill you bought for $54.99 goes on sale at Lowe’s a week later, Home Depot will not give you a partial refund.


But Home Depot does price match pre-purchased items for pickup.

If you already purchased your items on the Home Depot website and are planning on picking up in-store, you can still bring in proof of the lower-priced item to the register and they will adjust and refund the difference.


Home Depot price match exclusions

Additional items excluded from price match eligibility are as follows:

  • Seasonal, clearance and liquidation sales
  • Rebates
  • BOGOs, bundles or free offers
  • No-sales-tax sales
  • Seasonal promotions (Spring Black Friday, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Open-box and refurbished merchandise
  • Custom or special order products like carpet or window coverings
  • Labor and installation services
  • Typographical error or misprint
  • Auction sites (like eBay)


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