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You’d better get ready to run whenever you hear about an upcoming Dollar General clearance event — like the one we just heard is coming Sept. 22 – 24, 2023.

As with other Dollar General clearance sales, their already reduced clearance items will get marked down an additional 50% off during a clearance event. But some lucky shoppers find savings as high as 70% off clearance prices.

But in order to come out as a winner during a Dollar General clearance event, you need to know how to navigate their app, what the colored stickers actually mean, and the importance of bringing your own coupons to the sale.

Here are all my tips and tricks for shopping the in-store Dollar General clearance event, what will get discounted, and more.

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1. The next Dollar General Clearance Event is Sept. 22 – 24 for spring, summer, and home items.

person holding a small glass canister in dollar general with a green dot sticker

To make room for all their new seasonal inventory, Dollar General has been holding clearance sales like crazy the last few months. We already saw a mini-clearance event pop up on Aug. 17 – 19 for summer items, and another one on Sept. 1 – 4.

Here are the clearance items that are included in the upcoming clearance event:


Look for these items to get markdowns of an additional 50% off clearance prices.

Many of these items are currently marked down 70% – 90%, so you’ll get another 50% off the clearance price during this event!

  • Green Dot Home look for the Green Dot symbol on the price sticker
  • Pink Square Swim and Summer Toys look for the Pink Square symbol on the price sticker
  • Spring Stationery and Party
  • Summer Stationery and Party
  • Green Star Apparel, Shoes & Accessories — look for the Green Star on the price sticker
  • Yellow Dot Apparel, Shoes & Accessories — look for the Yellow Dot on the price sticker
  • Lawn and Garden


2. You can also shop the clearance event at Dollar General Market locations.

It’s not just regular Dollar General stores that get the markdowns. Dollar General Market stores need to offload excess inventory from time to time, too. Just bypass the fresh foods area and head straight to the regular aisles with the seasonal and clearance merchandise.


3. Expect to see a Dollar General Clearance Event pop up every few months (or every few weeks).

dollar general clearance lawn and garden section

Dollar General Clearance Events usually happen about six times a year, but lately, they seem to be happening more frequently than that.

In 2023, we’ve already seen a clearance event on March 3 – 5, May 12 – 14, June 9 – 11, and Aug. 4 – 6. We had a mini-clearance event on Aug. 17 – 19 on summer items, then another one over Labor Day weekend.


4. Use the Dollar General app to scan clearance items before you check out.

dollar general aisle with cart calculator signage

The Dollar General app is easy to navigate and a must to check your pricing on items before you buy them. Open the app and use the CartCalculator to scan the item you think is on clearance and confirm the price while you’re shopping in-store.

TIP: If you’re having trouble with the app while in the store, check your Wi-Fi connection. You’ll want to make sure you’re connected to the DG-Customer account, and it takes a second or two to load the Terms of Service screen that you’ll to accept first.


5. Clip Dollar General coupons during the clearance sale to save even more.

Someone holding up a phone displaying a digital coupon on the Dollar General app next to a cart with products

When you’re scanning items in the Dollar General app, if a coupon shows up below the item, clip it to save it to your account. This will maximize your savings potential — as long as the coupon actually sticks. We’ve had issues with getting the DG coupons to save properly, so you may have to keep trying.

Once you get to the register, enter your phone number to apply any coupons to your order automatically.


Definitely clip your $5 off $25 Dollar General coupon to use on Saturday.

Definitely don’t forget to clip the weekly $5 off $25 digital coupon in the app. These coupons are typically valid on Saturday only, but the weekly dollar-off coupon was valid Friday through Sunday for the first time ever in March, so check the fine print.

Note: With this particular store coupon, your total has to be $25 after all discounts are applied.

You may even see a $10 off $40+ Saturday-only coupon pop up in the app.

TIP: If you use a printed out $5 off $25 coupon from a receipt, you can split up your transaction and use multiple coupons to save even more.



6. Make a list of specific items to look for during each sale.

dollar general 70 percent off clearance sign

We’ll always give you a heads-up about the specific product categories that will be included in an upcoming DG Clearance Event.

To give you an idea of some of the items and deals we’ve seen during past Dollar General Clearance Events, here’s a handy list.


Items included in past clearance events:

  • Select Luvs Diaper Boxes – $7.87 (reg. $15.75) Possible $3 off digital coupon
  • Pampers Baby Dry Diaper Bags – $5.50 (reg. $11) Possible $2 off digital coupon and $1.50 Ibotta offer
  • Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers – $3.83 (reg. $7.65)
  • Swiffer XL Dry + Wet Mop – $8.32 (reg. $16.65) Possible $3 off digital coupon
  • Swiffer Wet Mopping Cloths – $5.40 (reg. $10.80)
  • Swiffer XL Wet Mopping Cloths – $4.50 (reg. $9)
  • Ziploc Freezer Gal Bags 27 ct – $3.13 (reg. $6.25)
  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 3 ct – $3.60 (reg. $7.20)
  • Off! Botanicals – $1.80 (reg. $3.60)
  • Downy Unstopables, 20.1 oz – $5.83 (reg. $11.65)
  • Microban, 2 pack – $5.17 (reg. $10.35)


7. Check for orange clearance tags throughout the store, too.

25% off party plates clearance stickers from dollar general

Don’t get fooled into thinking the only items with markdowns are the ones in the clearance aisle or on the tables at the front of the store. For a General Clearance event, items with orange clearance tags all throughout the store get additional markdowns, too.

For example, if the regular price on an item is $3 and there’s a 10% off sticker on the shelf, you’ll first take 10% off the regular price, then take 50% – 70% off of the sale price. This is what insiders refer to as “POG Clearance,” which refers to Dollar General’s “planogram” terminology they use for shelf displays.

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8. Also hunt for penny list items while you’re there.

dollar general summer product clearance table

As long as shoppers have not swiped them all up yet, you may be able to find some of this week’s Dollar General penny list items still on shelves at your store. Penny list items have already been heavily discounted — usually by more than 90% — and will ring up as just $0.01 at the register.

During the May 2023 Dollar General Clearance event, we definitely found a few penny items scattered throughout the store. Yippee!

Use our list so you know what hidden penny items to look for while you’re shopping in-store.


9. Get to the store early — the good stuff goes fast.

dollar general 50 percent off clearance summer toys

Unlike the seasonal clearance events at Dollar General (like the sales that happen after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), these three-day clearance events don’t get better as the event goes on. So head to your store early, before things sell out. Also, know that the inventory varies by store.

TIP: If you can, visit a bunch of Dollar General stores near you in the days leading up to a clearance sale. That way you can scout out which store seems to have the most items in stock and know which store to visit first!


10. You can’t order these clearance items online or with DG pickup.

Hand holding two-pack of micoban 24-hour sanitizing spray in dollar general

Where’s the fun in that anyway? Part of the magic of a Dollar General clearance event is not knowing what you’ll score until you get in the store.


11. Check Ibotta for cashback rewards on items you purchased.

Someone holding a Dollar General receipt with a bag outside of a Dollar General

If you already use the Ibotta app, you know that it’s a goldmine for finding rebate offers on grocery and household items you were probably going to buy anyway. Check the Dollar General page on the app to see if any offers match with clearance finds — then upload your receipt to get the credit!

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