Sarah Vaught

Digital Content Manager, Grocery Pod

Sarah’s been at KCL for over 11 years and her tricks at saving a lot of money at grocery stores are in a league of their own. (Hint: She uses Krazy Coupon Lady deals and apps like Ibotta and Fetch.)

Bargain-Hunting Background

  • An avid shopper at Kroger and Aldi, Sarah’s favorite couponing story is when she scored a deal for so many free canned vegetables that it took two pickup trucks and an SUV to get the freebies home. Sarah shared all those free cans of green beans, corn, and peas with her family, friends, neighbors, and a local food pantry. 


  • Throughout her years of hunting for grocery deals, she’s made close connections with her local grocery store staff, including managers and cashiers. Now she gets a heads-up on upcoming sales events and clearance deals. (Sarah will likely know about an upcoming Kroger clearance event before anyone else does!)