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When it comes to scoring the best deals, it’s all about shopping a clearance sale. Buying items like holiday decor and seasonal items for 90% off may seem like it can’t be done, but finding a clearance sale at your favorite stores makes it perfectly possible.

To be honest, some of the clearance sale schedules and timelines out there make my brain hurt, so I’m here to spell it all out for you as easily as I can. Once you get the hang of when all the best clearance sales start, you’ll be set to score over 50% off any time you shop. And I’m not just talking about finding sales at your typical deal-friendly stores like Walmart and Target. You can find rock-bottom prices with clearance sales at specialty retailers like Nike, Ulta, Ugg, Coach Outlet, and more.

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1. Shop a Walmart clearance sale for up to 90% off regular prices.

A Walmart clearance sign above a rack of kids clothes

Walmart is known for their everyday low prices, but you can score even better deals when you shop during their clearance sales. You’ll find Walmart clearance deals year-round — but a few of their sales stand out in the crowd. Here’s the rundown:


Walmart Toy Clearance

You’ll find some of the best ever toy deals during Walmart’s Toy Clearance Sale which happens in December and July every year. Discounts on toys start at 75% off, but you’ll find items for up to 90% off during the event. In December 2021, we grabbed a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Lil Gamer Toy for $3.87 (regularly $9.99) and a Tonka Hard Hat Playset for $5.67 (regularly $28.95).

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Walmart Christmas Clearance

You’re probably not thinking about shopping for holiday decor in the days after Christmas, but you’re going to have to if you want rock-bottom prices. Walmart’s Christmas clearance sale starts at 50% off on Dec. 26, but a week or so later, those discounts get bumped to 75% off. If supplies last, you’ll see Christmas clearance tap out at 90% off in January.

Check out all our Walmart clearance sale secrets for even more stellar ways to save, and see our Walmart Deals page for a curated list of all the best deals available now.

TIP: Walmart’s yellow clearance tags aren’t always accurate for every product. Use the price scanner in the Walmart app (iOS / Android) to discover mismarked clearance prices when you’re shopping in store.


2. Save 60% – 80% with Macy’s clearance sales any day of the week.

A clearance shoe section in Macy's

Bottom line: never pay full price at Macy’s. There are so many ways to save serious cash at Macy’s, but knowing when all the best clearance sales happen is the number one rule.


Macy’s Last Act Clearance

Every day is a Macy’s clearance sale in the Last Act section. Macy’s Last Act items are all set to go to salvage stores in 30 days or less. So it’s literally your last chance to buy them. You’ll find shoes and clothes for women, men, and kids at 60% – 80% off.

NOTE: Last Act items can’t be returned, and Macy’s won’t allow coupons, exchanges, or price adjustments on the items, either.


Macy’s Lowest Prices of the Season Clearance

One of Macy’s best clearance sales happens four times a year. You’ll find out-of-season merch for 40 – 60% off in every department both in stores and online. Here are the best times to shop end-of-season clearance sales at Macy’s:

  • Spring Clearance: Early April
  • Summer Clearance: Early July
  • Fall Clearance: Early October
  • Winter Clearance: Early January

Check out all the Macy’s deals available now.

TIP: Yellow tags ending in “6” are final markdowns at Macy’s. That means the price won’t go any lower — so if you love it, buy it!


3. Save up to 80% with a JCPenney clearance sale.

The women's clothing clearance section inside JCPenney

You have to be careful with JCPenney sales, as they tend to inflate the prices a bit to make some deals seem better. But lucky for you, we have all the best-kept JCPenney shopping secrets.

JCP stores roll out new markdowns on the first and third Fridays of the month. You’ll notice the biggest sales tend to start right before the weekend. The corporate bigwigs at JCPenney determine all the clearance markdowns until they reach 80% off. From there, it’s solely up to the pricing team or store manager to set clearance prices. You’ll find plenty of deals on JCPenney’s clearance racks at any time, but one of their best clearance sales happens during and after Christmas.


JCPenney Christmas Clearance

JCPenney marks down seasonal items to 50% – 60% off in the weeks before Christmas, but on Dec. 26, that discount jumps to a whopping 80% off. You’ll find JCPenney clearance on holiday decor, bedding, baby clothes, toys, and apparel.

See all the JCPenney deals available now.

TIP: Did you know you can use coupons on top of JCPenney clearance prices? Look for special offers and coupon codes that make clearance buys even cheaper. During their Christmas Clearance last year, JCPenney offered a coupon for an extra 30% off a $75 purchase.


4. Use Kohl’s Cash and coupons for up to 80% off Kohl’s clearance.

A woman looking at clothing next to a large clearance sign

Kohl’s clearance is where it’s at. You can save up to 80% and sometimes more. Clearance items that don’t sell are marked down an additional 5% every couple of weeks, and they go quickly. Look for the orange clearance signs in each department and browse the racks to find the best deals. While Kohl’s clearance sales are available on the reg, the best time to save is right after the holidays.

Want more reasons to brag about your savings? Redeem Kohl’s Cash and coupons on clearance items for deals that feel like stealing. Honestly, there are so many genius ways to save at Kohl’s, it’ll make your head spin.


Kohl’s Christmas Clearance

Kohl’s Christmas Clearance starts Dec. 26 in store, and discounts start at 50% – 70% off. Buy Christmas clearance items with all the Kohl’s Cash you earned from Kohl’s Black Friday to save in ways you won’t even believe.

Use our Kohl’s clearance secrets to save 65% every time you shop. Check out all the Kohl’s deals available now.

TIP: If you’re shopping online, sort your clearance selection by “Percent Off” to see the best possible savings first.


5. Save up to 75% during Coach Outlet clearance sales.


Most items at Coach Factory Outlets were made specifically for outlet stores. The bags tend to be lower quality, and you won’t find the same items at the official Coach store. With that said, Coach Outlets have significantly lower prices on bags (about 30% – 50% less), but you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck during clearance sales.


Coach Outlet Clearance

Coach Outlet runs clearance sales throughout the year, but the best offers usually happen in June and October. In the past, clearance sales gave you 70% – 75% off Coach Outlet bags, backpacks, shoes, sunglasses, scarves, and so much more. In June 2021, Coach Outlet ran a “Seize the Summer Event” and dropped prices up to 70%, plus an extra 15% off everything.

Check out all the Coach deals available now.

TIP: About 10% of Coach Outlet items are actually the real deal. Look for the bullseye stamp on labels at the outlet store. Bags with this stamp are real Coach bags and came from the official Coach store. Don’t miss our guide to buying a real Coach bag for knockoff or outlet prices.


6. Shop Target clearance Monday through Friday when each department has markdowns.

A clearance shirt being held up in front of a clearance sign on a clothing rack in Target

Target marks down their discounts five days a week for different departments, so you basically have a valid excuse to make a Target run every day. Markdowns usually happen Monday through Friday, but clearance schedules can vary by store. After the first markdown, further price drops will happen about every two weeks, but it totally depends on store inventory. Like, if Target has a TON of a certain item, they’ll start aggressively marking it down to push the item out faster.

On top of regular clearance sales, you’ll save a lot with annual clearance events at Target.


Target Semi-Annual Toy Sale

Target’s toy clearance happens twice a year, in January and June. You can shop the sale both in stores and online, but the best prices are usually at the store. Each toy clearance event runs for three weeks, with discounts starting at 30% off. Discounts go up to 50% off within a week and tap out at 70% off for the rest of the clearance sale. Toys from brands like Lego and Barbie will go fast, so if you see them for 30% off, grab them while you still can.


Target Christmas Clearance

Target’s Christmas Clearance is similar to Walmart’s. Both clearance sales have about the same markdown schedule, with prices starting at 50% off and potentially reaching up to 90% off in the following weeks. If you can, shop Target Christmas clearance when it hits 70% off — the best items are usually gone shortly after that.

Check out our complete guide to Target clearance and see all the Target deals available now.

TIP: You don’t need a calculator to figure out how much you’re saving on Target clearance items. Look at the yellow clearance tags and check the upper right-hand corner to see the percentage off.



7. Shop T.J.Maxx clearance on Monday mornings for the biggest selection.

A woman looking through the clearance clothing rack at TJMaxx

You won’t find many “sales” at T.J.Maxx, since everything in the store is already at a discount. But there are definitely better times to shop than others, especially when it comes to clearance. Markdowns happen on Monday mornings at T.J.Maxx, so you’ll find the biggest selection of clearance steals as soon as the store opens on a Monday. Try to avoid shopping at T.J.Maxx on the weekends if you can. New merchandise only ships to T.J.Maxx stores during the work week.


T.J.Maxx Semi-Annual Sales

The closest thing you’ll find to an actual T.J.Maxx sale happens twice a year, in July and January. That’s when T.J.Maxx shifts their inventory for winter and summer seasons, so they’re actively getting rid of all out-of-season items. Scour the store for those yellow clearance tags to get the biggest discounts on your favorite brands.

Check out all the best ways to save at T.J.Maxx, and see the T.J.Maxx deals you can grab right now.

TIP: The T.J.Maxx online clearance is just as good as the selection in stores, plus you won’t have to sift through hundreds of messy hangers to find the best stuff. Head to TJMaxx.com to shop clearance finds under $10. You can even sort by price (low to high) to see the best deals first, like skinny jeans for as low as $4!


8. Shop Nike clearance sales at Nike and Nike Factory stores.

A close-up of a sale sign affixed to a shoe shelf that reads, "Additional 20% off footwear" inside a Nike Factory store.

Not all Nike clearance is the same. And knowing where and how to shop is key to saving the most money on Nike apparel and shoes. Look for red and green clearance tags at Nike Factory stores. When there’s an additional percent off on clearance sales, you can apply the discount to clearance prices and save even more.


Nike Store Clearance

When new products or versions get released, Nike briefly marks down items to make room for new merchandise. Any stock that’s left over gets shipped to a Nike Factory store.


Nike Factory Clearance

Nike Factory stores usually get new inventory from Nike on Thursdays and Fridays, right before the weekend crowds roll in. That means the best time to shop at Nike Factory is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. You’ll find items for up to 50% off retail, plus an extra 20% – 30% off clearance.

Check out all the Nike deals available now.

TIP: Join the Nike Membership online or through the free Nike app to unlock exclusive offers, like a 30% off Friends & Family discount. You’ll also get free shipping every time you order from Nike.com.


9. Get 50% off home decor during Hobby Lobby clearance sales every four weeks.

A person's hand holding a wooden decor fox next to a Clearance sign for 75% off fall decor at Hobby Lobby.

Learning when every item at Hobby Lobby goes on sale will help you know when to pull the trigger (and when to hold back). For example, florals and crafts get their best markdowns in the last two weeks of November. You’ll get 80% off versus the 40% discount offered at the end of October. Hobby Lobby rotates their clearance sales every other week. So if you’re looking to save on home decor but it’s not on sale this week, just wait until next week.


Hobby Lobby Floral & Crafts Clearance

This is when you’ll find the best Hobby Lobby clearance sales on florals, party supplies, home decor, and crafts:

  • 40% off mid-July through the end of October
  • 50% off the first two weeks of November
  • 80% off the last two weeks of November


Hobby Lobby Holiday Clearance

Shop Halloween decor and party supplies at Hobby Lobby the last week of September (and into early October) for 40% off clearance. If you’re looking for a Christmas clearance sale, the best time to shop is Dec. 31 through the first week of January. That’s when you’ll find Hobby Lobby Christmas clearance for 80% – 90% off. If you’re looking to score Christmas florals, decor, trees, and crafts before Dec. 25, shop November through mid-December for 50% off.

Check out all the Hobby Lobby deals available now and use our Hobby Lobby hacks to save even more!

TIP: Hobby Lobby will price match items from the Michaels or JoAnn weekly ad. To get the price match, you must have a copy of the competitor’s ad, and the item must be an exact match. So if Michaels lists a sale price on the same paint set you just found at Hobby Lobby, ask for a price match to get the lower Michaels price.


10. Shop seasonal clearance sales at Michaels for up to 80% off.

after holiday Christmas decor on clearance at Michaels.

Michaels doesn’t shy away from 50% off clearance sales, but you gotta know when to go. The best time to shop the clearance selection at Michaels is right after any major holiday.


Michaels Holiday Decor Clearance

Whether you’re shopping for Halloween or Easter, holiday decor at Michaels hits 60% – 70% off two weeks before the holiday and up to 80% off after the holiday. One of their biggest clearance events happens in January, with deals like 70% off Christmas decor, florals, ribbons, yarn, kids’ crafts, and more.


Michaels Home Refresh Sale

January is the best time to shop the home decor clearance at Michaels. You’ll find frames for up to 65% off, plus home decor, craft storage, and personal planners for 50% off. Spring florals also get a 40% discount through February.

Don’t miss these easy ways to save more at Michaels, and see all the Michaels deals available now.

TIP: At the end of every season, look for Grab Bags at Michaels, or sealed boxes that are filled with seasonal items they’re trying to offload. You can score over $100 worth of items for just $4!



11. Find beauty products for 90% off in the Ulta clearance section.

A woman looking at items on the clearance shelf in Ulta.

If you know what to look for, stocking up on beauty supplies during an Ulta sale could net you a year’s worth of products. But you don’t have to wait for a sale to shop for Ulta clearance. Ulta’s clearance section is either right by the registers up front or tucked away in the back of the store. That’s where you’ll find products for up to 90% off. Sometimes Ulta even lets you stack coupons on clearance merch.

Aside from the clearance deals, Ulta has a few annual sales worth mentioning since you can save up to 50% on high-end brands.


Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

One of Ulta’s best sales is in March and September each year. For a whole three weeks, Ulta offers one item at a DEEP discount for one day only. There’s a new featured item every day, and most offers are for 50% off.


Ulta Love Your Skin Event

Ulta rolls out 21 days of daily deals in January, offering up to 50% off skincare from prestige and high-end brands. Don’t miss this sale to save on a variety of products, from cleansers to eye serums and more.


Ulta Gorgeous Hair Event

If you’re looking to save big on high-end haircare products, don’t miss Ulta’s Gorgeous Hair event in May and October. You’ll score deep discounts on hair treatments, tools, and so much more.

Keep your beauty budget in check with these Ulta tips to save money year-round. Then take a look at all the Ulta deals available now.

TIP: Ulta’s clearance section is filled with red and yellow stickers, but only the yellow stickers indicate final markdowns. Look for the yellow clearance stickers to save the most money on top beauty finds.


12. Look for Gap clearance sales four weeks after seasonal apparel arrives.

A woman searching through the women's clearance clothing rack at GAP.

About four weeks after an item arrives at Gap, they’ll place a little orange sticker on it for its first markdown. Most items will get marked down at least once before reaching its final sale price. Markdowns always happen in the middle of the week, so get to Gap first thing on Wednesday morning for the best selection (like up to 80% off regular prices in the clearance section).


Gap Warehouse Clearance Sale

Gap drops an online-only event in April and August, and it’s one of their best clearance sales. You’ll have the chance to save 50% on clearance items.


The Great Gap Sale

In July and December, Gap slaps markdowns on anything that falls in the out-of-season category, including jeans, dresses, sweats, tops, and more. You’ll save an extra 50% on already marked-down items (and some items are already 80% off).


Gap Friends & Family Event

During this quarterly event, Gap gives you 40% off everything, plus an extra 10% off with a promo code. Look for this sale to happen in March, May, August, and November.

We did ALL the research — this is how three years of Gap sales reveal the best ways to save. Check out all the Gap deals available now.

TIP: Gap will match prices on Gap.com, and we’ve found plenty of full price items in store that had lower prices online. Use the barcode scanner in the Gap app when you shop in store to make sure you’re getting the best possible price.


13. Shop Sunday and Monday for the best Old Navy clearance sales.

A clearance sign inside Old Navy that reads, "Clearance. Take an extra, 30% off

It’s always a great day to shop at Old Navy, but some days are better than others. Old Navy clearance markdowns drop every Sunday, but for a number of reasons, some markdowns may not happen until after the store closes on Monday. Regardless, Sunday and Monday are the best days to shop for Old Navy clearance steals.


Old Navy Summer Clearance

Old Navy’s summer clearance sale is actually three different events: one in mid-June, one for the Fourth of July, and one at the end of July. You’ll find deals like up to 75% off clearance, $3 tank tops, and more.


Old Navy Monthly Clearance Sales

Every month, Old Navy offers extra promo codes for sale and clearance items online, which typically give you an extra 30% – 40% off already marked-down clearance prices.


Old Navy Seasonal Clearance

One month after next-season shipments arrive at Old Navy, they’ll start to clearance out items from the current season. That means you have four prime opportunities to save big on clothes for next year. Here are the best times to shop at Old Navy for each season:

  • Spring items: April 15 – June 1
  • Summer items: July 15 – Sept. 1
  • Fall items: Oct. 15 – Dec. 1
  • Winter items: Jan. 15 – March 1

Our Old Navy online shopping hacks give you tried-and-true ways to save. Check out all the Old Navy deals available now.

TIP: Old Navy price tags ending in $0.47 are final price clearance. These items rarely get further markdowns, so don’t wait to snag them or you’ll lose your shot.



14. Shop Dick’s Sporting Goods clearance in February for up to 50% off outerwear.

A clearance rack of clothing at Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods has flash sales more often than not, so there are tons of opportunities to save. The key is knowing when to shop for the best deals, and we have the entire Dick’s Sporting Goods sale schedule unlocked. You can find flash sales at Dick’s every other week, with discounts from 20% to 50% off. You can even snag deals on Nike and Adidas items during flash sales.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Christmas Clearance

Starting Dec. 26, you’ll find deals for up to 50% off sports equipment and apparel, like women’s Adidas hoodies and men’s Field & Stream flannel shirts.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Winter Outerwear Clearance

The Winter Outerwear Clearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods starts in January and runs through March. You’ll find outerwear from top brands (like Columbia) for 50% – 60% off.

See all the Dick’s Sporting Goods deals available now.

TIP: Don’t shop the Winter Outerwear Clearance at Dick’s as soon as it starts in January. You’ll find the best discounts if you shop in mid- to late-February.


15. Shop the online Ugg clearance sale for up to 60% off.

An area shot of Ugg brand shoes, slippers, sandals, and boots

Ugg.com has a “last chance clearance” section online, but the selection is pretty small. The last time I checked, there were only 21 items listed, and only six of them were footwear. But a few times per year, Ugg opens up the Ugg Closet — an online pop-up clearance shop. The newest products have discounts of up to 30%. Other products like bedding, home decor, clothing, and shoes have discounts of up to 60%.


Ugg Clearance Sales

Based on last year’s Ugg Closet sales, you can expect online clearance sales in March, July, and September. Be sure to sign up for the Ugg mailing list so you know exactly when the sale starts.

Some of the biggest savings on Uggs come from other retailers that sell them. We have a full list of the best ways to save on Uggs to get you started. Check out all the Ugg deals you can get right now.

TIP: Generally speaking, Zappos is the best place to buy Uggs. They consistently have the largest selection of Ugg items on sale (plus standard shipping is free with no minimum)!


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