You love Coach’s soft leather accessories and purses, but spending hundreds on a bag is a hard pill to swallow. We get it.

Use these 13 tips to get the absolute best deal on a new Coach bag without being duped into buying a fake:


1. Sign up for emails to get over 75% off Coach.

Sign up for emails to know when the next Coach flash sale will happen. Prices drop as low as $99.99 (including shipping) for 100% leather Coach bags, regularly priced at $418. is owned by Zappos which sells quality name-brand items, so rest assured you’re not getting factory rejects.


2. Get up to 84% off the real thing from Marshalls or T.J.Maxx.

To make sure your bag came straight from a Coach store, look for an “X” stamped on the leather tag.

I spent $40 on a past-season leather Coach at T.J.Maxx that regularly retails for over $250 — an 84% savings! But be aware that Coach’s one-year warranty is void if you purchase your Coach from retailers like Marshalls or T.J.Maxx.


3. Get up to 70% off as a Coach employee.

Every month or so, the company has what they call “employee events” where employees get additional discounts on particular categories of merchandise, which bumps their regular 50% employee discount up to 70% off.


4. Get 50% off during Coach’s Winter Sale in December.

Shop the Coach Winter Sale, which usually runs from late December through mid January. Don’t have a Coach store near you? Shop the annual sale online instead to get the same discounts.



5. But, skip unless you’re getting at least $30 off your bag.

Make sure your savvy shopping makes up for’s obscene shipping charges; otherwise, don’t bother.

Shipping on orders under $30.00 will set you back a whopping $22.00. Orders over $30.00 include another $30.00 in shipping — and they almost never offer free shipping. So unless your sale price makes up for the shipping costs, skip the online store.


6. Get up to 40% off leather Coach bags from Macy’s, plus free shipping.

Shop for a Coach bag through Macy’s website and get free shipping on orders over $99.99. Which, let’s be real, is every Coach bag ever.

If you wait until Macy’s Friends & Family sale (which we typically see in December and May), you can get up to 40% off Coach bags and accessories.


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7. Wait for the end-of-year clearance sales to get up to 50% off at Dillard’s.

I waited to get my Coach from Dillard’s, and my patience paid off. Just after Christmas, the Coach I had my eye on, but was originally priced at $290, went on clearance for just $203. Dillard’s was also running a promo for an additional 30% off clearance prices, which made my Coach just $142. Look for this sale every year at the end of December, and shop in-store to avoid shipping fees.


8. Use ShopSavvy to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Eyeing a specific Coach bag? Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars until you’ve shopped around. The ShopSavvy app lets you price compare while you’re in the store. Just scan the item’s barcode, and ShopSavvy will tell you the best place to buy it.

Pebble Chelsea Hobo 32 at the Coach store: I did a quick ShopSavvy scan to figure out who had the best price:


9. Get 30-50% off by joining the Coach Factory website — for free.

Join to get special-offer emails every eight weeks with discounts of up to 30-50%.



10. Look for a bull’s-eye stamped inside your Factory Outlet bag to save 30-50% on the real thing.

Image: eBay

Coach Factory Outlets have two different kinds of merch — bags made specially for the outlet stores (usually lower quality) and Coach store overflow. About 90% of what you’ll find at Coach Factory Outlets are made-for-outlet bags, which means lower-quality.

Here’s how to tell the difference:

  • An “F” in the beginning of the last set of numbers inside your bag means it’s a bag made just for the Coach Factory Outlet.
  • Legit Coach bags come with a dust bag while outlet bags do not.
  • A bull’s-eye stamped on your bag’s label at a Coach Factory outlet means it’s Coach store overstock (and not lower quality made just for the outlet). Two bull’s-eyes just means the bag is final sale and can’t be returned.

Expect made-for-outlet bags and accessories to be 30–80% cheaper than the real thing, plus the sales associate almost always hands me a 20% off coupon when I walk in the store.


11. Get 25% off coupons when you subscribe to Coach’s email list and follow Coach on Facebook.

Get the best deals by doing what we do best — use coupons! Coach occasionally puts out 25% off coupons which are valid on any full-priced item at the Coach store. Get these coupons by joining their email list and stalking their Facebook page.


12. Save 6% on your purchase using Ibotta.

You already use the Ibotta app for groceries, so why not use it to make money back on your Coach bag? Getting 6% back on a $300 bag is an instant $18 back in your pocket, which will help offset those hefty shipping charges.


13. Follow Krazy Coupon Lady to get updates on Coach bag flash sales.

KCL has reported flash sales on Coach bags at Rue La La, and more. These sales are few and far between, but you can save up to 75% if you jump on quickly before the limited quantity runs out.


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13 Ways to Get the Best Price on a New Coach Bag — Without Getting a Fake