Is anyone else obsessed with Macy’s? If you aren’t yet then you’re about to be!

Especially with Black Friday just around the corner. Black Friday at Macy’s is the time to get small appliances and apparel for dirt cheap.

I’m going to show you how to get the best deals, the best way to get — and use — a Macy’s coupon and how to find out where they hide the best clearance items!


1. Jump on Macy’s Black Friday doorbuster deals that result in freebies.

For a couple years now on Black Friday, Macy’s has offered free-after-rebate items like small appliances (coffee makers and Crock-Pots), slippers, men’s long-sleeve shirts, set of glasses and a lot more.

After you buy the item, fill out the form to submit for a rebate via snail mail. You’ll receive a VISA gift card in return.

The only catch is you actually have to go in store to get these deals — you can’t get them online. But this is the only reason to go into a Macy’s store on Black Friday. Otherwise, stay home and shop from your laptop or tablet! Download the KCL app to find out about small appliance deals on Black Friday!


2. Macy’s stores will price match and take a Macy’s coupon. prices are often different than in-store prices.

If you find a lower price online, show it to your cashier and they’ll match the price at any register.

If you’re price matching a virtual cart of items that you’ve used a coupon code for, just show your entire cart to the cashier, or let them know the name of the coupon code, and they’ll honor the coupon code in-store.

Macy’s does not accept competitor coupons.


3. Use the Macy’s app to compare in-store prices to

Scan any item with the Macy’s app to pull up the current selling price at Macy’

If it’s cheaper online, just show the online price to the cashier using your phone, and you’ll get the item for the online price.


4. Macy’s will also price match competitors (excluding Amazon and Costco).

Macy’s price match policy isn’t highly publicized, but it’s pretty straightforward. Macy’s will price match an identical item from an approved store’s website within 10 days

Stores specifically called out as approved for price matching include: Belk, Bloomingdale’s, Bon Ton, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears.

Macy’s doesn’t price match Amazon, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond or eBay.

Just show the store ad, website or another proof of price to your Macy’s cashier. (Or customer service associate for orders over the phone.)

And even though Amazon is excluded, you can still use the Amazon app to compare Macy’s prices to Amazon, just to make sure you’re not overpaying at Macy’s.

Make sure to follow our Macy’s deals page for the best up-to-date deals!


5. Use Paribus for help with price adjustments for up to 10 days after purchase.

Macy’s gives shoppers a 10-day window to request a price adjustment if something you bought went on sale after your purchase.

Download the free Paribus app to get help with price adjustments from, without paying attention to price drops after you buy. Paribus will notify you if the price on an item you purchased from Macy’s drops, as well simplify the price adjustment request process for you.

I bought two towels for $16 and two hand towels for $10, and two days later they went on sale for $3.90 less than what I paid. I wasn’t paying attention but Paribus was.

Paribus sent me a notification to let me know the price dropped as well as made it very easy for me to get back the entire difference!

Download the Paribus app if you’ve got iOS, or register at from any computer to get started.

And if you’re wondering if Paribus is safe, then we’ve got you covered.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.



6. The best way to save (especially on housewares) is with Macy’s Rebates.

Macy’s releases about 20 new rebates on each month.

The average rebate value is $30. (My general rule of thumb is: only take advantage of rebates over $5. Anything less isn’t worth the trouble or the stamp. But this isn’t a problem at Macy’s!)

Rebates often coincide with sale prices. And the cool thing is you can combine your rebate with a Macy’s coupon!

Stacking a sale with a rebate, or a sale+Macy’s coupon+rebate can yield savings of 70-80%.

Rebates take about a month to receive. Once you submit, you’ll receive an email with tracking number, and you can check the status of your rebate anytime at

TIP: Make sure you submit your rebate paperwork in-store for in-store purchases and use the online rebate form for purchases. Even though the forms are nearly identical, it matters. Trust me. I learned this the hard way!


7. Deepest discounts are found in the Last Act clearance section.

Find super steep discounts on the Last Act clearance racks scattered throughout the store.

You’ll find one section in women’s, one in men’s, one in shoes, kids’, etc. This is one of my favorite places to find Macy’s dresses! I can seriously get them so cheap.

Last Act clearance gets marked down approximately once per month, but the schedule depends on inventory.

Tip: Take note that the return policy for Last Act merchandise is only 30 days.


8. Yellow price tags ending in “6” are final markdowns.

Items with yellow clearance tags have received their final markdown.

These items will remain at this price until sold. No need to wait for a deeper discount when you see an item you want with a price ending in the number “6.”


9. Blue tags ending in “3” are second-to-last markdowns.

Blue tag markdowns take place right before yellow tag markdowns. These prices end in the number “3.”

They’re usually in the mid 70%-off range. Blue-tagged items will receive one final markdown.

If you’re gutsy, go ahead and wait for it. But if you love the item, don’t be greedy for that yellow tag, because the item might sell out before it can ever see another markdown.


10. White tags in the Last Act clearance section are actually cheaper than marked.

The white-tagged items you see on the Last Act clearance racks haven’t been on the rack long enough to get a markdown. This basically means you can’t trust that the price shown is the lowest price. Which leads me to…


11. Get a price check to reveal the real price of white-tagged Last Act items.

All Last Act clearance items have prices ending in “3” or “6.” No exceptions. If you see a white tag in the Last Act section, go to a price check kiosk.

The price check will reveal a lower price than what’s tagged (and it will end in a “3” or “6”). I scored some Macy’s dresses that were almost 50% cheaper than the price marked!

If the price checker shows anything else, you know the item was misplaced and isn’t actually Last Act.

(Even if you don’t price check, the item will still ring up for the lower price. This is just a tool to use if you want to know for sure what the lower price is.)


12. You can’t use a Macy’s coupon on Last Act clearance.

Macy’s used to allow coupon stacking on Last Act items, but they did away with it Feb. 2016. A Macy’s spokesperson even said something like “there was a lot of math before [with coupon stacking]; now it’s simpler”. The reasoning feels thin.

It’s not all bad, though. is still around with loads of deals.

But hey, at least Macy’s isn’t one of the 9 stores predicted to close in 2019!


13. You should always target 60-70% savings when shopping at Macy’s.

Even though Macy’s coupons can’t be used on Last Act items, it’s still entirely possible to reach and even to average 70% savings on your entire purchase.

I might not always hit my target, but I usually get at least 50-60% savings on every item I purchase at Macy’s.

Obviously, this is easy to hit in the Last Act section. But I can also score 50-60% savings on regular sale items, too, by stacking Macy’s coupons with rebates.

For example:

I bought a Collector’s Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt. Round Casserole (reg $179.99) on sale for $59.99

I Submitted $20 Macy’s rebate, ends 10/19

Shipping was free on orders over $50

I Paid: $59.99, submitted $20 rebate

Final Price: $39.99



14. Shop when you can earn Macy’s Money.

Macy’s Money is the same concept as Kohl’s Cash.

Shop online during an earning week and receive Macy’s Money to redeem the following week. You can even earn Macy’s Money on Last Act clearance! Here’s the earning scale:

  • Spend $50, Get $10
  • Spend $100, Get $20
  • Spend $150, Get $30
  • Spend $200, Get $40

During the redemption week, Macy’s Money can be stacked on top of any coupon or sales price, online or in-store!

Macy’s money redeems like a gift card.


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15. Shop Macy’s Black Friday in July event to save up to 78% on small appliances.

Black Friday in July is a way for stores to compete with Amazon during the time they run their Amazon Prime Day. And Macy’s loves to compete!

We scored a Black + Decker Handheld Vacuum on sale for just $10 in 2018, regularly $45! It included a mail-in rebate, but we’ve already covered how those can lead to great deals!

Macy’s runs other sales during this time as well, and in just about every single department. Expect discounts to be 30-70%!

If you’re curious about how other stores do Black Friday in July, then you should read about how to score the best deals & sales.


16. Don’t trust the name. One Day Sales always last for two days.

Friends and Family, Super Saturdays and Semi-Annual sales all take a backseat to the One Day Sale.

Macy’s is notoriously hush-hush about the timing of One Day Sales, but they’re usually the third Saturday of the month with a preview day on Friday.

Shop Friday mornings for the best selection.


17. Shop Semi-Annual Sales in January and July.

Semi-Annual Sales happen in January and July.

Get 20-75% off clearance prices using a promo code.


18. Save 30% on everything (including clearance) during Friends & Family in April and December.

Friends and Family Sales happen in April-May and December.

Get 30% off all regular, sale and clearance prices using a promo code plus, 25% or 10% off select departments.


19. Stay in the know on Macy’s & deals with the Krazy Coupon Lady app.

You don’t have time to track sales, coupons and rebates every day, do you? That would take hours. When you get the free Krazy Coupon Lady app, you’re getting access to hand-curated products paired with Macy’s coupons daily.

Select Macy’s as one of your stores in the app, and browse dozens of new Macy’s deals that we think are the very best.

The average savings is 70%.


20. Opt for slower shipping and receive $5 Macy’s Money.

During busy seasons, especially around the holidays, look for a “no hurry” shipping option at checkout.

When you select it, you’ll receive $5-10 in Macy’s Money that you can use like a gift card on your next purchase!


21. Order online and pick up in-store when there’s a promo to get an extra 15-20% off your next order.

When shopping online, look for the “pick up in store” button and see if Macy’s is running a promotion at that time.

Enter your zip code to see if the item is in stock at your local Macy’s. If it is, you’re in luck! Not only will you avoid paying shipping, you’ll also receive a 15 or 20% off Macy’s WOW Pass to use on your next order just for trying Macy’s in-store pickup.

Even if it isn’t in stock, they can ship items to your local Macy’s. You’ll have to wait a bit, but you’ll still avoid a shipping fee.

Tip: Subscribe to Macy’s emails so you’re the first to know when this promotion is happening!


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22. Macy’s coupons are called Wow! Passes.

Macy’s has two types of in-store coupons. Credit cardholders get one type, non-cardholders get another.

The non-cardholders like me get coupons called “WOW! Passes.” So if you don’t have a Macy’s credit card, every time I say “coupon” I mean “Wow! Pass” and every time you see “WOW! Pass” signage at the store, it means “coupon.”

You may only use one Wow! Pass or coupon per visit to Macy’s or



23. The best days to find a Macy’s coupon are Friday-Sunday.

You can always find a Macy’s coupon, but often, they’re just for one department at a time.

During the weekends, you’re more likely to find a storewide/sitewide coupon.


24. Find extra Macy’s coupons in the Sunday paper.

The Sunday newspaper is actually a great place to find Macy’s coupons.

There’s a coupon nearly every week. But don’t go out and get a subscription just for the Macy’s coupon.

Most of the time it’s a duplication of a coupon code you could use by just mentioning the coupon at Macy’s stores or using it online.


25. Get 25% off the first purchase you make using the Macy’s app.

Text APP to 62297 to download!


26. Create a Macy’s profile and get 25% off your next purchase.

If you haven’t created a free Macy’s profile yet, get on it.

When you do, you’ll get an email with 25% off your next purchase.


27. Macy’s coupons exclude nearly every brand you’ve ever heard of.

So many coupons! So few things to use them on! Macy’s exclusion list is one of the worst in the business.

Common exclusions include: Deals of the day, Doorbusters, Everyday Values, Last Act, Macy’s Backstage, specials, Super Buys and name brands like Apple, Coach, Dyson, Fitbit, KitchenAid Pro Line, The North Face and so many more.

Basically, Macy’s coupons can be used on Macy’s merchandise.


28. Don’t buy name brands (like Nike) unless the item is on the clearance rack.

While ineligible for coupons, name brands do frequently end up in the Last Act clearance section.

And that’s the only place where I’ll buy name brands from Macy’s.

Shop during a Macy’s Money earning period and use Paribus to protect you in case the price drops again, and you’re golden.


29. Stay away from any price ending in $0.98.

Price tags ending in $0.98 are “everyday value” items.

The reason you should avoid them isn’t because they’re terribly overpriced. It’s because they’re not eligible for Macy’s coupon savings and are often not included in sales.

However, this merchandise may be reduced for clearance.

Everyday value items are usually stock-up staples like basic tees and socks. You probably won’t find many Macy’s dresses or business attire staples in the Everyday value sections.


30. Skip the Macy’s credit card if you spend less than $1,200/year at Macy’s.

The Macy’s credit card didn’t make our list of the best store credit cards available, but that’s not the only reason I say to skip it.

It also scores a low 2.5 stars out of 5 on Credit Karma.

Over 200 credit cardholders have complained about customer service issues, really low limits with no opportunity to increase, and random fees charged without explanation.

To be fair, here are a couple high points to being a Macy’s credit card holder:

  • Discount on initial purchase: You’ll get 20% off your first purchase when you sign up for the Macy’s card and 20% off on your statement.
  • Star Rewards: You’ll get savings passes or “Star Rewards” for spending at certain thresholds. Star Rewards range from a dollar-off reward to a percentage taken off an entire order.
  • Macy’s cardholders: Get an extra 20%-off coupon to use on top of sale and clearance prices during the One Day Sale.


31. Instead, use a gift card at checkout and get the credit card benefits.

Instead of using a Macy’s credit card at checkout, use a gift card and still get the benefits. Macy’s considers gift cards “Macy’s currency” which makes it equal to their credit card.

Let’s say there’s a sale where you can save an additional 20% off when you use your Macy’s Star Rewards card. When you go to check out, use your Macy’s gift card. If the gift card covers 100% of the total (for example a $50 gift card for a $35 purchase) the computer will give you that extra 20% off as if you were using the credit card.

Check out these other gift card hacks you should be using!


32. Save up to 4% on every purchase when you pay with a discounted Macy’s gift card.

You won’t need a Macy’s credit card when you leverage this tip.

Buy a discounted Macy’s gift card online — try Gift Card Granny. If they don’t have any discounted gift cards, then you can still receive a little money back for buying one through the site. It can be as low as 1%, but money back is money back!

You can even use the app for instant fulfillment, meaning you can go to Macy’s (or, pick out your items, total them up, then visit Gift Card Granny and purchase an eGift card in nearly the exact amount of your purchase. Voila! I can do all this while I’m standing in the checkout line! It’s that easy!



33. Watch for stacking free-gift promotions on Macy’s cosmetics.

Macy’s cosmetics run free gift promotions throughout the year, often making Macy’s a better place to shop than, say, Sephora.

The real prize comes when multiple free gift promotions stack, like this beauty we were able to get ahold of:

  1. FREE Clinique Makeup Duo with a $55.00 Clinique purchase.
  2. FREE Clinique Skincare Duo with a $75.00 Clinique purchase.
  3. FREE 4-Piece Mug Set with any $85.00 beauty purchase.
  4. FREE Travel Case when you buy a Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush.


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34. Before Christmas, Macy’s (may) hand out free $10 gift cards to use in-store or online.

Typically, the week before Christmas, Macy’s chooses two days to give away $10 Macy’s gift cards to in-store shoppers — for free! You’ll want to be first in line because there are limited gift cards to hand out.

This is the time to drag your spouse to the mall with you! While the gift cards are only valid for a couple of days, you can redeem them online if you don’t find anything in the store you want to buy.


35. Look under the skirt to find even more clearance items.

Next time you’re scouring a crowded clearance table at Macy’s, peek under the tablecloth.

That’s where they keep additional clearance if it doesn’t fit on the table!


36. Cash back app rebates for Macy’s do exist.

TopCashBack is a rebate app that works like eBates. Sign up on their website and download their free app to get a percentage back on every Macy’s purchase. During Black Friday they offer 10% cash back and exclusive promo codes for up to 25% off your purchase.

Ibotta rebates at Macy’s are nearly non-existent, but it’s still worth mentioning because there are a couple.

Ibotta is a rebate app that most people associate with grocery shopping. It’s true that some of the best deals are on grocery items, but there are some sweet deals in retail, too. Download the app, load offers specific to the store you’re shopping, and then scan your receipt or shop online through Ibotta. Once you earn at least $20.00 you can cash out via PayPal or Venmo!

Check out Ibotta’s Macy’s page a few times a year to keep tabs on Ibotta rebates.


37. Get paid to create a wedding registry.

The only time to consider opening a Macy’s credit card is if you’re getting married.

When you open a card and create a Macy’s Registry, you’ll get bonus cash back for every item your guests purchase. Get 5% reward dollars on every eligible gift you get. And anyone purchasing wedding gifts with a Macy’s card will earn points as well. Get 10% reward dollars on every eligible purchase made.

You’ll also receive a 15% discount on most remaining items on your registry and a 10% discount on furniture, mattresses or rugs for six months after your occasion! But, you will not receive further Rewards Point for Completion purchases.


38. Return most unwanted items for up to 90 days after your purchase.

You can return “saleable” items (meaning items that have been altered cannot be returned) for up to 90 days. Macy’s return policy used to be 180 days. There are some exceptions to the new policy. Electronic items must be returned within 14 days of purchase.

Some of the items include: Apple products, select designer brands, select furniture, jewelry and more. See Macy’s full return policy.


39. Take advantage of freebies like bra fittings, makeup samples and suit fittings.

You can get a free bra fitting, free makeover and free makeup samples at the cosmetic counters.

Men can get a free fitting for a suit.


40. Don’t feel pressured to buy from salespeople who work on commission.

Some Macy’s departments work on commission and some don’t. No matter what, don’t cave to pressure.


41. Best things to buy are housewares, small appliances and clothing.

Clothing can hit 50-70% off regular prices. For example, we often see deals like 60% off Carter’s bodysuits.

Appliances often hit 60-80% off, thanks to sales combined with rebates. Especially around the holidays, expect to see kitchen appliances for $9.99 or less.


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42. Worst things to buy are name brands and electronics.

Electronics are often sold online only, and sales are infrequent.

Name brands that don’t get clearanced out, such as Le Creuset, are not great items to buy at Macy’s.


43. In-season items are marked down 4-6 weeks before the season ends.

In general, the best time to buy items are when they’re out of season.

And Macy’s marks down their in-season inventory sooner than competitors like JCPenney and Nordstrom.

Seasons at Macy’s are defined as follows:

  • Spring (February-April)
  • Summer (May-July)
  • Fall (August-October)
  • Holiday/Winter (November-January)

That means the best times to stock up are:

  • Spring clearance: April 1
  • Summer clearance: July 1
  • Fall clearance: Oct. 1
  • Winter clearance: Jan. 1

Additionally, when you see a sign that says “Lowest price of the season,” it refers to the three-month period listed above.

Honesty is the best policy (except maybe store return policies with no receipt required, amirite?) so we want you to know that companies like Paribus compensates us when you sign-up using the links we provided above.


Whew! That was A LOT of info! If you don’t want to scroll back up, here are all of the links we mentioned:


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