Macy’s return policy actually gets us, you guys. If I’m shopping online, it means I don’t want to go into the store — and Macy’s isn’t going to make me.

Navigating Macy’s return policy is fairly easy as long as you know a few things (which I’m going to tell you!). So, go ahead and shop because it’s free and easy to send your items back if you don’t like them.

This was especially handy for me recently as I was being ultra picky about new towels for my bathroom. I bought some online, didn’t love them, shipped them back to, then bought another set in the store and had to return it, too — here’s my story.

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1. You get free shipping with Macy’s return policy.

Mailing your return back to Macy’s is pretty painless, and since it’s free, it’s a no-brainer. I basically opened my towels, saw that they didn’t look as good in my bathroom as I had hoped they would, and mailed them back (more details on this soon).

It was easy peasy.


2. The order number you need to start a return for isn’t on your shipping invoice.

No, you’re not blind. This was weird for me, too. The order number isn’t on the one piece of paper that came with your purchase. Instead, check your email shipping confirmation for the number. From this email, you’ll also initiate your return. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Free Returns.”

This next screen is where you’ll enter that confirmation number (and not any of the numbers on your shipping receipt). Before I figured this out, I entered every number on my shipping invoice, and after five tries, the online system locked me out and told me to call customer service.

Instead, I opened a new browser using incognito mode (Command Shift + N for Mac) and entered the correct number I found on my original email confirmation for the purchase.


3. Macy’s online return policy requires you to print your prepaid return label and slip.

Once you enter your order number to initiate a return, just follow the prompts to print your free return label and return slip. Make sure you get the return slip into the package with your item.


4. Drop your return shipment off at UPS or at a Macy’s store.

You can ship returns back via UPS, using the free return label, or you can return them to the store, like a regular purchase.

Conversely, you must take store purchases back to the store to return them (you can’t mail back something you bought in the store).

Any way you choose to do your return, you’ll get your money back in the original form of payment. (It might take three to seven days for the credit to post to your account if you’re shipping your return back via UPS.)


5. Macy’s return policy without a receipt is the same as with a receipt.

You’ll have 90 days to return your item, whether you have a receipt or not, as long as the associate can find your purchase using your free Macy’s account (email and/or phone number) or the credit card you used.

Of course, it goes faster in store if you have a receipt, but it’s not a dealbreaker for Macy’s.



6. …But if you don’t have a receipt, you need to have the item’s tags for store purchase returns.

This goes for store returns only. If you’re shipping back a return, you’ll print the return slip, and that acts as your paperwork. But if you’re returning a order in store with tags, they should be able to look up your purchase.

Tags do not have to be attached to your item (unless it’s clothing), but in order for an associate to look up your purchase, they need something. Tags are as good as a receipt.

I removed the tags to hang the towels in my bathroom and obsess over whether I liked them. I just made sure to keep the tags instead of tossing them.

If you show up to do a return with no tags and no receipt, the associate won’t process your return. This goes for gifts and everything else.

Years ago, I tried to return a wedding present that I knew came from Macy’s because I’d seen it on sale there. I had no receipt and no tags. The associate actually tried hard to help me, but in the end, she couldn’t match my item up with anything in the system to create a return, and I took the item home (and promptly sold it on Craigslist).



7. Not all items get the full 90-day return period.

You’ll find a whole slew of items that don’t get a full 90-day return period. For starters, Apple products only get 14 days, area rugs only get seven days, dresses only get 60 days, and Last Act merchandise (this is what Macy’s calls their clearance items) only get 30 days.

Here are some exceptions to Macy’s return policy listing all of the exceptions to the 90-day return rule.


8. Some items, like mattresses, aren’t returnable at all at Macy’s.

Get ready to put a ring on it when it comes to gift cards, food, gourmet gifts, Beauty Boxes, lamps, wall art, mirrors, furniture, and mattresses. None of these items can be returned. At all.


Macy's Return Policy Offers Free (and Honestly, Easy!) Returns