If you’re looking for free activities to do together with your kids, then you definitely need to check out Home Depot’s free Kids Workshops.

The first Saturday of every month, The Home Depot gives away free workshop kits starting at 9 a.m. Since I started bringing these kits home in 2021, my daughter and I have made little toy vehicles, an Easter-themed planter, and a little desk organizer that I’ve gotten a shocking amount of usage from.

Below I’ve outlined what you should expect in each kit, how to find out what each month’s kit will be, and what you need to do to ensure you bring home a free workshop kit.

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This month’s free kit: Picket Fence Planter

Just a reminder that the next Free Kids Workshop is on Saturday, May 7th. This month’s kit is a Picket Fence Planter that would make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Plant some herbs seeds and let the kiddos watch them grow.

1. Take home a free Home Depot Kids Workshop on the first Saturday of the month.

Home Depot hands out take-home Kids Workshop kits starting at 9 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month. Your best bet is to get there right at 9 a.m., because these kits are given out on a first-come, first-served basis — and they sell out quickly. Like, sold-out-by-noon quick (at least, that’s how it is at my local Home Depot).

Although Home Depot used to allow folks to reserve Kids Workshops in advance, they’ve stopped allowing reservations ever since they switched to the take-home workshops.

If you strike out at your local stores, then you’ll either have to wait until the following month or order a Kids Workshop from HomeDepot.com, where kits are usually between $5 – $10.


2. Make toy cars, planters, or mini-games with your Home Depot Kids Workshop.

Most of The Home Depot Kids Workshops have you making little toy vehicles (think: recycling truck, firetruck, or even a tractor), mini-games (January 2022 will feature a disc toss game), or seasonal stuff like this Heart String Art kit they ran in February 2020.

But I was surprised to find some seriously practical kits when I started doing these Home Depot workshops with my oldest in 2021. In May 2021 we made this Desk Organizer, which I still use in my home office.

The workshop kits include all of your pieces, instructions, as well as a kids’ orange Home Depot apron and a commemorative pin to put on your kid’s apron.


3. Call Home Depot one week before the first Saturday to see what the next Kids Workshop will include.

Home Depot employees at my local store said they don’t find out what each month’s Kids Workshop will contain until the first week of the month. But sometimes Home Depot teases the next Kids Workshop online about midway through the previous month.

For example, if you’re wondering what January 2022 will bring, you should be able to find that information here around mid-December 2021.

There’s also a bit of a pattern with Home Depot’s Kids Workshops. They like to keep things seasonal (think: Valentine’s Day in February, back-to-school crafts in August, and patriotic/military crafts in November). Here’s a rundown of previous workshops:

  • January: Disc toss game (2022), ATM bank (2021), Mini hockey game (2020)
  • February: Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe (2021), Heart string art (2020), Heart candy box (2019)
  • March: Riding mower (2021), Binoculars (2020), Clock shelf (2019)
  • April: Bunny hanging planter (2021), Recycling truck (2020), Birdhouse (2019)
  • May: Desk organizer (2021), Mirrored vanity (2020), Blooming art (2019)
  • June: SUV (2021), Tool bench (2020), Putting green (2019)
  • July: Star string art (2021), Soccer game (2020), Tow truck (2019)
  • August: School bus bookends (2021), Locker (2020), Rocket pencil box (2019)
  • September: Mini table tennis (2021), Crane (2020), Scarecrow planter (2019)
  • October: Fire chief’s car (2021), Ladder truck (2020), Fire plane (2019)
  • November: Amphibious military vehicle (2021), Battleship (2020), American eagle (2019)
  • December: Christmas car (2021), Santa’s treats tray (2020), Countdown calendar (2019)


4. Expect Home Depot Kids Workshops to remain an at-home activity for the foreseeable future.

Although Home Depot used to run these Kids Workshops in stores prior to the pandemic, employees I spoke with said they haven’t heard anything from corporate that would hint at a return to in-store Kids Workshops.

Of course, this could change, but for now, expect to take home your Home Depot Kids Workshops.

Do you have any questions about Home Depot’s free Kids Workshops? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading!

What You Need to Know About Home Depot's Free Kids Workshops