Ross reopening sales were among the highlights of an otherwise stressful 2020.

We saw Ross markdowns on just about everything, as stores were trying to move merchandise quickly after being closed during the first phase of quarantine.

Now, if tradition holds, we’re going to see something similar in January.

Here’s what we know:


Every January, Ross has held an unofficial clearance markdown.

Every year between Christmas and February, Ross discounts a vast number of products to make room for the next year’s inventory.

Your mileage may vary on this, because each store has a different schedule. Some mega-markdowns will happen right after Christmas; others will take place in mid-January.

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Look for Christmas & seasonal as low as $0.49.

The cheapest price you’ll ever see at a Ross is $0.49, and apparently these basement-level deals are easier to find in mid- to late-January.

There are entire videos talking about a massive store-wide sale that prices soccer cleats, name-brand clothes, and more for just $0.49, but it seems a lot less widespread than that.

What WILL hit $0.49 in January are seasonal/holiday items.



If the markdowns are anything like what we saw in May, brace yourself.

The Ross staffers we’ve talked to say there are going to be pretty insane deals in January, but $0.49 isn’t going to be as widespread as some bloggers have reported.

While there wasn’t an abundance of $0.49 deals when Ross reopened after lockdown in May, there was PLENTY to be excited about, including:

  • $32 patio chairs
  • $2.99 Carter’s onesie sets
  • $1.99 pots
  • $9.99 Nike slides
  • $13.99 Paw Patrol ride-on
  • $3.99 High Sierra backpack
  • $21.99 hardside designer luggage
  • $14.99 Guess purse
  • Most items discounted at least 70%
  • 80 – 90% of the store on clearance

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Check your stores starting Jan. 18 — markdowns happen on Mondays.

Typically Ross store managers get the markdown lists on Sundays and change the prices on Mondays.

In the past, the third Monday in January has been a focal point for markdowns; in 2021, that’s Jan. 18.


That said, stores have different schedules.

Although the third week of January is the time when many stores will have the massive markdowns, Ross stores aren’t all on the same schedule.

It could take from 1 – 3 weeks for the entire store to be marked down, depending on your store’s size, staffing situation, and amount of products needing markdowns. So if you show up on Tuesday the 19th instead of Monday the 18th, you’re probably good.


Check back on subsequent Mondays; prices drop 10 – 20% weekly.

Whatever price you find on Jan. 18, expect it to be 10 – 20% lower on Jan. 25 (if the items are still in stock, obviously).

This is just one of the many Ross shopping hacks we’ve discovered over the years — tips that’ll come in handy during the big sale.


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Ross Is on Major Markdown Watch for January