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19 Surprising Name Brands You Can Find at Ross

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Loyal Ross shoppers know to embrace the treasure hunt! And that it’s not just unrecognizable Ross brands at this off-price retailer. We always expect to see loads of brand names at Ross for discounted prices — and we expect to save 50% – 70% on the original retail price. Not to mention, shoes from Ross can be a total score with low prices from (surprisingly) big names.

Ross usually sells last year’s merchandise, which makes it challenging to compare prices with Ross’ competitors. But it’s important for you to see exactly how much cheaper these name brands are at Ross. So, whenever I couldn’t find the exact item in other stores, I used an average price on a comparable (but not exact) product.

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1. Adidas at Ross: Astraruns are half the price you’d pay on Amazon.

Adidas shoes at Ross

Savings: $26.96 (or 45%)


2. Nike at Ross: Air Jordans cost as little as $69.99. (Retail price starts at $110).

Nike Air Jordans for $69.99 at Ross. Retail price starts at $110.

Savings: $21.98 (or 24% — really all the proof you need to look at shoes from Ross)


…And Nike kids’ shoes from Ross are 67% less when compared to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Nike Running Shoes at Ross

Savings: $30 (or 67%)


3. Converse at Ross is $25 less than regular prices at DSW.

Converse at Ross for $15 less than next-lowest price at Nordstrom Rack.

Savings: $25 (or 45%)


4. Calvin Klein jeans are almost one-third of Macy’s price.

A pair of Calvin Klein Jeans

Savings: $44.51 (or 64%)


…And Calvin Klein women’s sandals are 63% cheaper when compared to DSW.

Black Calvin Klein heals at Ross

Savings: $56 (or 63%)



…And Calvin Klein ties are $7 less than the next-lowest price at Nordstrom Rack.

Calvin Klein ties at Ross for $7 under Nordstrom Rack or Amazon retail price.

Savings: $6.98 (or 35%)


5. Classic T-shirts are $2 cheaper at Ross than on sale at Aeropostale.

Aeropostale Tees even cheaper than sale pricing at Ross.

Savings: $2 (or 25% )


6. Barbie toys are $10 less than what Amazon charges.

Barbie sets for under $20 at Ross that cost over $30 on Amazon.

Savings: $10 (or 33%)


7. Clinique products are up to 64% cheaper than at Ulta.

Clinique and Patchology products cheaper at Ross than Sephora and Ulta

Savings: $35.01 (or 64%)



8. 3M Duct Tape is almost $6 cheaper than it is on Amazon.

3M Duct Tape is cheaper at Ross than Amazon Add-On Pricing.

Savings: $5.63 (or 45%)


9. Coleman coolers are $5 cheaper than at Lowe’s.

Coleman coolers at Ross are $2-$5 cheaper than Home Depot prices.

Savings: $4.99 (or 42%)


10. Black + Decker pruner sets cost $10 less than Amazon’s price.

Black + Decker pruner sets $6 less than Amazon at Ross.
  • Ross: Black + Decker Pruning Set, $13.99
  • Amazon: Black + Decker Pruning Set, $23.79 regular price

Savings: $9.80 (or 41%)


11. Cuisinart skillets cost one-third of what you’d pay at Target.

Cuisinart skillets and fry pans at Ross are half the price of next-lowest
  • Ross: Cuisinart 11-inch grill, $14.99
  • Target: Cuisinart 11-inch grill, $49.99 regular price

Savings: $35 (or 70%)


12. Ghirardelli squares are cheaper than Walmart’s prices.

Ghirardelli squares at Ross checkout are actually a good deal. Walmart sells for $3.78.
  • Ross: Ghirardelli Squares 4.1 ounces, $2.79
  • Walmart: Ghirardelli Squares 4.1 ounces, $3.98 regular price

Savings: $1.19 (or 30%)



13. Hanes bras are so cheap you could get three sets for the price of one at Target.

Hanes bras and undies for 1/3 the price at Target at Ross.
  • Ross: Hanes Girls’ Pullover bras 2-count, $3.99
  • Target: Hanes Girls’ Pullover bras 2-count, $11.99 regular price

Savings: $8 (or 67%)


14. Philosophy peels are over $40 cheaper than at Ulta.

Philosophy at Ross is $40 cheaper than Macy's.
  • Ross: Philosophy Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel, $29.99
  • Ulta: Philosophy Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel, $72 regular price

Savings: $42.01 (or 58%)


15. Rayovac batteries are 61% cheaper than Amazon’s price.

Rayovac batteries at Ross are 35% cheaper than Amazon.
  • Ross: Rayovac AA batteries 36 count, $11.99
  • Amazon: Rayovac AA batteries 36 count, $31.06 regular price

Savings: $19.07 (or 61%)


16. Seychelles shoes are at least 70% less than average prices at Anthropologie.

shoes from ross next to a price tag
  • Ross: Seychelles shoes, $17.99
  • Anthropologie: Seychelles shoes, $60 (lowest Seychelles price)

Savings: $42.01 (or 70%)



17. Wet Brush 2-in-1 Treatment you can get for half of Amazon’s price.

A wet hair brush at Ross
  • Ross: Wet Brush 2-in-1 Treatment, $5.99
  • Amazon: Wet Brush 2-in-1 Treatment, $14.59 regular price

Savings: $8.60 (or 59%)


18. TOMS shoes for less than’s super-discounted price.

Toms shoes for Men, Women & Kids at Ross. Men's loafers $36.99 compared to $59.50 at
  • Ross: TOMS men’s loafers, $36.99
  • TOMS men’s loafers, (reg. $99.95) $44.98, sale price

Savings: $7.99 (or 17% comparing sale prices)


19. Wahl Cordless Mini Pro for 52% less than Amazon’s price.

Wahl Cordless Mini Pro for $9.99 at Ross versus $19.99 at Amazon.
  • Ross: Wahl Cordless Mini Pro 14-piece set, $9.99
  • Amazon: Wahl Cordless Mini Pro 14-piece set, $20.92 regular price

Savings: $10.93 (or 52%)

Did I miss anything? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it!

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