Macy’s wants to reward you for your patience — with 10 bucks!

Now’s the time to shop, where they’re offering Macy’s Money to shoppers who can wait a little longer for their orders to arrive.

Macy’s Money is in-store credit — like a gift card — that customers earn in various ways. Like with Kohl’s Cash, there’s a period of time when Macy’s Money can be earned, and then a later period of time it can be spent.

In the past, earning Macy’s Money like this has been a one-day opportunity, so move quickly.

Here’s how you get it:


Choose ‘No Hurry’ shipping at checkout to get $10 Macy’s Money when you spend $25.

“No Hurry” shipping means that instead of getting your order in 3-6 days, it’ll arrive in 6-9 days.

To thank you for your patience, Macy’s will credit your account $10 in Macy’s Money.


You can place multiple orders of $25 to keep earning Macy’s Money.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can place an order at for $25 or more to get $10 in Macy’s Money. Get as close to the minimum as possible to get the most store credit.

For example, rather than spending $75 to get $10 in Macy’s Money, place three orders of $25 to get $30 in Macy’s Money. That’s 40% savings!



Macy’s adds the Macy’s Money to your account Wallet.

In the “Account” section of or the Macy’s app, you’ll be able to access the Wallet, where you can find your earned Macy’s Money.

Macy’s Money earned from No Hurry shipping will be spendable Dec. 2 – 9, 2020, at which time you’ll be able to spend it like a gift card as a valid payment method at checkout — online and in store.


This is a hurry-up-and-wait situation; this could only last one day.

In the past, earning Macy’s Money at this rate was limited to just one day. This particular offer isn’t even advertised by Macy’s, so we have no idea how long it’ll be around.

So, hurry to take advantage of this offer, and then wait a little longer for your orders to arrive.


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Get $10 Macy's Money with Every Order for a Limited Time