Getting hitched? One of the most exciting parts about the wedding process and planning a life together is picking out all the stuff you’ll want to fill your house with.

Grab those scanning guns and head to these 15 stores to enjoy some great discounts for completing your wedding registry.


What is a registry completion discount?

Basically, here’s how it works: You fill up your registry with things you and your spouse-to-be want, and then the store rewards you with a coupon, good to use on those items within a certain amount of time after your wedding.

Plus, most of these retailers offer special freebies when certain products are added to and bought from your registry list.

Tip: Add things you want, but don’t expect people to buy you (like a spendy Crate & Barrel couch) so you can score a rare discount you wouldn’t otherwise have.


1. Get 30% off furniture, mattresses and rugs at Macy’s — 20% off everything else when you complete your registry.

This is one of the highest discounts around, and you can use it as often as you want up until six months after your wedding date.


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2. Bed Bath & Beyond has a 20% discount waiting for you after your wedding.

Use it within 60 days on any unbought items on your list.

Make sure you check out our 26 Golden Rules You Must Follow to Save at Bed Bath & Beyond.


3. Amazon offers a 20% completion discount worth up to $300.

via Amazon

Prime members who sign up for Amazon Wedding Registry get a 20% discount on unbought items within 90 days of the big day (in a one-time discount). It’s 10% for non-Prime members.

There are some stipulations. Once your loved ones buy you $500-$999.99 worth of goods, that discount maxes out at $200, and above $1,000, you’ll get $300 at most.

It’s far from the only benefit to Becoming an Amazon Prime Member.


4. Zola offers 20% off for up to six months.

via Zola

Not only is this the place to tell people about your wedding, it’s a great place to register for gifts — especially when an automatic 20% comes off your registry items for half a year.

Zola prides itself on its massive selection, bringing together gifts (and gift cards) from more than 500 top brands like Cuisinart, Dirt Devil, Crock-Pot, KitchenAid, Maytag, Ralph Lauren and TONS MORE.



5. Bloomingdale’s gives you 20% off within three months of your wedding.

That’s a one-time purchase that has to be used within three months, so make it count.

Outside of that, completion discounts include 20% off dresses, suits, intimates and more — and 10% off everything left on your registry for six months.

Bloomingdale’s is also one of our can’t-miss Friends & Family Events Worth Shopping.


6. Dillard’s offers an in-store discount of 10-20%.

Your registry is active for 18 months after the big day, so take advantage of the 20% discount for the items on your list (10% for electronics).


7. Get 10% off anything on your Blueprint registry — up to a year after the wedding.

Blueprint offers plenty of wedding-friendly gifts on its website, from baking sets to dinnerware to wine glasses and reusable drinking straws. Their 10% discount has one of the longest lifespans of any registry (one year!).

Plus, you can find stores and brands on Blueprint that don’t have their own wedding registry programs, like Nordstrom!


8. Target gives you 15% off one transaction for completing your wedding registry.

The discount comes in the form of a store coupon, which means it can be stacked with manufacturer coupons and rebate apps like Ibotta. They won’t give you the coupon until your registry has been active at least two weeks.

And speaking of Target and coupons. . . here’s How to Coupon at Target.


9. For six months, get 15% off anything at West Elm.

That’s right — not just the things on your list.



10. Crate & Barrel offers 15% off for three months.

That’s a jump up from 10% a few years back. Check with the store to find out about any restrictions the store may have.

And hey, if the price on something you bought drops, Crate & Barrel offers price adjustments within 14 days.

TIP: Plenty of department stores offer freebies when your guests buy certain items (or hit a certain spending threshold). At Crate & Barrel, for example, couples can score things like knives, cookbooks, espresso glasses, mixing bowls, wine glasses and more.


11. Get 10% off from Pottery Barn for completing your registry.

Look, that can add up quickly. Reap the rewards six months after the event.


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12. Save 10% on your remaining Wayfair items.

For six months, save on furniture, decor, kitchen items, bed and bath, and more.

Check out the surprising items you can buy at Wayfair.


13. JCPenney discounts registry items 10% for six months after the wedding.

Just check to make sure your JCPenney is still in business.


14. Get 10% off your Best Buy registry items after the wedding.

From electronics to appliances, your unbought Best Buy registry items will be discounted 10% — indefinitely.


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15. Your Williams-Sonoma registry list will be 10% cheaper for six months.

Make your kitchen the best kitchen, and get free bonus gifts when you register (and when your guests give you items from your registry) for products from specific brands.


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