The Target wedding registry is a great option for future newlyweds looking to make things easy on themselves, because the path down the aisle is a long one, let me tell you. The registry lets you streamline all those details before your big day, while also giving you some additional savings.

Here’s everything you need to know about the wedding registry at Target.

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Download the Target wedding registry app.

Before you get started, you gotta download the Target registry app. This is the easiest way to keep track of your registry list, and the app gives you “checklist” suggestions like cookware sets, patio furniture, and dinnerware.

You also have the option to have wedding guests help fund your honeymoon through Honeyfund instead of a gift.


Sync your registry with your official wedding page.

If you sign up for Target registry through The Knot, you can sync the accounts to streamline your registry process. This way, anything you add to your Target registry will be automatically added to your wedding page.


Use the registry app to scan your registry items in store.

No need to use an old school scanner gun to scan everything you want from Target on your registry. Just open the app and choose the “scan” option at the bottom to open the barcode scanner.


Return anything in your registry within a year without receipts.

If you change your mind about something you were gifted from your registry, you’ve got a whole year to return it. No need for receipts, either – all the proof is in your account.


Enjoy a 15% off Target wedding registry coupon after the big day and use it twice.

After your wedding day, Target will email you a 15% off coupon that’s also available in the app. The coupon can be used twice: once online and once in store, and can be applied to an entire order as long as everything is in your registry. The coupon never expires, so wait as long as you want before using it.


You can only use the coupon on stuff in your registry, but you can still add items after the big day.

This is definitely better than the Amazon Wedding post-wedding coupon, which gives 20% off only to Prime members, 10% to non-members, and can only be used once.



You can’t use the coupon on everything at Target.

Unfortunately, there’s still a list of things you can’t use the coupon on after your wedding. This includes:

  • Alcohol
  • PlayStation consoles and accessories
  • Xbox consoles and accessories
  • Fitbit
  • DSLR cameras and lenses
  • Sony electronics
  • Nintendo consoles and games
  • Target gift cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Samsung TVs
  • Facebook Oculus and Portal


Stack the 15% off with other offers.

To save even more, stack this coupon with manufacturer coupons and Circle offers. On top of that, you can get the 5% off when you pay with your Target RedCard.

Hey Engaged Couples! Target Wedding Registry Makes Everything Easier