Ever since the Cartwheel app went away, the main Target app has been a multitasking beast for all of your Target needs. Even if you were a diehard Cartwheel fan, you gotta admit the all-in-one app is the way to go, since you can shop, add Circle deals, and manage curbside pickup orders from your smartphone.

Let’s look at everything you gotta know about how to use the Target app.

Remember to download the official KCL app and keep an eye on all the best Target deals.


1. Order directly from the Target app.

Once you’ve downloaded the Target app, sign in to your Target account or create a new one. After that, you can immediately start searching for what you need and adding items to your shopping cart.

When you’ve filled up your cart, you’ve got the option to choose pickup, delivery, or shipping. Some items are in-store exclusive and others aren’t available for pickup, so check the item in the app to see its availability.


2. Add Circle deals and manufacturer coupons in the Target app.

The Target app makes couponing pretty easy. All you gotta do is open it up, scroll down to “Target Circle offers,” and start tapping offers and adding them to your account.

Even though Circle offers used to only be for a certain percent off select items, Target has started releasing “Item Coupons” or dollar-off Circle deals that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. You’ll also see manufacturer coupons in this section with the label “MFR single-use coupon.”

Plus, you’ll see exclusive Circle deals for RedCard holders. I just saw a 10% off electronics deal in the app!


3. Check out Target gift card deals directly in the app.

If you scroll down the front page of the app, you’ll see Target gift card promos you can tap for more info. Here are a few that I just saw:

  • Free $5 gift card with $20 purchase of Pepsi and Frito-Lay items
  • Free $10 gift card when you buy 3 household items
  • Free $75 gift card when you spend $75 on diapers and wipes

4. Use the Target app barcode scanner to add Circle deals as you shop.

All you have to do is tap the scanner logo in the top right of the app, scan your product, and see any available Circle deals. Then, you can add the deals directly to your account as you shop to use at checkout.

5. Keep an eye on the Target app to stay on top of your curbside pickup orders.

Choose “Drive Up” in the app before checkout to opt for Target curbside pickup. You’ll get a notification when your order is ready.

From there, you can notify the store directly through the app that you’re on your way. Then, drive up, park in the designated curbside pickup spot, and notify them you’ve arrived directly from the app.

You also have the option to switch the order to “Order Pickup” from the app to grab your order in store.



6. Use Target Wallet to check out four times faster.

Using Target Wallet will save you plenty of time at checkout. To set it up, just tap “Wallet” in the app and add your payment method. You can choose your own credit or debit card, Target RedCard, or a Target gift card.

Then, when you’re checking out and all your items have been scanned, go ahead and scan your digital or paper coupons first, and then scan the “Wallet” barcode in your Target app. Your Circle offers and RedCard savings will be applied, as well as your payment!

Target claims this method was four times faster than a traditional checkout. I have to admit, it’s pretty handy and quick!


7. Make your Target returns through the app.

The Target app makes it easy to set up returns, since all you gotta do is tap “Account,” choose the order you wish to make a return from, and tap on the product.

Then select “Return an Item” and a barcode will pop up. Either show that barcode to Guest Services or choose “Return items by mail” to print a free return label.


8. Attend in-store events to get freebies and coupons.

via Target

The pandemic might have delayed Target events for quite a while, but they should be coming back before long. Since these events tend to have freebies, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Once you choose your home store, you’ll see any upcoming events on the app’s main screen when you scroll down.

That’s all for the Target app, unless they update it for more cool stuff (c’mon Target, make the app do laundry).

Target's App Is a Money-Saving, Multitasking Machine