Update: Target Cartwheel is now Circle, and while Circle offers are comparable to Cartwheel offers, there are some notable differences, like the ability to earn 1% cash back on every purchase. Learn how Target Circle works.

Target recently combined their Cartwheel app with their Target app to create one powerful money-saving app. Change is hard, but in this case, it’s pretty awesome.

Granted, there are times the new app is slower than the old Cartwheel app, but if you stick to it, you can still save big!

Here are six things you can do to save the most money using Target’s new app:


1. Get up to 50% off by scanning product barcodes.

The barcode scanner is one of my favorite features, because I can just scan whatever I’m looking for instead of typing in product names while juggling my younger kiddos.

Once a discount pops up, I press the red “+” to save it for checkout.


2. Scan Target mobile coupons to get $5-$10 Target gift cards, dollar-off discounts, and freebies.

Target mobile coupons are somewhat tricky to find. Click the “wallet” button at the bottom of the main screen. You’ll see a pair of red scissors and the word “coupons” about halfway down that page. Click “coupons” and swipe left to see all the available deals.

I recently got a free $10 Target gift card with my $50 baby department purchase, a free Xbox game with console purchase, and $25 off my luggage.

Split your purchase into multiple transactions to earn the most gift cards. For example, I first purchase the minimum amount of items I need to earn a gift card, then I use the gift card I just received on the rest of my items — sometimes scoring another gift card on my second transaction.



3. Stack mobile coupons, manufacturer coupons, Cartwheel discounts, and rebate apps.

Once you spot a Target gift card promotion happening in a specific department like Toys or Baby, claim Cartwheel offers for discounts in that department and bring your manufacturer coupons.

For example, when Target ran the promotion for a free $10 Target gift card for making a $50 Baby department purchase, I claimed 10% off Plum Organics Formula, 20% off Burt’s Bees Baby Wash, and brought my $3 off Huggies coupon. My discounted total was $52.68 (regularly $61.47), plus I got the $10 Target gift card — saving a total of $18.79.

You can only stack different types of deals. For example, if one is a dollar-off deal, and the other is a percentage-off deal, you’re free to stack up. But you can’t stack two dollar-offs together or two percentage-offs together.

Claim additional money back using rebate apps like Ibotta.


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4. Attend in-store events to get freebies and coupons.

Once you choose your home store, you’ll see any upcoming events on the app’s main screen when you scroll down. Many times these events come with freebies. If you don’t see any events, there may not be any coming up.

For example, take your child to Target’s LEGO Star Wars Scavenger Hunt where they can get a free poster and you’ll score a LEGO coupon to use later.


5. Use your Amazon app to keep Target honest.

When I’m shopping at Target, I scan items with both my Target app and Amazon app. The Target service desk will price match identical items if they are fulfilled by Amazon for a cheaper price.



6. Check out four times faster by scanning your app’s “Wallet” barcode.

First, add a “Wallet” payment method (yes, you can add your REDCard) in the Wallet section of the app (it’ll be in the bottom center of your screen).

Then, when you’re checking out and all your items have been scanned, go ahead and scan your digital or paper coupons first, and then scan the “Wallet” barcode in your Target app. Your Cartwheel offers will be applied, as well as your payment!

Target claims this method was four times faster than a traditional checkout. I have to admit, it was pretty handy and quick!


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6 Ways to Use Target's New App to Save All the Money