The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is coming, you guys! Before we tell you what to buy (and what to skip!) online and in store, there are a few rules you should know:

  • When is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale happening? We predict the sale will start December 26, 2020, but read on to learn how to get early access!
  • How long will the sale last? The sale lasts about two weeks and new items are added daily.
  • The best selection is still the first few days, so buy now and ask for price adjustments later — we’ll tell you how below!


1. Wait for a “25% off one clearance item” Victoria’s Secret coupon code.

In past years we’ve seen Victoria’s Secret drop a 25% off one clearance item smack in the middle of the sale. If you’ve been eyeballing that Body by Victoria bra, but it just isn’t cheap enough yet, then this is your chance. VS doesn’t usually allow for percent-off promo codes with clearance, so this is a great deal.

TIP: Follow the Krazy Coupon Lady Victoria’s Secret deals page and we’ll let you know the second promo codes like this one drop.


2. Plan to save at least 62% on push-up bras during Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

If a little extra lift is your thing then hold out until push-up bras are priced at $14.99. This clearance price is 62% less than the typical $39.50 price tag, and likely the lowest that they’ll be marked.

Pro tip: Don’t buy if it doesn’t fit. If you don’t want to wade through the chaos to try bras on, then don’t remove the tags and save your receipt so that you can try them on at home.


3. Don’t pay more than $3.99 for Shorties, Bikini Panties or No-Frills Thongs.

Trust me, they’ll get down to that price pretty quickly if not right away. Keep in mind that Victoria’s Secret runs a 7/$30 panty sale every two to three months or so, which makes all of these staples a little over $4.00 each without the semi-annual sale. And panties are on sale all year — most of the time when you hit the sale tab on the website you can find them for $4.99. Don’t get caught up in the semi-annual chaos and overpay!


4. During Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, plan to pay $5.99 for Cheekini Panties or lace thongs.

These panties run $16.50 – $18.50, regular price. They’ll likely hit $7.99 first but will drop to $5.99 if you wait it out.


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5. Plan to save 58% – 72% on Victoria’s Secret Sport activewear leggings.

Confession: These activewear leggings are some of my favorites to wear to the gym (or when I want people to think I’ve been to the gym), but I hate paying $60.00 – $90.00 for them! You can expect most to drop between $24.99 and $29.99 during the sale, with a select few dipping to the $19.99 mark.



6. Hold on to your receipt for two weeks — if the price drops you can get a price adjustment!

Most of the items in Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale will drop in price throughout the two weeks. If you buy something in the beginning and the price drops by the end, then bring in your original receipt and they’ll refund the difference to the form of payment you used when you bought your item. You can do this with in-store and online purchases!


7. Snag Victoria’s Secret activewear workout tanks for at least 59% off.

Most of the Victoria’s Secret Sport tanks will drop to $9.99 during the sale, though we’ve seen a few go down to $7.99. Most tanks are regularly priced $24.50-29.50, so you’ll be getting at least 59% off.


8. Plan to save at least 58% on Victoria’s Secret PINK apparel.

In past years we’ve seen the Campus Pullover drop from $59.95 to $24.99 at the beginning of the sale. Keep in mind that prices will likely decrease over the course of the sale, but you might need to snag your size in the beginning and ask for a price adjustment later.


9. Don’t pay more than $24.99 for lingerie during Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

You may get lucky and find some pieces priced lower — around $19.99 — but we can tell you that you definitely shouldn’t pay more than the $24.99 mark. If it’s priced more and you can’t live without it, you can always buy the lingerie and hope it goes down within two weeks so you can request a price adjustment.


10. Stock up on Victoria’s Secret Swim items when they hit $9.99.

The Victoria’s Secret Swim line starts at $25.00 and climbs (way) up to over $200.00. While we doubt you’ll land one of the $200.00+ items for $9.99, we do often see items that were originally $50.00 or less marked down to $9.99. We don’t usually see it go less, though — so if you love them, then buy them.


11. Plan to spend around $4.99 for Victoria’s Secret body lotions, body mists and other beauty staples — but stock up if they hit $3.99!

Lotions, body mists and other select beauty is traditionally marked down to $4.99, but we sometimes see them hit the $3.99 mark towards the end of the sale.

These retail at $18.00 apiece, so grab a few and stay hydrated until the next semi-annual sale.



12. Watch for BOGO and “5/$15” promos during the sale.

In past years we’ve seen BOGO bralettes and “5/$15 clearance panty” promos right in the middle of the semi-annual sale. This is a great way to get an even deeper discount.


13. Wait for the Victoria’s Secret winter semi-annual sale to buy satin PJ sets.

They’ll likely hit the same price point in both sales — around $29.50 — but you’ll have a much wider variety coming out of Christmas than you will in June.


14. Set Victoria’s Secret as a “favorite” store on the Krazy Coupon Lady app to get push notifications.

This will ensure you get the most up-to-date deals!

From the app homepage, go to “Stores” then scroll down to Victoria’s Secret. Tap the star and you’re good to go! We’ll alert you when the deals start and when they are just too hot to pass up.


15. Sign up for the Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card to get early access to the sale starting June 1st — but only if you can pay it off immediately.

You’ll get some sweet perks — like shopping the semi-annual sale a day early and free shipping every time you buy a bra, but you’ll pay almost 27% interest, so don’t do it if you think you’ll carry a balance.


16. Buy a discounted gift card from Raise before the sale to rack up more savings.

You can save about 5% on Victoria’s Secret gift cards at Raise. This is a great plan for giving yourself a semi-annual budget — buy a gift card for a specific amount and don’t spend a penny more than what’s on it! Plus you’ll make your dollar stretch even further with the discount gift card from Raise! Winning.


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16 Best Things to Buy at Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale 2020