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In case you missed it, over 200 more Bed Bath & Beyond stores are closing across the U.S., and the liquidation sales have officially started at those locations. At my local store in southern New Jersey, everything in the entire store is 30 – 50% off; however, no coupons are accepted unless you are a BBB Welcome Rewards+ member, and all purchases are final. Thirty percent off isn’t a stellar sale (yet), since we’re all used to getting 20% off at BBB with their trusted paper coupons, so the 40% off sales — and the deeper discounts to come — are where the best deals can be found. It’s important to remember that if you’re a BBB Welcome Rewards+ member, you CAN use your 20% discount on top of the liquidation prices, which is a huge savings factor. More on that below!

Here’s everything to know about the Bed Bath & Beyond liquidation sales, how to get the best deals, and what I found out.

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1. Every morning, Bed Bath & Beyond employees find out via email what the liquidation discount(s) will be for the day, and new markdowns happen every Wednesday.

Some duvets on sale for 50% off at Bed Bath and Beyond liquidation sale

Employees told me that it’s a complete guessing game when it comes to knowing what will be discounted to 40 – 50% off next in their store. They get an email the night before or the day they arrive to work and start discounting the items as soon as they’re told. Right now, certain items are 40% and 50% off, but you could see discounts up to 70% off by the end of their liquidation sales. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that will be, as it varies by location, and of course, we can’t predict what products will be left on the shelves.

Right now, the items that are 50% off at my store are curtains, duvet covers, and window hardware. They were 40% off first and then 50% off a week later.

The store manager told me that based on the liquidation sales so far, the new markdowns happen every Wednesday morning, so that would be your best day to check for the newest discounts. It’s unclear each Wednesday if items will go 5% off from before or 10% off, and that will vary by store.

I heard talk that midwest BBB liquidation stores in the final days went to a “fill your bag” for $10 before stores officially closed, and that’s a sale that I definitely hope to see here in New Jersey in the coming weeks. So far that’s not happening.


2. Christmas is 50% off during the liquidation sale, with ornaments under $2.

christmas decor clearance at closing bed bath and beyond store

I spotted the best deals in the Christmas section, where everything is 50% off now. I saw ornaments and tree toppers discounted as well as lights and figurines. Of course, if you’re on the hunt for Christmas clearance at the moment, head over to Michaels too, where their $10 grab bags are full of their leftover holiday items. One KCL staffer got $267 worth of Christmas clearance in her $10 box. And at this time of the year, remember that Christmas clearance should ideally be 75% – 90%, as that’s where the real savings is.

Here’s the BBB Christmas clearance sales I found:


Large Paper Ornaments, reg. $10, now $5

christmas ornaments clearance at closing bed bath and beyond store


Bee & Willow Gold Reindeer Decor, reg. $12, now $6

christmas gold reindeer decor clearance at closing bed bath and beyond store


Woven Star Tree Topper, reg. $20, down to $10

christmas star tree topper clearance at closing bed bath and beyond store


Rainbow Sprinkle Ball Christmas Ornament, reg. $4, down to $2

christmas ornaments clearance at closing bed bath and beyond store

A week later, many of these Christmas items were picked through, but there were still some leftover.


3. Curtains and window coverings have hit 50% off.

The window coverings section of Bed Bath and Beyond with a 50% off sale sign

At my store, the only items that hit 40- 50% off were the window coverings and curtain panels, with prices hitting below $15 – 20 depending on the style and price.


4. Everything else is 30% off right now, including cookware, storage items, comforter sets, clocks, down comforters, tumblers, and kids’ blankets.

A section in Bed Bath and Beyond where everything is marked as 30% off for the liquidation sale

When I first went to my store and items were 25% off, I did see a lot of hot deals on planters and Le Creuset Dutch ovens. Unfortunately, those sold out by the time the next discount started. Now at 30% off, there are some great deals to shop. If you’re unsure what your BBB liquidation sale is down to, save the gas; every Wednesday morning, call your store before you head over to ask what the new sale is.


Ugg down full/queen comforter, reg. $91.99, down to $64.39

Some UGG bedding hanging on a wall display with a sale sign at Bed Bath & Beyond


Corkcircle tumblers, reg. $48.99, down to $34.99

Corkcicle tumblers on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


Cookware, reg. $19.99, down to $14

Cookware on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


Keurig K-Cafe Smart, reg. $249, down to $174

Keurig K Cafes on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


Crux Air Fryer, reg. $99, down to $69.99

A Crux air fryer on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


10 Non-Slip Slim Hangers, reg. $35, down to $24.50

No slip hangers on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


Minions 2-piece comforter set, reg. $39.99, down to $27.99

Minion bedding sets on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond


6. Always check competitor prices to ensure you are getting the best deal — yes, even during Bed Bath & Beyond’s liquidation sale.

A section in a closing Bed Bath and Beyond store with store closing signs and sale signs

Sure, the signage and discount prices blasting in your face may convince you that you’re getting a deal, but liquidation sales are not always the best final price. Before you purchase your item, be sure to check competitor sites or the Amazon app to double check that you’re actually getting a good price on it.


7. Confirmed: Bed Bath & Beyond Welcome Rewards+ members can use their 20% discount on top of the liquidation prices.

bed bath and beyond store closing interior windows with sale signage

If you’re a BBB Welcome Rewards+ member ($29/year), you can stack your 20% off discount on top of all the liquidation discounts, which means A LOT of savings, especially when items hit over 60% off or even 90% off. Another Krazy Coupon Lady staffer in Michigan said one customer was talking about another location offering 90% off already.

Depending on your closing location, new merchandise is coming in every day, so it’s worth checking every day, especially if you’re a Rewards+ member and can stack your discounts.

By the way, you could get a KRAZY deal and pay $29 now to be a BBB Welcome Rewards+ member and then use your new membership to stack these deals. For example, I got a 3-Piece Nestwell Queen-Size Duvet Cover Set for 40% off, and then used my new 20% member discount to get the duvet cover set for $57.60, a savings of $62.40. Combine that with everything else I bought and I saved $325.51 on the regular price total of $800.85. Totally worth signing up for!


8. Use your BBB gift cards or store credit at Bed Bath & Beyond Liquidation sales.

Storage items on a shelf with a sale sign at Bed Bath and Beyond

Yep, you can use them up. A rep told us there’s no word on whether they’ll stop taking them as payment for liquidations purchases at some point. However, you can always use them online at BedBathAndBeyond.com, because there, it’s business as usual.


9. Looking to organize your garage or basement, or have your own small business? Consider shopping the fixtures for sale, ladders, and other retail items before they’re gone.

A wall display of fixtures available to purchase from the Bed Bath and Beyond liquidation sale

When BBB stores are liquidating and closing, they sell a lot of their fixtures and office supplies for dirt cheap. When I walked in, I spotted a wall with items for sale, including a floating table for $40, a fridge for $150, shelving for $100, bins for $100, shopping carts for $100, lockers for $60, filing cabinets for $30, office chairs for $25, an office desk for $50, and other various office supplies. It’s worth taking a look for some final sale items.


Over 200 Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Are Closing — Here's How to Get the Best Deals