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Here's How You Can Buy Target & Walmart's Leftovers for Cheap

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If you’ve never stepped foot in a liquidation sales store or discount retail store (think Dirt Cheap, Bargain Hunt, or Ollie’s Bargain Outlet), let me paint a picture for you: it’s a glimpse of over-consumerism at the max. It’s an overflow of inventory and deeply discounted deals on stuff you’re used to paying full price for at Walmart, Target, or Costco. In short, it’s a bargain-hunter’s paradise. That is, if your idea of Shangri-la is endless bins and racks to sort through.

All over the U.S., I’m seeing these discount retail stores pop up, including Target salvage stores and liquidation sales. With many retailers closing up shop, like Bed Bath & Beyond’s liquidation sales at 200 stores, there’s a lot that’s ripe for the picking.

But what is a discount retail store, exactly? In simple terms, it’s a store that sells brand-name merchandise for 30 – 90% off after it purchases overstocks, store returns, out-of-season goods, or extra inventory a big-box store no longer needs. But I’m going to get into more about what this means for you, the shopper, below.

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Discount retail stores are a frenetic shopping experience.

When you enter one of these discount retail stores, there’s a hoopla of deeply discounted items waiting for you. That was my personal experience at a new discount department store in central New Jersey. It’s called Turn7, and the store can be defined as “everything must go.” And they’ll make sure they do just that by liquidating the items they have until they’re going, going, gone.

My store gets the name Turn7 because the goal is to get every single item “turned over” or sold within seven days. At least this is what store manager Damon Rappe tells me of this “recession proof” retailer. Each item automatically gets discounted 30% off its retail price the second it hits the sales floor. Then it gets discounted every single day it remains available in hopes that it eventually attracts a buyer.

And new inventory comes in on the reg — we’re talking 28 pallet trucks every day but Sundays.

“The only way to sustain a business is to keep customers seeing something different every day,” Rappe explains. “So we get the goods to sell, and in seven days, the store looks totally different.”

Turn7 is situated in a once-shuttered department store space within a mall. The second floor is vacant, but plenty of boxes sit on the escalator stairs and beyond, waiting to be sorted. I talked to customers, cashiers, and Rappe to get all the tips for deal hunting at discount retail stores. Here’s what I found out.


1. Be ready to dig through GIANT bins for the best deals.

A child looking through a bin with a sign that says "now 3/$5" in a Turn7 store

At Turn7, the store sells merchandise from a variety of retailers, including Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and more. Basically, they have thousands of items to sell, if not hundreds of thousands. Don’t expect to come in on a whim, find the good stuff, and be back in your car within 30 minutes. Here you have to sort through huge bins to find what you’re looking for. Sale signs are also hard to spot since inventory changes quickly, so many bins are labeled differently, as the sale might’ve changed. For example, some bins at Turn7 were 5 for $1, but then another bin was 3 for $5. Ask an associate what the sale is before you dig in.


2. Go often for the good stuff.

Huge bins full of discounted items inside a Turn7 store

One lesson I learned: you really do need to commit to frequent visits if you want to find the diamonds. We’re talking $5 Tide Pods, $3 for a 12-pack of toilet paper, or a 60-diaper pack for $10. “That’s all gone in one day,” a cashier confirmed.

The cheap home essentials go quick, too. So try to get to your discount store early to spot those rare finds.


3. Don’t ignore the home goods section.

A lamp on a table with a $50 price tag at Turn7

“Everyone rushes to electronics, footwear, and apparel,” Rappe explains. “The home goods section is the most overlooked.”

That surprises him, since this is the section where you can find framed art for under $20 and even Studio McGee items for nearly 75% off. I spotted a lamp that my sister paid full price for at Target ($83.99), marked down to just $50 at Turn7.

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4. The resellers get there early, so get in line if you don’t want to miss out.

Turn7 store front entrance and hours sign posted on the window

About 20 resellers line up outside the store every delivery day. They arrive an hour before the store opens at 11 a.m. Once open, it’s a beeline for a section near the cashiers where the top of the top items are displayed. Nothing was left when I visited Turn7 on a Sunday, but shoppers have found unopened MacBooks, iPhones, PS5 consoles, and other high-end electronics for over 50% off. If you’re looking for those big ticket items, don’t sleep on the days when a new delivery comes in (which, again, is every day but Sundays!).


5. Make friends with the store associates.

A person digging through a bin at a Turn7 store

Rappe confirms that if he has someone call him or DM him after seeing an item posted on TikTok or Instagram, he’ll save it for them. This is particularly true if they’re driving hours from another state or city. The workers are also happy to share their own deal hunting secrets, favorite finds, and the best sections, so be friendly. Ask for tips at your local store to get the inside info.


6. Look for the deals under $1 — that’s where the savings are at.

A bin with bras in it with a sign that says "Blow out sale. Loose bras $1 at register

I saw a lot of amazing deals at my store, but the biggest crowds surround the $1 bins, especially when they hold $1 underwear and bras. I spotted bras from Old Navy, Target, and Kohl’s. Remember that there are no coupons accepted and no returns at most discount retail stores, including Turn7. Be mindful of that when purchasing.


7. Stock up on toys for birthday gifts, holidays, and more.

Toys on a table in Turn7 store

From $15 OG Dolls (the American Girl doll alternative that Target sells for $30) to Yoda dolls for $15, I spotted SO many tables of toys, games, backyard games, and craft kits. Really, the toys I saw made me instantly regret anything I paid full-price for during birthdays or Christmases. This year I plan on doing all my gifting and holiday shopping at Turn7, where the true deals are.


8. Make sure all items are still worth it.

An Our Generation toy Hot Chocolate stand with pieces missing

Don’t be blinded by the thrill of it all and get a product that’s missing pieces, damaged, or just not worth your money. For example, I spotted the OG Hot Chocolate stand that retails for $55 at Target down to $20 at Turn7. BUT at a closer look, the 26 pieces and accessories were completely missing! So it’s important to make sure the product looks complete. Compare it with product listings on store sites if you really want to be thorough about your finds.


9. Look for the off-season items — that’s where the prices really drop.

Holiday hot cocoa sets stocked on a shelf with a sign advertising them as $3 each or 2 for $5 at Turn7

Yes, my store had great deals on Target Easter egg dyeing kits and spring inventory when I went in early March. However, the real deals were on the off-season items: think Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Those deals were over 90% marked down, from holiday hot cocoa mix gift sets down to 2 for $5, to slashed down Valentine’s Day crafts sold at Target and Michaels. I’d advise stocking up on those off-season finds. Hide them away in your attic or closet, then whip them out when the holiday arrives in a few short months.


Here were a few of my top finds:

Member’s Mark Faux Mohair Throw 60×70 ($15), sold at Sam’s Club for $30

Some Member's Mark faux mohair throw blankets priced at $15 in a Turn7 store

Spritz Complete Egg Decorating Kit (2/$1), sold at Target for $3 each

Someone holding a Spritz complete egg decorating kit inside a Turn7 store

Cat & Jack Sequined Backpack ($7), sold at Target for $18

A sparkly Cat & Jack backpack with a price tag of $7 at Turn7

Easter Window Gel Clings (5/$1), sold for $1 at Target

Someone holding a bunch of Easter bunny window clings at Turn7

Adidas sweatshirt ($19.97), retailer unknown, original price tag of $70

An Adidas hoodie with a price tag for $19.97

Pillowfort bins ($7), sold at Target for $15 – $25

Pillowfort bins from Target with a $7 price tag at Turn7 store

Character Umbrellas, retailer unknown ($1)

Umbrellas marked as $1 each in a bin at Turn7

Small Plants (2/$5), sold at Target for $5 each

Some plants on a table with a sign that promotes them to be 2 for $5 at Turn7

Sneakers, assorted styles ($5)

Sneakers marked $10 next to a sign saying they are 50% off

Rain Boots ($5)

Some rain boots on a table with a 50% off sign

Cat & Jack flip-flops ($1.50), sold at Target for $9.99

Someone holding a pair of kids flip flops

Threshold table throw 50×50 ($1), usually sold in the $20 range

Someone holding a Threshold table throw cover in front of the $1 bin at Turn7

Frida mom cooling cushion ($20), sold on Amazon for $39.99

Someone holding a Frida Mom cooling cushion with a $20 price tag at Turn7

Studio McGee rug ($5), sold at Target for $22.49 under the Raj brand

A Studio McGee rug on the floor in a Turn7 store

Tripod Floor Lamp Natural – Threshold ($50), sold at Target for $100

Tripod floor lamps in their boxes stacked at a Turn7 store

Studio McGee – Threshold candle ($5), sold at Target for $15

Someone holding a candle in a Turn7 store

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