You don’t have to wonder whether Costco really does have the best prices, because we’ve already done the math for you on these 100 popular items. Each item on the list has the best price per unit when compared with local grocers — without any coupons taken into account!

So, if you’re a non-couponing Costco lover, rest assured that these are truly the best-priced items — but remember that exact savings may vary depending on your location!


Household and Cleaning Supplies

1. Scoop Away Cat Litter, $0.29/oz (Walmart, $0.38/oz)
2. Tide Pods, $0.22/load (Target, $0.25/load)
3. Tissues, $0.01/tissue (Walmart, $0.02/tissue)
4. Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags, $0.10/bag (Target, $0.12/bag)
5. Ziploc Sandwich Bags, $0.02/bag (Walmart, $0.04/bag)
6. Kirkland Brand Toilet Paper, $0.01/sq ft (Walmart Great Value brand, $0.03/sq ft)
7. Lysol Disinfectant Spray, $0.24/oz (Walmart, $0.26/oz)
8. Clorox Wipes, $0.04/each (Walmart, $0.05/each)
9. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Actionpacs, $0.21/each (Walmart, $0.22/each)
10. Dixie Cups, 3 oz. size, $0.01/cup (Target, $0.02/cup)
11. Napkins, less than $0.01/each (Walmart, $0.01/each)



12. Red Bull 12 oz cans, $2.33/can (Walmart, $2.88/can)
13. Tully’s K-Cup Coffee Pods, $0.48/cup (Walmart, $0.75/cup)
14. Peet’s K-Cup Coffee Pods, $0.58/cup (Walmart, $0.67/cup)
15. Organic Chocolate Milk, $0.10/oz (Walmart, $0.17/oz)
16. Tropicana Orange Juice, $0.05/oz (Walmart, $0.07/oz)
17. Folgers Coffee, $0.23/oz (Walmart, $0.24/oz)
18. Gatorade, $0.03/oz (Walmart, $0.04/oz)



19. Sheet Cake 9×13, $9.49/cake (Walmart, $18.00/cake)
20. Muffins, $0.67/each (Walmart, $0.99/each)
21. Croissants, $0.50/each (Walmart, $0.66/each)


Snacks and Candy

22. Hershey’s Nuggets, $0.27/oz (Walmart, $0.97/oz)
23. KIND Bars, $0.62/each (Walmart, $1.24/each)
24. Hershey’s Kisses, $0.26/oz (Walmart, $0.66/oz)
25. Organic Fruit Snacks: $0.23/pack (Walmart, $0.62/pack)
26. Dole Diced Peach Bowls, $0.66/each (Walmart, $0.97/each)
27. Stretch Island Fruit Strips, $0.22/each (Walmart, $0.44/each)
28. Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars, Fruit & Nut, $0.31/each (Walmart, $0.50/each)
29. Wheat Thins, $0.21/oz (Walmart ($0.38/oz)
30. Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars, $0.53/each (Walmart, $0.68/each)
31. Snyder’s of Hanover Snaps Pretzels, $0.13/oz (Walmart, $0.21/oz)
32. Nabisco Variety Snack Pack, $0.30/pack (Walmart, $0.36/pack)
33. Famous Amos Chocolate Snack Packs, $0.35/pack (Walmart, $0.40/pack)
34. Cheezit Crackers, $0.19/oz (Target, $0.22/oz)
35. Frito Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack, $0.28/pack (Walmart, $0.31/pack)




36. Strawberries, $3.00/lb (Walmart, $3.68/lb)
37. Organic Spinach, $0.25/oz (Walmart, $0.69/oz)
38. Baby Carrots, $1.06/lb (Walmart, $1.36/lb)
39. Blackberries, $4.44/lb (Walmart, $4.74/lb)
40. Bananas, $0.46/lb (Walmart, $0.52/lb)
41. Grapes, $2.25/lb (Walmart, $2.28/lb)



42. Organic Chicken Breast, $2.99/lb (Walmart, $7.44/lb)
43. Spiral Sliced Ham, $1.99/lb (Walmart, $4.18/lb)
44. Brats, $2.51/lb (Walmart, $3.21/lb)
45. Rotisserie Chicken, $1.66/lb (Walmart, $2.40/lb)
46. Cheddar Cheese, $0.15/oz (Walmart, $0.25/oz)
47. String Cheese, $0.17/each (Walmart, $0.24/each)



48. Butter, $2.49/lb (Walmart, $2.98/lb)


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49. Similac Pro-Advance Formula, $1.03/oz (Walmart, $1.25/oz)
50. Applesauce Squeeze Pouch, $0.32/each (Walmart, $0.50/each)
51. GoodNites Training Pants, $0.47/each (Walmart, $0.57/each)
52. Plum Organics, $0.36/oz (Walmart, $0.38/oz)
53. Diapers, Kirkland $0.21/diaper (Walmart Huggies, $0.23/diaper) Based on size 3 diaper prices.
54. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, $0.01/each (Walmart, $0.02/each)


Pre-Packaged or Canned

55. Pure Vanilla Extract, $0.62/oz (Walmart, $1.84/oz)
56. Almond Flour, $4.33/lb (Walmart, $5.86/lb)
57. Frozen Blueberries, $2.00/lb (Walmart, $2.95/lb)
58. Tollhouse Chocolate Chips, $2.00/lb (Walmart, $2.80/lb)
59. Organic Pine Nuts, $1.15/oz (Walmart, $1.76/oz)
60. Active Dry Yeast, $0.18/oz (Walmart, $0.44/oz)
61. Maple Syrup, $0.32/oz (Walmart, $0.52/oz)
62. Gluten Free Bread, $0.23/oz (Walmart, $0.39/oz)
63. McCormick Taco Seasoning, $0.18/oz (Walmart, $0.33/oz)
64. Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, $0.20/each (Walmart, $0.33/each)
65. Cooking Spray, $0.15/oz (Walmart, $0.27/oz)
66. Heinz Ketchup, $0.06/oz (Walmart, $0.15/oz)
67. Honey, $0.19/oz (Walmart, $0.27/oz)
68. Organic Tomato Sauce, $0.05/oz (Walmart, $0.12/oz)
69. Progresso Soup, $0.07/oz (Walmart, $0.14/oz)
70. Nutella, $0.18/oz (Walmart $0.24/oz)
71. French’s Yellow Mustard, $0.08/oz (Walmart, $0.14/oz)
72. Adam’s 100% Natural Peanut Butter, $0.11/oz (Walmart, $0.16/oz)
73. Honey Nut Cheerios, $0.17/oz (Walmart, $0.22/oz)
74. Organic Coconut Oil, $0.24/oz (Walmart, $0.27/oz)
75. Canned Green Beans, $0.05/oz (Walmart $0.08/oz)
76. Cheerios, $0.17/oz (Walmart, $0.18/oz)




77. Margarita (pre-mixed), $4.91/liter (Walmart, $8.59/liter)
78. Chardonnay Bota Box 3L, $15.79/each (Walmart, $17.97/each)
79. Chateau Ste. Michelle Red Blend Wine 750ML, $11.79/bottle (Walmart, $13.28/bottle)
80. Blue Moon, $0.09/oz (Walmart, $0.12/oz)
81. Corona Beer, $0.08/oz (Walmart, $0.10/oz)
82. Coors Light, $0.05/oz (Walmart, $0.06/oz)


Personal Care

83. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume, $14.70/oz (Walmart, $44.12/oz)
84. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, $1.06/oz (Walmart, $2.19/oz)
85. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, $0.29/oz (Walmart, $0.45/oz)
86. Cetaphil Lotion, $0.56/oz (Walmart, $0.69/oz)
87. Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner combo, $0.34/oz (Walmart $0.45/oz)
88. Tampax Pearl Regular, $0.14/each (Walmart, $0.19/each)
89. Dove Beauty Bar, $1.00/each (Walmart, $1.03/each)
90. Aleve Liquid Gels, $0.12/each (Target, $0.15/each)
91. Advil, $0.05/each (Walmart, $0.08/each)
92. Excedrin Migraine $0.06/each (Walmart, $0.08/each)
93. Always Ultra Thin Pads, $0.17/each (Walmart, $0.18/each)
94. One A Day Women’s Multivitamin, $0.06/each (Walmart, $0.07/each)
95. L’il Critters Gummy Vites, $0.05/each (Walmart, $0.06/each)



96. 1 Year Movie Pass (get one ticket to any movie, any theater, any day): $89.99 (retail value $3,000+)
97. Mobil 1 5W 20 Synthetic Motor Oil, $6.16/qt (Walmart, $7.97/qt)
98. Photo Prints, $0.17/each (Walgreens, $0.23/each)
99. AAA Duracell Batteries, $0.81/each (Walmart, $0.87/each)
100. Construction Paper, $0.01/sheet (Walmart, $0.02/sheet)


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