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You don’t have to wonder whether Costco really does have the best prices because I’ve already done the math for you on these 100 best deals. Each item on the list has the best price per unit when compared with local grocers — without any coupons taken into account!

So, if you’re a non-couponing Costco lover, rest assured that these are truly the best-priced items — but remember that exact savings may vary depending on your location!

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Grab cleaning and household supplies at Costco cheap.

Cart filled with home products at Costco.
  1. Tide Pods, $0.18/load (Target, $0.22/load)
  2. Scoop Away Cat Litter $0.02/ounce (Walmart, $0.03/ounce)
  3. Tissues, $0.01/tissue (Target, $0.02/tissue)
  4. Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags, $0.10/bag (Walmart, $0.15/bag)
  5. Ziploc Sandwich Bags, $0.02/bag (Walmart, $0.03/bag)
  6. Kirkland Brand Toilet Paper, $0.01/square foot (Walmart Great Value, $0.02/square foot)
  7. Downy Unstoppables, $0.49/ounce (Walmart, $0.60)
  8. Kirkland 13-gallon Trash Bags, $0.07/bag (Walmart Great Value, $0.12/bag)
  9. Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs, $0.08/each (Target Fresh Scent Advanced Dishwasher Detergent Packs – Up&Up, $0.20/each)
  10. Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, $0.15/ounce (Walmart, $0.22)
  11. Febreeze Air Freshener, $0.20/ounce (Walmart, $0.28/ounce)


Walmart can’t beat Costco prices on these beverages.

Pike Place Roast Starbucks coffee at Costco.
  1. Starbucks Pike Place K-Cup Coffee Pods, $0.51/cup (Walmart, $0.66/cup)
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup Coffee Pods, $0.51/cup (Walmart, $0.65/cup)
  3. Red Bull 8.4 ounce cans, $1.7/can (Walmart, $1.42/can)
  4. Organic Chocolate Milk, $0.08/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  5. Tropicana Orange Juice, $0.05/ounce (Walmart, $0.06/ounce)
  6. Folgers Coffee, $0.18/ounce (Walmart, $0.21/ounce)
  7. Gatorade, $0.03/ounce (Walmart, $0.04/ounce)
  8. POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, $0.15/ounce (Walmart, $0.22/ounce)
  9. Bai Flavored Water, $0.07/ounce (Walmart, $0.08/ounce)

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Costco prices on bakery goods are a steal.

Blueberry Costco Muffins
  1. Kirkland cheesecake, $0.19/ounce (Walmart Freshness Guaranteed $0.35/ounce)
  2. Muffins, $0.66/each (Walmart, $1.07/each)
  3. Croissants, $0.42/each (Walmart, $0.66/each)


Snatch snacks and candy at Costco and save.

A person holding a box of KIND granola bars.
  1. KIND Bars, $0.95/each (Walmart, $1.19/each)
  2. Hershey’s Nuggets, $0.25/ounce (Walmart, $0.27/ounce)
  3. M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies, $0.17/ounce (Walmart, $0.24/ounce)
  4. Mott’s Fruit Snacks, $0.11/pack (Walmart, $0.22/pack)
  5. Dole Fruit Bowls Mandarin Oranges, $0.45/each (Walmart, $0.55/each)
  6. Pure Organic Fruit Strips, $0.46/each (Walmart, $0.50/each)
  7. Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars, Fruit & Nut, $0.26/each (Walmart, $0.50/each)
  8. Wheat Thins, $0.19/ounce (Walmart ($0.23/ounce)
  9. Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars, $0.30/ounce (Walmart, $0.38/ounce)
  10. Organic Snack Factory Pretzels, $0.24/ounce (Walmart, $0.26/ounce)
  11. Del Monte Bubble Fruit, $0.47/cup (Target, $0.65/cup)
  12. Famous Amos Cookies, Chocolate Chip Snack Packs, $0.35/pack (Target, $0.41/pack)
  13. Cheez-it Crackers, $0.18/ounce (Walmart, $0.34/ounce)
  14. Frito Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack, $0.26/pack (Walmart, $0.36/pack)



Meat specials, like Costco’s rotisserie chicken, are worth the membership fee.

Kirkland Rotisserie Chicken
  1. Brats, $2.42/lb (Walmart, $2.62/lb)
  2. Rotisserie Chicken, $1.66/lb (Walmart, $2.48/lb)


Whip up some savings with Costco’s dairy prices.

Dairy section with Kirkland Butter held at the entrance
  1. Butter, $1.98/lb (Walmart, $2.94/lb)
  2. Kirkland Sharp Cheddar Cheese, $0.1815/ounce (Walmart Great Value Brand, $0.215/ounce)
  3. Organic Cage-Free Eggs $$0.25/each (Walmart, $0.29/each)
  4. Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sticks, $0.27/each (Walmart, $0.31/each)
  5. Kraft American Cheese Slices, $0.15/ounce (Walmart, $0.23/ounce)

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Grab some baby bargains at Costco, like Similac formula for $1 an ounce.

Similac baby formula held in front of a shelf at Costco.
  1. Similac Pro-Advance Formula, $1/ounce (Walmart, $1.25/ounce)
  2. Applesauce Squeeze Pouch, $0.35/each (Walmart, $0.42/each)
  3. PediaSure Grow & Gain, $0.19/ounce (Walmart, $0.23/ounce)


Stock up on Costco pantry essentials without going broke.

Vanilla, maple syrup, and Nutella in a cart at Costco.
  1. Pure Vanilla Extract, $1.50/ounce (Walmart, $1.68/ounce)
  2. Almond Flour, $4/lb (Walmart, $4.56/lb)
  3. Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning, $0.49/ounce (Walmart, $1.24/ounce)
  4. Kirkland Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, $0.12/ounce (Walmart Great Value, $0.15/ounce)
  5. Organic Pine Nuts, $1.25/ounce (Target, $1.42/ounce)
  6. Active Dry Yeast, $0.14/ounce (Walmart, $1.15/ounce)
  7. Maple Syrup, $0.32/ounce (Walmart, $0.44/ounce)
  8. Gluten-Free Bread, $0.22/ounce (Walmart, $0.33/ounce)
  9. Kirkland Sea Salt, $0.09/ounce (Walmart: McCormick Fine Ground Mediterranean Sea Salt $0.35/ounce)
  10. Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, $0.19/each (Walmart, $0.24/each)
  11. Cooking Spray, $0.18/ounce (Walmart, $0.19/ounce)
  12. Red Gold Ketchup, $0.05/ounce (Heinz Ketchup, Walmart, $0.07/ounce)
  13. Honey, $0.23/ounce (Walmart, $0.28/ounce)
  14. Organic Tomato Sauce, $0.04/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  15. Swanson’s Chicken Broth, $0.04/ounce (Walmart, $0.07/ounce)
  16. Nutella, $0.18/ounce (Walmart $0.24/ounce)
  17. French’s Yellow Mustard, $0.08/ounce (Walmart, $0.10/ounce)
  18. Kirkland 100% Natural Peanut Butter, $0.18/ounce (Walmart Great Value, $0.25/ounce)
  19. A-1 Steak Sauce, $0.21 (Walmart, $0.32/ounce)
  20. Organic Coconut Oil, $0.14/ounce (Walmart, $0.18/ounce)
  21. Del Monte Canned Green Beans, $0.05/ounce (Walmart $0.07/ounce)
  22. Kraft Miracle Whip, $0.11 (Walmart, $0.22/ounce)
  23. Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix $0.04/ounce (Walmart, $0.06)
  24. King Arthur All-Purpose Flour $0.03/ounce (Walmart, $0.05/ounce)
  25. Starkist Chunk Light Tuna in Water Pouches $0.32/ounce (Walmart, $0.42/ounce)
  26. Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese boxes $0.10/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  27. Frank’s Original Hot Sauce, $).14/ounce (Walmart, $0.20/ounce)
  28. Hershey’s Simply 5 Chocolate Syrup, $0.09/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  29. Mrs. Dash Original Salt-Free Seasoning Blend, $0.48/ounce (Walmart, $0.55/ounce)
  30. Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $0.14/ounce (Walmart Great Value, $0.16/ounce)
  31. Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix, $0.09/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  32. Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce, $0.33/ounce (Walmart, $0.52/ounce)
  33. Nestle Coffee-Mate Original Coffee Creamer, $0.11/ounce (Walmart, $0.13/ounce)

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Celebrate with Costco’s low, low prices on beer, wine, and spirits.

Kirkland Margarita mix
  1. Margarita (pre-mixed), $1.94/liter (Walmart, $3.26/liter)
  2. Two Hearted Ale, $0.11/ounce (Walmart, $0.12/ounce)
  3. Bota Box RedVolution Red Wine Blend, $0.15/ounce (Walmart, $0.17/ounce)
  4. Heineken, $0.08/ounce (Walmart, $0.09)
  5. Corona Extra Beer, $0.08/ounce (Target, $0.10/ounce)
  6. Oberon American Wheat Ale, $0.10/ounce (Walmart, $0.11/ounce)


Buy health and beauty items at Costco without the high markups.

Dove 4 pack deodorant
  1. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, $1.34/ounce (Walmart, $1.88/ounce)
  2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, $0.37/ounce (Walmart, $0.48/ounce)
  3. Cetaphil Lotion, $0.47/ounce (Walmart, $0.64/ounce)
  4. Tampax Pearl Regular, $0.16/each (Walmart, $0.19/each)
  5. Dove Beauty Bar, $1/each (Walmart, $1.07/each)
  6. Aleve Liquid Gels, $0.12/each (Target, $0.15/each)
  7. Advil, $0.05/each (Walmart, $0.09/each)
  8. Excedrin Migraine $0.06/each (Walmart, $0.09/each)
  9. One A Day Women’s Multivitamin, $0.06/each (Walmart, $0.07/each)
  10. L’il Critters Gummy Vites, $0.04/each (Walmart, $0.06/each)

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Find amazing savings throughout Costco.

4x6 prints being pulled from a costco photo envelop.
  1. Photo Prints, $0.19/each (Walgreens, $0.34/each)
  2. Mobil 1 5W 20 Synthetic Motor Oil, $6.33/quart (Walmart, $6.98/quart)
  3. AAA Duracell Batteries, $0.53/each (Walmart, $0.68/each)
  4. P. F. Chang’s 2/$50 Gift Card for $79.99


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