Black Friday 2020 sales might be over, but we’re still hunting for the best deals on all your wishlist items through the holidays. Bookmark this page and set a phone alert to check back here next year for the best Black Friday Costco tips for 2021.

Below are some of our best Black Friday Costco shopping tips. For live deals, visit our Costco deals page.

While Costco Black Friday isn’t necessarily known to lead the pack when it comes to Black Friday deals, you can still squeeze some value out of the dollars you know you’re gonna throw at Costco this holiday season.

You’ll want to get your hands on as many of the published Costco holiday booklets as possible, because they’re going to be chock-full of best-of-the-year deals. So make your list and use these tips to save money!

Read on for smart shopping tips and check out the top Costco Black Friday deals here.


1. Costco has THREE must-have savings books you’ll want for Black Friday.

There are three Costco holiday savings books that you need to be aware of:

Costco Black Friday Ad (Holiday Savings Book)

In 2019 this leaked on Oct. 30, and deals started Nov. 7. This book has 4 color-coded sections:

  • Green: Valid Nov. 5-19 (Pre-Black Friday)
  • Dark Blue: Valid Nov. 20-Nov. 30 (Black Friday)
  • Light Blue: Valid starting Nov. 26 (Online-only deals Thanksgiving)
  • Red: Valid Nov. 27-Dec. 30 (Post-Black Friday + Costco Cyber Monday)

The Costco Coupon Book

Pay attention to both November and December’s editions. In the past, the last eight pages of November’s coupon book listed deals on electronics, appliances, apparel and more — although those deals ended BEFORE Black Friday.

December’s coupon book leaked on Nov. 15 last year, 10 days before the deals went live on Nov. 25. Those sales ran through Dec. 24.

Costco Holiday Handout Flyer

The Costco Holiday Flyer has leaked! See the Costco ad here.


2. The very best deals are the online-only, one-day Thanksgiving deals.

Costco warehouse stores aren’t open on Thanksgiving Day.

But you should still plan to shop online at any point that day, because Black Friday deals that are available in store will be available on Thanksgiving Thursday!

These deals historically can be found near the back of the Costco Holiday Savings Book with a bright red stripe along the top indicating they’ll be available online Thanksgiving Day.


3. Shop online even if you’re not a Costco member.

It’s true. You don’t have to be a member to shop Costco online. Even on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Costco Cyber Monday.

You might pay a 5% surcharge on items as a non-member, but if you only shop Costco during the holidays, it still may be cheaper than forking out the $60/year membership fee.


4. Don’t worry about coupons — Costco’s “instant savings” are automatic.

The sale price should ring up right there on the spot.



5. Look for deals on Dyson vacuums and electronics like Apple, Chromebook, and TVs.

Last year Costco offered HP Chromebooks for $199.99, which is about the cheapest price you’ll probably find anywhere.

Expect to see Apple iPads and iPods drop to all-time low prices, putting up a serious fight with Amazon and other retailers.

Costco’s TV prices compete with Walmart. Last year, a 50″ TCL dropped $279.99 and a 40″ Vizio dropped to $199.99.

Buy. Your. Dyson. At. Costco. Dyson vacuums aren’t the absolute cheapest ever during Costco Black Friday, but they’re within $20 of the best deal we see, so if you like the convenience of Costco, go for it.


6. Skip gaming consoles, Instant Pot and small kitchen appliances — Kohl’s is a better deal.

Because of the ability to earn loads of Kohl’s Cash, most retailers can’t compete with Kohl’s prices on Xbox, PlayStation, Instant Pot or small kitchen appliances.

You can get an Xbox gaming console for around $189 at Kohl’s during Black Friday, which Costco’s $229 price tag just can’t hold a candle to.

And small kitchen appliances can end up being free (or nearly free) at Kohl’s with rebates.


7. Scan every item on your list with the Amazon app.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the best price available, scan item barcodes with the Amazon app.

You’ll get access to Amazon pricing and you can use that information to decide if a Costco deal is worth the hype.


8. Use CamelCamelCamel to see how low your item’s price gets on Amazon.

If your Costco item passes the Amazon app test, look it up on CamelCamelCamel to see Amazon’s price history for the item.

This will tell you if Amazon ever sells it for less so you can decide for sure if it’s worth buying at Costco now or if you want to wait for it to hit a lower price on Amazon.


9. Save on popular toys like LEGO, American Girl and Disney.

There are tons of Costco holiday toys this time of year which are a great deal. (And they start arriving in warehouses in early September.)

This year, look for LEGO, American Girl and varieties of Disney toys. Instant savings on American Girl are RARE throughout the rest of the year; they run the risk of selling out, so purchase American Girl as soon as it arrives in stores.

Try to shop in-warehouse whenever possible because prices are usually higher online at



10. Redeem Ibotta offers, even for Costco Black Friday sales.

Since you use your receipt to redeem Ibotta offers, it’s not technically a “coupon.”

Which means you can use it at Costco and you can use it on Black Friday.

Ibotta has a ton of cash-back offers for food and alcohol at Costco.


11. Costco Christmas trees go for as low as $32.

Select locations will receive real, fresh Christmas trees around Black Friday. Most Costco locations will have real, fresh Christmas trees by Black Friday, and they don’t last long.

They range from $32-$60 for an 8-foot tree, depending on the type of tree.


12. Best Costco holiday food deals include rolls and pumpkin pie.

I mean. . . what’s not to love?

Pick up a bag (or four) of rolls and a pie (or three) while you’re there. Tell yourself you’re buying so much to freeze for the holidays and then shamelessly eat one of the pies when you get home.


13. Look for discounted gift card deals.

The holiday season is when Costco offers the most discounted gift cards. Grab a few for yourself if you see deals for cards to restaurants you frequent.

In addition to popular restaurants, we often see movie theater gift cards and Disney gift cards this time of year.


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