After Christmas sales are a big-box retailer’s last chance to shove everything that’s red and green or merry and bright off the shelves to make room for Valentine’s Day merch.

Since inventory has been really low in 2020 due to the pandemic, and because Black Friday for the most part started in October, your best strategy is to get on these sales immediately after Christmas, as things will already be picked over by then. I’m thinking we will see the mark downs a few days before Christmas, so be sure to stay on the KCL app to spot the trends.

If you can snatch up a few of these items as they’re on the way out, you’ll save a lot of money, best case scenario up to 90%. Best part? It’s not all Christmas themed — not by a long shot! You’ll find toys, makeup and more for a hefty discount and these make A+ gifts to give all year long!

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1. Get the best selection of Walmart after-Christmas sales on Dec. 26.

Christmas decorations notoriously drop to 75% off at Walmart right after Christmas. You don’t have to wait two weeks for this steep of a discount, which is nice. I’m thinking Walmart might be my first stop after Christmas this year.

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2. Buy Christmas decor clearance at Target when it reaches 90% off.

Wrapping paper, decorations and holiday trees typically hit 90% off in the weeks following Christmas at Target.

Honestly, I don’t know if we have weeks this year, as Target’s inventory has been lower than it is normally. If you have your heart set on something in particular, be sure to grab it right after Christmas even though the sales are closer to only 50% off. If you try to wait until prices drop to 90% off, brace yourself for slim-to-no pickings.

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3. The best after-Christmas sales at Kohl’s feature winter apparel for 70% off.

Kohl’s starts discounting winter apparel in January to make room for spring merchandise.

Stock up on winter jackets and accessories for next year so you’re not paying full price next fall! Be sure to size up if you’re buying for your kids. See all Kohl’s Deals.


4. Shop Ulta’s day after Christmas sale to get makeup gift sets for 50% off.

By the time Dec. 26 rolls around, Ulta is itching to get rid of all the holiday-themed gift sets on their shelves, so you can expect to see deep discounts.. For example, last year Ulta offered 50% off Urban Decay holiday kits.

Plus, Ulta always puts out some type of post-Christmas coupon. Whether it’s 20% off, $5 off a $10 purchase or $3.50 off a $15 purchase, you can pretty much plan on it.

Break up beauty sets for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and graduation gifts.

Also watch for Ulta’s Jumbo Love sale right after Christmas. This is the best time of year to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. You can get the one liter bottles for up to 60% off.

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5. Sell your unwanted gift cards and buy discounted ones for stores you actually shop.

Sell gift cards you don’t want at — and then turn around and get a discount when you buy the gift cards you do want.

After Christmas is a primo time to not only sell your unwanted gift cards but to find gift cards for stores that might be in higher demand the rest of the year. Plan to save 5-15% on gift cards to stores and restaurants this way.


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6. Wait for the Target after-Christmas toy sale to save up to 70%.

Every year, I see 70% off toys in January at the Target Semi-Annual Toy Clearance sale. Watch for savings on everything from Disney toys to Hatchimals. Typically this sale starts mid-January, but in 2020, it began on New Year’s Day!

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7. Grab Christmas candy for up to 75% off at drugstores.

In 2019, Rite Aid offered up to 75% off Christmas candy like Russell Stover, Reese’s, Dove and Pot of Gold chocolates.

CVS and Walgreens offered up to 50% off Christmas candy like Starburst candy canes and Hershey’s Miniatures (CVS) and Ghirardelli and Lindor chocolates (Walgreens).

Needless to say, drugstores are the place to go for cheap candy after Christmas Day!


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