It’s hard to know if items are cheaper at the front of the store (it’s called Bullseye’s Playground, but it’s often known as the “Dollar Spot”) when compared to what they cost in other departments at Target.

So I wanted to compare a few items to determine the best savings you can get from the Dollar Spot. I found these five items always come out pretty far ahead of their “other department” counterparts.


1. Buy headphones for $5.00 instead of $19.99.

Grab a pair of headphones for $5.00 at Bullseye’s Playground and you’ll save up to 80% when compared to a cheap pair of headphones in the Electronics Department.

  • Dollar Spot headphones: $5.00
  • Philips headphones: $19.99


2. Buy iPhone cases for $5.00 instead of $14.99.

Save yourself 67% and you won’t even feel bad if it breaks when you drop it. In fact, you could drop your phone and replace it with Dollar Spot cases three times for the price of the cheapest iPhone case sold in the Electronics Department.

  • Dollar Spot iPhone cases: $5.00
  • End Scene iPhone cases: $14.99


3. Buy USB cables for $5.00 instead of $19.99.

Save 75% when you skip the Electronics Department and go with the USB cables at the front of the store.

  • Dollar Spot USB cables: $5.00
  • Belkin USB cables: $19.99



4. Buy paper straws for $1.00 instead of $3.00.

Paper straws come out to about $0.08 each when you grab a pack at the Dollar Spot. If you shop the Party section over by the office supplies at Target, you’ll pay $0.15 each.

  • Dollar Spot paper straws: $1.00 ($0.08 each)
  • Spritz paper straws: $3.00 ($0.15 each)


5. Buy sidewalk chalk for $1.00 instead of $3.99.

Sidewalk chalk runs about $0.08 each piece when you buy it at Bullseye’s Playground. Compare this to $0.20 each piece when you go with the chalk sold in the Toy Department.

  • Dollar Spot sidewalk chalk: $1.00 ($0.08 each)
  • Yoobi sidewalk chalk: $3.99 ($0.20 each)


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5 Items You Should Always Buy at Target's Dollar Spot