If you’re looking for a good time, head to Target, grab a Starbucks, and start strolling through Target Bullseye’s Playground — aka Target Dollar Spot. This is where I find all sorts of things I don’t need but really, really want. It’s basically the Target dollar section. The Target Dollar Spot is located in the front of the store and has deals that would make Dollar Tree blush. Prices range from $1 to $5.

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The Target Dollar Spot is restocked daily and seasonally.

The Target Dollar Spot is restocked daily with backstock and it’s seasonally refreshed multiple times per year. You can count on finding holiday-themed, back-to-school, and fun items.

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Find items for the whole house in the Target Dollar Spot.

In the Target Dollar Spot, you’ll find electronics, home decor, coffee mugs, candles, faux plants, textiles, party supplies, and more.

Toys & Activities

If you need party favors, games, bubbles, or just things to waste your money on, you’ll find them in the Target Dollar Spot. This is where I like to find little trinkets for the prize box at my kids’ school too.

Educational & Learning Items

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent trying to keep the kids organized and educated at home, Target Dollar Spot has tons of items, from magnetic numbers and letters, activity books, and dry erase pockets, to bulletin board decor and storage bins. They come in lots of enriching colors that your students will love. And they’re cheap!

Home Decor

Don’t be surprised if you walk through my house and find half of the Target Dollar Spot home decor throughout it. There are multiple fun-themed candles, dish towels, pillows, reversible signs, and fake greenery.

You can purchase Target Dollar Spot items online.

Yup — you can definitely buy Target Dollar Spot items online, but not all of the items you’ll find in the store will be available online. And you won’t get to buy just one item for $1 or whatever the price is in the store. The items available online come in larger quantities. For example, in stores you’ll find a bundle of three fake tulips for $3, but online you’ll have to buy four bundles for a total of $12.

Target Dollar Spot clearance happens seasonally.

When the Target Dollar Spot is about to have a refresh due to changing seasons or holidays, they’ll mark items down on clearance. Markdowns will start between 30% – 50% and can reach up to 90% (if items last that long).

For tips and tricks on clearance shopping, check out our guide to Target clearance here.



Here are the most recent Target Dollar Spot finds:

Sunglasses $1-$3

Fourth of July Gnomes $3

Ceramic Animal Pots $3

Boxwood Greenery $3

Small Candle $3

Leaf Serving Platter $5

Metal Mail Envelope $5

Woven Candle Decor $5

Woven Basket $5

Garden Kneeler $5

Garden Gift Set $5



“No Adults Allowed” Double-Sided Sign $5

Plastic Toy Wheelbarrow $5

“To the Pool” Sign $5

Kids’ Beach Towel $5

“Just Breathe” Round Wall Decor 2-Pack $5

Glass Water Bottle $5

Electric Facial Cleansing Brush $5



“Every Hour Is Happy Hour” Sign $5

“Welcome Friends” Sign $5

Star Decorative Pillow $5

Star Berry Decor $5

Dish Towels 2-Count $5

Metal Decor Cup $5

Metal Lantern $5


Check your Target store today for these finds and more.

How to Shop at the Target Dollar Spot