Next time you’re shopping Kohl’s, you could save an average of 60% (sometimes more!), thanks to Kohl’s coupons and these savings tips and tricks.

In fact, you’ll be a Kohl’s shopping pro once you learn everything you ever wanted to know about Kohl’s Cash, how to get the very best deals, and the best (and worst) things to buy at Kohl’s.

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1. Spend $50 — to get $10 in Kohl’s Cash.

During Kohl’s Cash earning periods, you can receive $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. It used to be, according to official Kohl’s store policy, as long as your order was over $48 you’d still earn the $10 Kohl’s Cash. But, that has since changed and Kohl’s is being firm on that $50, because, you guessed it, COVID-19. Remember, you must reach $50 after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax.


2. Use expired Kohl’s Cash for up to 10 days.

Even though it doesn’t spell it out on the Kohl’s website, you absolutely can use expired Kohl’s Cash in store or online for up to 10 days from the date of expiration. When in store, give the Kohl’s Cash to the associate to apply it to your order.

If you’re shopping online, find the item you want to buy on, then place your order over the phone by calling 1-855-564-5705. The Kohl’s phone associate will apply your expired Kohl’s Cash to your order.

TIP: If for some reason the in-store associate won’t accept your expired Kohl’s Cash, just call the number above and place an order from home. Many in-store associates are unaware that they can accept Kohl’s Cash for up to 10 days after its expiration date.


3. Take advantage of free Amazon returns at Kohl’s.

Take your Amazon purchase into a Kohl’s store — don’t bother packaging it up or anything — just request a return from Amazon (Amazon app->My Orders->Return or Replace Items->Reason for Return->Select Kohls Dropoff) and bring your item to the designated Amazon returns area in your local Kohl’s store. Show the associate the return code Amazon sends to your email, and Kohl’s will package it and return it to Amazon for you.

We aren’t sure how long this will last, but Kohl’s will give you a 25% storewide coupon on the confirmation receipt for your return!

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4. Get coupons when you sign up for Kohl’s text and email lists.

Getting a hold of as many Kohl’s coupons as you can is key to saving money shopping at Kohl’s. In addition to finding promo codes on, here are a few foolproof ways to get a coupon:


5. Save more post-purchase with mail-in rebates.

Kohl’s mail-in rebates can net you up to $40 or $50 in savings for just a few minutes’ work! Rebate offers can include prepaid Visa cards, cash back, valuable credits towards future purchases, and more.

Always check out Kohl’s Rebates before you make small appliance, pots and pans, or small electrics (like an electric razor) purchases, because we’ve seen rebates on items like these throughout the rest of the year, too.

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6. Scan paper coupons with the Kohl’s app to redeem online.

You know those random Friends & Family coupons you get sometimes with a purchase or those Kohl’s coupons you get in the mail? How about the Kohl’s Cash you tossed on the kitchen counter and then forgot to put in your purse? No more!

Scan your physical coupons by tapping “Wallet” inside the Kohl’s app on your mobile phone. Then tap “Scan to Enter” and you’ll have it with you next time you swing by Kohl’s — or if you want to shop online.

Of course, if you make a purchase, your Kohl’s Cash will automatically show up in your account and in your app. It’s those pesky (but lovely!) paper coupons that the app really helps with.

If you have two of the same coupon, you can only add one at a time to the app. For example, if I have two 25% off Friends and Family paper coupons with identical promo codes, I scan one but hang on to the remaining paper coupon. Only when I redeem the first Friends and Family coupon from the app can I scan and load the remaining paper coupon.


7. Stack up to 10 Kohl’s coupons per purchase.

Shopping without a coupon code is insane. Kohl’s allows up to 10 coupon codes per order! Find coupons at Kohl’s Today’s Deals and in your local Kohl’s “Today’s Ad.” Use up to four of the below:

      1. Up to one sitewide percent-off coupon code (ex: 15% off an entire purchase).
      2. Up to four department-specific, percent-off, or dollar-off coupon codes (ex: 20% off home bedding, $10 off a $30 children’s apparel purchase).
      3. Up to six Kohl’s rewards codes (ex: Kohl’s Cash).
      4. Up to one free shipping code (ex: free shipping on any order).

Make sense? One sitewide + two department specific + Kohl’s Cash. Or, one sitewide + six Kohl’s Cash. You can’t use more than 10 codes total. (And it’ll be pretty challenging to reach 10.)


8. Earn an extra 5% all the time with the Kohl’s Rewards loyalty program.

Sign up for Kohl’s Rewards in store, online, or in-app. When you pay, just show your rewards card, your mobile device, or your email. Earn 5% back in Kohl’s Cash every day on every purchase.

In addition to regularly accruing rewards with each purchase, you’ll also receive special offers throughout the year (I’m talking about percent-off and dollar-off coupons, people).

Just don’t make the rookie mistake of not giving them your birth date when signing up. You want a birthday discount, don’t you?!


9. Calculate your savings in this order.

Regardless of the order in which you input your coupon codes or present your coupons in store, this is how they’ll be calculated in the Kohl’s system:

      1. Department-specific, dollar-off coupons ($5 off a $20 fragrance purchase); then percent-off, Kohl’s coupon codes (15% off women’s beauty purchase) will be applied to qualifying items.
      2. Dollar-off coupons (like Kohl’s Cash or $10 off an entire purchase of $50 or more) will be subtracted from your subtotal.
      3. Only one sitewide, percent-off coupon (15% off an entire purchase) will be applied.
      4. Free shipping code will be applied if you’re spending at least $50 after all other discounts.


10. Expect up to 80% savings when you shop Kohl’s clearance.

Kohl’s clearance is where it’s at. Savings start at 50% and go up to 80%, sometimes even more.

Plus, you can redeem Kohl’s coupons on clearance items, so don’t take your 80% and walk away! If possible, use your 15% or 30% off coupon on top of the clearance price for additional savings!



11. Price tags with a square in the corner point you to a Kohl’s sale price.

If you’re looking for a Kohl’s sale in store, focus on finding LCD price tags with a square in the upper-right corner. This indicates the item has reached the lowest price of the season, and the price of this item won’t drop again unless it goes on clearance.


12. Decode Kohl’s electronic price codes.

Like Costco, Kohl’s has a coding system to track markdowns and place signage. Codes appearing in the upper-right corner of an LCD price tag can include:

BB = Bonus Buy

BGH = Buy One, Get One Half Off

PP = Price Point: These items are usually a very good sale price or a featured product.

S = Sale: The item will be on sale for 1-2 weeks.


13. Get a price match on competitor and prices.

Kohl’s stores will match prices — just show Kohl’s customer service the lower online price and you can get it in store.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s price match policy for competitor prices is nearly impossible to use because of the list of excluded brands. But if you want to give it a shot, read on for the nitty gritty details:

  • Your local Kohl’s store honors competitors’ prices. You just can’t use any percent- or dollar-off coupons on the lower price. (You can still earn and spend Kohl’s Cash, though!)
  • This means if Target and Kohl’s both sell the same product, and Target is advertising it for less than Kohl’s price, you can bring in a physical Target ad showing the lower price and ask Kohl’s to match it. You must have the ad — Kohl’s stores won’t match competitors’ online prices.
  • But will match competitors’ online prices. You’ll need to call the service center at (855) 564-5705 to request a price match for a competitor’s online sale price.
  • You can’t get a price match on clearance items (sale items are OK), during Black Friday week, or on Buy One Get One (BOGO) items.


14. Get paid when the price drops after your purchase.

If an item you bought goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, show your original receipt and proof that the price of the item was further reduced from the final price you paid. Clearance and BOGO markdowns are excluded. Unfortunately you can’t apply a new promo code or coupon to a previously placed order, either.

Request the price adjustment at the customer service desk. See Kohl’s price adjustment policy.

Here’s a hypothetical price adjustment scenario: last week, you purchased this chair and used the following coupons:

Adirondack Chair (reg $239.99) $84
Use code HONOR10 to get $10 off a $30 purchase
Use code SPRING to get 15% off
Final Price: $62.90

  • If today, the chair is on sale for $59.99 and the coupons are gone, you can receive a price adjustment of $2.91.
  • If today, the chair is on sale for $59.99 and the $10 off coupon is still available, you can receive a price adjustment of $12.91.
  • If today, the chair is on clearance for $47.99 (80% off), you cannot get a price adjustment, because Kohl’s doesn’t offer price adjustments on clearance.

Any coupons you used on your original purchase must still be valid when you ask for a price adjustment or you can’t apply them to the new, lower price.


15. Get a price adjustment even if you bought the item using price match.

If you price match an item at Kohl’s and they sell it to you at the competitor’s lower price, and then your item goes on sale at Kohl’s within the 14-day price adjustment period for even less, you can march back into the store with your receipt and ask for a price adjustment.

Kohl’s will give you the difference just like a regular price adjustment.


16. is the best place to shop for Black Friday.

Kohl’s had some of the best Black Friday deals in 2019 on Nintendo and Fitbit, as well as PJs, slippers, comforters, and towels. All Kohl’s Black Friday deals go live the Monday before Thanksgiving at 12:01a.m. And Doorbusters go live at 12:01 a.m. on Thanksgiving day, while stores remain closed until that evening.

Since the price points and the Kohl’s Cash are the same in store and online, there’s absolutely no reason to go in the store. Unless you like crowds, chaos, and not being the first one to the deals.

Why is Kohl’s one of the best places to shop Black Friday? Because their sale prices are similar to a Target or Walmart, but at Kohl’s you earn that Kohl’s Cash with every purchase.


17. The best things to buy at Kohl’s are small appliances and apparel.

Honestly? There are a lot of best things to buy at Kohl’s. If you twisted my arm and forced me to choose just a few, I’d pick small appliances and apparel, because we routinely see unmatched savings on these items, largely thanks to the Kohl’s Cash you can earn, boosting savings beyond the 60% mark.

A few times a year you can get small appliances like a KitchenAid for up to 50% off (more if you factor in Kohl’s Cash).

Look for up to 80% savings on clearance clothing racks, including brands like Carter’s.

Download the KCL App to see current Kohl’s deals and set deal alerts so you know when to buy.


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18. The worst things to buy at Kohl’s are toys and beauty items.

Listen, I’m not saying never. But, toys and beauty items are two categories at Kohl’s where you can’t use coupons on your purchase, making them some of the less-awesome items to buy at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s coupon exclusion list is long. But not every brand on the list is a “do not buy.” Follow along on our daily Kohl’s deals on Krazy Coupon Lady, and we’ll let you know when you should buy!

Or, see the other best places to buy toys, and stock up on beauty supplies at ULTA for the best chance at savings.


19. Get free shipping when you shop and if you’re in store.

One of the best ways to get free shipping, ironically, is by ordering when you’re inside a Kohl’s store.

Here are a few ideas if you’re looking for free shipping:

  • Free shipping kiosk in store: Place an order for any item (except large items which have a surcharge) at the Kohl’s kiosk, and standard ship it to your home or someone else’s home for free. (So, never buy a gift from Kohl’s for someone who lives out of state and ship it yourself. Hello!) At the kiosk, you can stack coupon codes just like online, as well as earn and redeem Kohl’s Cash.
  • Free shipping when you turn on location services: When you’re shopping in store, you can get free shipping when you order from the Kohl’s app. Be sure to turn on your location services so Kohl’s knows you’re in-store ordering!
  • Free shipping code when you spend at least $50 online: You must meet the $50 minimum spending threshold in order to get free shipping when you shop Realize that this code is applied after coupons and Kohl’s Cash, meaning you have to spend $50 after all discounts are applied.
  • Avoid a shipping fee by selecting Kohl’s Free Store Pickup: Again, you’ll need to drive to a Kohl’s store, but at least you won’t pay shipping on that item you got for free with Kohl’s Cash!


20. If you’re a senior, shop on Wednesday.

If you’re 60+ years young, shop Kohl’s on Wednesdays in store for a 15% discount. This is considered a sitewide discount, so you can stack it with dollar-off discounts, but not with other percent-off discounts.

Also, regular Kohl’s coupon exclusion rules apply. Read more details about the Kohl’s senior discount.


21. All veterans get Kohl’s military discount on Mondays.

Listen up, this discount isn’t just for active duty and retired military. If you have either an active Military ID or Form DD214, you can get 15% off on Mondays.

This means if you served one tour and received an honorable discharge, the discount is yours, too.

Same rules apply as with the senior discount.


22. Shop with discounted gift cards to save extra on top of coupons and discounts.

Another great way to get more bang for your Kohl’s buck is to buy discounted gift cards online and use them to make your purchase.

For example, we’ve seen up to 5% savings on the face value of Kohl’s gift cards at Raise.

Kohl’s doesn’t know (or care) that you bought the gift card for a discount, so your savings are built in.


23. Consider the Kohl’s credit card if you shop at least once a month.

When you sign up for a Kohl’s credit card, you’ll get 35% off your first purchase when you sign up for the card (you must use that one-time discount within a day of opening your Kohl’s card).

Exclusive Kohl’s coupon values are up to 30% off and are sent out to cardholders at least 12 times per year. So when other Kohl’s shoppers get access to 15% off coupons, you’ll receive 30% off coupons instead.


24. Return your Kohl’s item for up to six months after your purchase.

Love the price but not sure you want to commit? Kohl’s knows us.

You can get a full refund up to 180 days after purchase with payment lookup or a receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll receive merchandise credit “based on a discounted lowest 13-week sale price of the item(s)” according to Kohl’s Hassle Free Return Policy.

If it’s beyond 180 days, it can’t hurt to ask. In my experience, Kohl’s customer service is extremely accommodating on returns.

Realize that if you earn Kohl’s Cash on an order and then do a partial return on that qualifying order, the Kohl’s Cash will be deducted first. So if you purchased a $139 coffeemaker and earned $20 in Kohl’s Cash, which you spent on other merchandise, and decide to return the coffeemaker, you’ll only be refunded $119.

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