Can you use coupons at Nike? When do Nike shoes go on sale? And is it worth the trek to the nearest Nike Factory store?

Well, I’ll say this: Nike Factory deals are only worth pursuing if you know what to look for in stores. And if you’re not saving up to 70% off retail, you’re doing it wrong.

Stick with me, and I’ll reveal all the Nike Factory shopping secrets you’ve always wanted to know. Want to know about all the Nike deals as soon as they drop? Download the KCL app and I’ll keep you posted!


1. Nike, Nike Factory, and Nike Clearance stores are definitely not the same thing.

Time to get your Nike-store facts straight once and for all.

Nike: Expect new releases, premium products, and premium prices. When new versions or colorways of a product are released, items are briefly marked down to make room for new merchandise. The remaining stock gets shipped to a Nike Factory store.

Nike Factory: If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy merchandise but are on a budget, Nike Factory is where it’s at. Sales are frequent, and new products arrive at a steady flow.

Nike Clearance: You can get smokin’ hot deals on out-of-season merchandise — but only if you can find your size…. Since Nike Clearance stores are typically the last stop in a product’s shelf life, expect low inventory. There are only about 20 clearance stores in the country, so consider yourself lucky if you live near one.


2. Shop the Hash Wall for the best shoe deals.

As soon as you enter a Nike Factory store, make a beeline to the back wall. That’s where you’ll find all the last-of-inventory shoes, often with an additional discount.


3. Don’t expect huge savings on this year’s signature shoes.

Just because a shoe makes the Hash Wall doesn’t mean it’s a great deal.

See the Kyrie 4 BHM 2018 signature shoe above? Full retail price = $120, Nike Factory price = $119.99. A penny discount?! I’ll pass.

Shoppers should stick to Air Max and Flyknit styles for the best discounts and stock.


4. Aim to save 50-70% off retail.

Go into Nike Factory with a mission to save at least 50% off retail. This isn’t difficult as long as you time your trip during an additional 20-30% off clearance sale.

Take the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 sneakers above, originally $140. I spotted them on the Hash Wall for $69.97. Add the additional 30%-off sale discount, and you’re looking at a total of 65% off retail or $91 in savings!


5. Clearance prices typically end in 7.

Regular Nike Factory prices usually end in 9 (with the exception of green-tagged items — more on that next), and full retail prices end in 0.


6. Red- and green-tagged items are also on clearance.

Look for red (some may call it orange) and green clearance stickers as you walk through the store. When there’s an additional percent-off clearance sale, you can apply the discount to these items as well.

Red tags: Clearance markdowns made by individual Nike Factory store management. These clearance items end in $0.97.

Green tags: Clearance markdowns directed by corporate. These clearance items are typically found at all Nike Factory stores. Although these items’ prices end in $0.99 versus $0.97, they’re still clearance.


7. The best time to shop is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

Emphasis on mornings.

Most Nike Factory stores open at 10 a.m. I recommend shopping before noon to avoid crowds and to get first dibs on the day’s newest inventory.

Almost all Nike Factory sales occur on select Thursday or Friday mornings and last until Sunday or Monday night. Sales are controlled by corporate and occur randomly throughout the year, so calling your local Nike Factory store ahead is a smart move.



8. Join Nike Membership and save 30% through Friends & Family.

Via Red Flag Deals

Join Nike Membership online or through the free Nike app to unlock exclusive coupons like the 30% off entire purchase Friends & Family discount and also get free shipping every time you order from

Friends & Family coupons typically show up once per season in the app.


9. Save 7% more with a discounted Nike gift card.

Purchase a gift card for cheaper than its face value from a legit discount gift card site like Gift Card Granny or Raise. Save an average of 7% with a discounted Nike card, then stack your savings with in-store sales and receipt coupons for an even bigger discount!


10. Use Converse gift cards at Nike.

Via Numero Group

It’s true; Nike owns Converse. Use gift cards from this store at Nike-owned retailers.


11. Nike receives large batches of new merchandise on “transfer shipments” every two weeks.

Shipments from Nike retail stores to Nike Factory stores are a daily occurrence. Getting good products is not.

Often shipments only contain kids’ shoes or stock of one shoe model. Call your local Nike Factory and ask when they typically receive their “transfer” shipments, which contain better quality shoes and more inventory. These shipments occur about every two weeks.


12. Women’s shoe sizes 7-8 and men’s sizes 9-10 sell out first.


13. Women’s extra small and small clothing are in shortest supply.

All the men out there may find size medium and large clothing low in stock.



14. Ask about storeroom inventory if you don’t see your size.

Sizes and products get mixed up on the floor all the time. Don’t fret if you can’t find your size; just ask an employee. They can pull up their store’s inventory right from their handheld checker.


15. Get products not available at one location shipped to you for free.

Via Yelp

Most Nike associates are incredibly helpful. If they can’t find the product you’re looking for in store, they’ll usually tell you where you can find it or offer to ship it to you for free.


16. Ask about returned items behind the checkout.

If you’re lucky, you might get your pick of Hash Wall returns in just your size.

Or, even better, score Nike retail items that haven’t hit the Factory store floors yet. Any Nike, Converse, or Hurley brand item can be returned at any Nike-owned store. (You can’t return Nike at Converse and Hurley stores, though.) Ask an employee if you can buy the returned item at a Nike Factory discount.


17. While you’re at it, check dressing room racks.

When it’s a sale weekend, crowds are aplenty and inventory is low. This is when you should most definitely check dressing room racks for your size.


18. Negotiate for a better price if you find a scuffed or flawed sneaker.

If you find an imperfect pair of sneakers, ask an associate for a discount. Often they’ll give them to you with a 20% discount.


19. If you want a Nike shoe box with the lid, just ask.

Clearance shoes are usually displayed in boxes with their lids sliced off, but ask an associate for an intact box if that’s important to you.


20. The average discount in the kids’ section is double the discount you’d find in the adult section.

While most adult apparel only gets discounted an additional 20-30%, you’ll frequently see youth styles with an additional 40-60% in savings.


21. Graphic tees are best buys for both kids and adults.

Boys’ graphic tees are frequently priced at 3 for $25, or $8.33 apiece. Adult graphic tees are usually priced at 2 for $25, or $12.50 each.

To put these Nike Factory deals into perspective, regularly priced youth graphic tees are 25-$35 per shirt. Adult tees retail for 30-$40.



22. Adults size 8.5 or smaller can wear youth sizes for more savings and colorway options.

Adult women who wear a size 8.5 or smaller and adult men who buy size 7 shoes can totally fit their feet in kids’ shoes.

When comparing prices for the Flyknit RN 2017 sneakers, I discovered that the youth size was $10 less than the women’s version and available in a brighter color. Pink and $10 cheaper?! Um, yasss!!

So I applied the youth-adult-size conversion:

Your Shoe Size – 1.5 = Your Youth Size (if you wear women’s)

For the dudes: youth sizes = men’s sizes, with size 7 being the largest youth shoe


23. Borrow socks if you’re not wearing any.

Yes, please do.

No thin, transparent, nylon stocking socks here. These socks are legit.


24. Don’t see anything you like? Shop clearance when there’s a coupon code.

Because sometimes putting pants on and dodging through crowds of sneakerheads in store is Just. Too. Much.

Stay home and use a coupon code on your order. Just like sales in the store, often offers an extra 20-25% off their already reduced clearance items. And shipping is free. (Heck, two-day shipping is only five bucks.)


25. Check Kohl’s, Ross, and T.J.Maxx instead.

Nike crew socks can frequently be found for around $12 at Ross and T.J. Maxx. You can even find Air Jordans for $70 at Ross — no coupon or additional sale needed.

At Kohl’s, Nike apparel and shoes go on sale regularly. Recently I scored 70% off tees and running gear and as much as 60% off Nike kids’ clearance.

Set your store preferences in the KCL app to receive alerts for hot Nike deals.


26. The 25% discount on Black Friday isn’t worth it unless you don’t mind this…

Via High Snobiety

Now, I’m sure not all Nike Factory stores get this trashed on Black Friday, but if you’ve ever been to one on a major sale weekend, then you know how chaotic it can be.

If you are planning to go, aim to digest your Thanksgiving dinner in store. In previous years Nike Factory opened its doors at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day and offered doorbusters to early birds.


27. Return almost anything within 60 days as long as you have the receipt.

Nike currently has a 60-day extended return policy. Worn, unworn, washed…if you change your mind about a Nike product within 60 days of purchase and still have the receipt, you can return it for a refund or exchange.

A merchandise exchange without a receipt can also be made for unwashed and unworn items — with store manager approval.



28. Ask for a price adjustment up to 14 days after purchase.

If you see the price drop on a Nike item you just purchased, bring your original receipt into a store and ask for a price adjustment. You have 14 days to do this.


29. Get 10% off if you’re in the military.

Via Comixbox

Not only do military members get 10% off at Nike stores and, but you guys also get 10% off at Converse stores nationwide.


30. Nike employees can share their 30-40% discount with family.

Via Trover

Either you or a family member should seriously consider working for Nike. The discounts are insane!

The regular employee discount is 30% off in-store items and 40% off online. And you can stack your discount with sale items!

Even better, Nike employees can share their discount with family members. Families can receive discounts by presenting their loved one’s employee number at checkout.

And if you’re an employee and ever visit Portland (technically Beaverton), Oregon, you should definitely plan on going to the Nike Company Store. While you employees normally get 30-40% off at Nike retailers, only at the Nike Company store can you score 50% off everything, all the time. Check with your HR manager for passes before your trip.


31. Follow your local Factory Outlet for Nike promotions.

Don’t bother searching for an official Nike Factory website; outside of the store location page, it doesn’t exist. Your best bet for staying in touch with your local store is to follow them or the Factory Outlet group on social media.

Search “Nike Factory (your location)” on Facebook for sale updates.




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