Old Navy is a great place to shop if you want the latest styles without spending a fortune. My rule of thumb at Old Navy? Never make a purchase that isn’t 40% off retail price. It’s just not necessary to pay more. Nearly every item in every size will make it to 40% off within six weeks of the original stock date in stores. Lucky for you, I’ve got the scoop on saving at Old Navy. My tips will help you save money every time you shop in store and online.

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1. Sign up for Old Navy text alerts and receive $5 off a $35 order to get started.

Receive exclusive promos and offers when you sign up for Old Navy text alerts. Text PERK to 653-689 and get $5 off a $35 order to get you started.


2. Subscribe to Old Navy emails and receive a 20% off coupon.

Subscribe to Old Navy emails and immediately receive a 20% off Old Navy coupon for your entire order. You’ll also get a birthday coupon for 20% off an order at the beginning of your birthday month that’s good the entire month.


3. Aim for 50% off your entire Old Navy purchase during Black Friday, both in store and online.

Black Friday at Old Navy is a great time to stock up on shirts, jeans, coats, and shoes.

Aim for half-off prices and definitely shop online unless you’re spending less than $50, which is the minimum amount you must spend in order to get free shipping. In that case, use the free in-store pickup option!



4. Shop on OldNavy.com because sale prices and coupons are better.

If you’re watching your budget, you’d better be shopping online. Old Navy consistently has better savings potential at OldNavy.com because of their regularly (almost constantly) available coupon codes. In-store coupons are much more rare.

Before you read on, be sure to bookmark the KCL Old Navy Deals page to stay informed about all the deals.


5. Read the details before using promo codes at OldNavy.com.

One of the best things about OldNavy.com is that they stack promo codes. However, you gotta read the details on the ones you want to use so you don’t miss out on the savings. I found a “25% off your order” code that didn’t work for pretty much anything in the store, but if you look at my screen grab you can see I combined a 25% off a $75 promo code with a 20% off promo code.


6. Watch for one-day deals in store and at OldNavy.com.

Watch for one-day sales a few times a week in store. Online at OldNavy.com is not as often, but they do happen. You can find some great savings, but you gotta be quick because items sell out fast.


7. Old Navy will include plus-sizes in all clothing sales starting October 2021.

Old Navy, like many retailers, have sold plus-sized clothing in a separate section of their stores — which, as Redditors have complained about previously, usually meant higher prices and straight-up exclusion from Old Navy sales.

That’s about to change. A customer service rep I reached out to said Old Navy plans to eliminate its separate plus-sized section in October 2021. She added that they’re going to now include sizes ranging of 00 – 30 on all clothing.

That means size won’t determine price at Old Navy anymore, and shoppers looking for any size will all be able to enjoy the same sales.


8. Earn Old Navy Super Cash based on your total before coupons!

Old Navy Super Cash is earned on the amount of your purchases before all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is imposed. So, if I spend $75 at OldNavy.com, then use a 30% off coupon, I will get rewards as if I actually paid $75 out of pocket!



9. Spend the full amount of your Super Cash or lose it.

Save even more when you use Super Cash. But there’s a catch! You can only use one Super Cash coupon in a single transaction, so make sure you spend the entire amount or you’ll lose it.


10. Old Navy has a 14-day price adjustment policy.

Old Navy offers price adjustments for 14 days after you make a purchase online or in store. So, watch for markdowns during those two weeks.

Sadly, items purchased using a promotional code or other discount aren’t eligible for a price adjustment.

See the official Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy.


11. Ask your local Old Navy team member if they match OldNavy.com prices.

Did you know your local Old Navy actually views OldNavy.com sorta like a competitor? Your store wants to keep your business and hopes you won’t shop online.

In fact, local stores and OldNavy.com operate so independently that sale prices, markdowns, and coupons are almost always unique. However, some Old Navy locations price match OldNavy.com. The practice seems to be random, so be sure to ask a team member next time you go in store.


12. Markdowns at Old Navy happen on Sunday and Monday.

New markdowns come out every Sunday, but depending on a variety of factors, markdowns may not be complete until close on Monday. For example, men’s, kids’, and baby prices might be updated on a Sunday, while women’s might have to wait ’til Monday.


13. Price tags ending in $0.47 are final price markdowns.

The pace and timing of markdowns at Old Navy are not universal, but rather very dependent on store inventory and available space. The one thing I do know is that when a clearance tag ends with the digits $0.47, it means it will rarely be marked down again.


14. Wait for extra percent off sales on top of already reduced clearance prices.

One of the best times to buy is during one of Old Navy’s “additional discounts on clearance merchandise” sales.



15. Mid- to end-of-season is the best time to shop at Old Navy.

The best time to find storewide sales at Old Navy is between seasons. Did you know that by the time summer officially arrives on June 20, your local Old Navy store is receiving its first shipments of fall apparel? A month later, the store will begin to clearance out summer apparel, making it the best time to buy for next year. See the following list of best times to buy for each season:

  • Spring: April 15 – June 1
  • Summer: July 15 – September 1
  • Fall: October 15 – December 1
  • Winter: January 15 – March 1


16. Place an in-store order and get free shipping to your home with no minimum purchase.

If you can’t find an item in the store (or if you’re just looking to avoid shipping charges), place an order through the store, and it will ship to your house for free with NO minimum. (Compare to online, where free shipping requires a $50 minimum purchase.)


17. Earn and redeem points across all Gap brands with One Membership rewards.

Navyist Rewards members and Old Navy cardmembers can earn and redeem rewards across all four GAP brands, online and in stores, under the new One Membership rewards program. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Rewards members earn one point for every $1 spent at any of the Gap brand stores.
  • Cardmembers earn five points for every $1 spent at any of the Gap brand stores.
  • All members can redeem rewards in $1 (100 points) increments across all four Gap brands instead of having to meet the previous $5 (500 points) threshold that you could only use in the store where you earned them.

The program has three tiers based on how much you spend each year:

Core: Spend less than $500 annually and receive double reward redemption days, 125 quarterly bonus points when you shop across GAP brands, free three-to-five day shipping on orders $50 and over, and a birthday surprise.

Enthusiast: Spend $500 to $999 annually (or as a cardmember) you get all the benefits of the Core tier plus early access to promotions, more exclusive offers, and 250 quarterly bonus points.

Icon: Spend $1,000 or more annually (or 5,000 points as a cardholder) and get the perks from the other two tiers plus free two- to three-day shipping on orders $50 or more, Double Reward Day, 500 quarterly bonus points, Create Your Own Sale Day (15% off any Gap brand) and free alterations at Banana Republic.

TIP: Reward members and cardmembers can convert Old Navy Super Cash to points as well.


18. Save up to 8% with discounted Old Navy gift cards from Raise.com.

Especially for those shoppers adverse to the store-credit-card route, paying with discounted gift cards is another great way to stack more savings on top of sales and coupons! At Raise.com, you’ll automatically receive a $5 credit to spend on any gift card of your choice when you sign up through this link.


19. Activewear and jeans are some of the best items to buy at Old Navy.

I once heard a family member refer to Old Navy apparel as disposable clothing. She said it generally doesn’t last, but she doesn’t mind because she didn’t invest a lot in it.

While I think Old Navy quality has gone up in the last couple years, I agree that some items (including polos and any tops with viscose or rayon) should be avoided, while other faithfuls like denim and activewear have stood the test of hand-me-downs at my house.

Here's How You Can Save Every Time You Shop Old Navy