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Old Navy Return Policy — Everything You Need to Know

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While there are a couple of stipulations that can be frustrating, overall the Old Navy return policy has been relatively fair toward me as a shopper — though their return window did shorten in 2022 to just 30 days. Today, I’ll show you everything you need to know to help the return process go smoothly.

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1. The Old Navy return policy now gives you only 30 days for returns.

woman stand outside holding old navy bag with receipt

Whether you’re shopping online or in a physical store, you have 30 days to return your Old Navy items. If it’s an online purchase, the clock starts ticking for the 30-day return window on the day the item is shipped.


2. Old Navy may accept returns after 30 days for store credit.

Old Navy gift card being held up in store with shirts in the background

After the 30 days are up, you can still try to return your item for store credit, but that’s totally up to the associate or manager. So you could potentially be out of luck depending on who’s helping you.

You’ll stand a greater chance of successfully returning your item for store credit if you have your receipt and tags, and if the item is still in stock at Old Navy after the 30-day return window closes. If all of those things check off, you’ll likely get store credit — at the item’s current selling price.

For example, I bought a dress for $17.99, and when I went to return it two months later — with its tags and my original receipt — I ended up getting $14.99 back in store credit because it was on sale for $3 less. On the flip side, if you buy something at Old Navy and it goes on sale within the next two weeks, you can contact them for a price adjustment and get some money back.

TIP: If the item is an exclusive online item, you can’t return it in store past the 30-day mark. You’ll have to contact Old Navy Customer Service and speak to them.


3. You can make an Old Navy return without a receipt.

Someone holding their visa card and ID in front of point of sale machine at old navy

Lost your receipt and want a cash refund? Old Navy employees can usually look up your order via your debit or credit card — just make sure you have your photo ID on hand.

TIP: Old Navy tracks your returns to make sure you aren’t taking advantage of their policy. Too many “No Receipt” returns and they could ban you from any future returns.


4. You cannot return worn items to Old Navy.

A customer showing an Old Navy employee their cell phone.

Even if it’s clean. If it’s been worn or even washed, Old Navy will not accept your return.

TIP: Other stores will let you return clothing items — as long as they’re washed and clean. Check out the Dick’s return policy for a good example.


5. You can usually make Old Navy returns without tags.

old navy tee shirt laid out with no tags attatched

Old Navy accepts returns of items without tags — as long as you haven’t worn the item for a full day.

But what if you just realized the fit was wrong after you tried it on for a few minutes while at home? You should still be able to make your return.

If you’re exchanging an item for a different size or color, no receipt is required as long as the item is still in new condition.


6. Keep the tags on your Old Navy swimwear!


You’ll also want to make sure you keep the hygienic liner intact on Old Navy swimwear. If you don’t — or you remove the tags — you won’t be able to return it.


7. If your item’s not sold in the store anymore, you can’t return it.

Tank top held up next to sweaters to show Item is no longer carried in store

If you try to return an item without a receipt, and Old Navy doesn’t currently stock it, you’ll most likely get a big fat nope.


8. The Old Navy return policy prohibits returns on final sale items.

Old Navy fabric face masks in store.

You won’t be able to exchange final sale items, either, so be really sure of your purchase before you hit the checkout line! So how do you know if something is final sale at Old Navy? It should say so on the tag, or a price ending in $0.47 is a good indication.

TIP: All mask purchases are considered final sale.


9. You can return an online purchase in store.

Woman checking out at the check out counter at Old Navy

You can return an item purchased online at an Old Navy store, but you can’t mail back something you bought in store.

Find an Old Navy near you.


10. There are a few exceptions you’ll need to mail in.

Receipt that has 45 day return policy circled held up with shopping bag inside old navy store

As you’re shopping online, look out for “Mail Only” items. These items are ineligible for in-store returns.

If you’re shopping via Old Navy’s Facebook or Instagram Shops, you won’t be able to return the item in store, either.

Everything else goes, though.


11. Old Navy’s online return policy offers free return shipping.

Someone picking up a package on their front porch from Old Navy

Returns and exchanges of online orders are free! Just log into Old Navy’s online portal for returns to print your free return shipping label.


12. Beware: Old Navy isn’t always prompt with mail-in refunds.

Woman talking on the phone with computer on her lap

I’ve waited 5+ weeks for my refund before! So know that if you’re shopping Old Navy online and returning via mail, you might end up needing to call customer service at 800-653-6289.

The good news is that Old Navy’s customer service reps are excellent, so once you touch base, they’re likely to sort things out and get your money back quickly.


13. Refunds for gifts are issued in store credit.

hand holding old navy gift card

You can’t get cash for gift returns with or without a receipt at Old Navy, so you’ll have to settle for a gift card. Just make sure you have your photo ID with you.

When you return a gift with a receipt, you’ll receive a gift card for the gift’s full amount. But if you return a gift without a receipt, in five to ten days, Old Navy will mail you a “merchandise certificate” equal to the item’s current price (which might be lower than the purchase price).


14. Old Navy’s holiday return policy is a little bit looser.


Old Navy has a nifty little holiday return policy that you should be aware of:

  • If you buy an item between Oct. 24 and Dec. 24, you can return it by Jan. 15, or 30 days after your purchase/ship date — whichever is later.
  • If you’re returning an online item through the mail, know that Old Navy has to get it by Jan. 15 or 30 days after purchase/ship date — whichever is later.

Keep in mind that it’ll take at least five to seven days for your items to reach them via mail, and proof of purchase is required.


15. You cannot return Gap items to Old Navy stores.

A red gap gift card in store.

Same thing with Banana Republic. Even though the stores have relatively reciprocal rewards programs, you must make in-store returns at the same brand of store where you made the purchase.

The same goes for online orders. If you purchased an item on and want to do an in-store return, you’d have to return it to a Gap store — not an Old Navy.

TIP: If you ordered items online from Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, or Banana Republic, you can totally return them in the same packaging. Just follow the online prompts to complete the returns process.


16. Coupons and promo codes are deducted from your return.

If you used a coupon or promo code to make your purchase, you won’t get that money back when you make a return or exchange. This is pretty standard for return policies, though it can be a bummer.

For example, I once bought an Old Navy scarf online with a 5% off promo code. I had saved $6 on my total order — including the scarf.

I decided to exchange the scarf in store. The promo code was only good online, and I had already used it, so I ended up paying $6 more for the new scarf, losing the 5% savings on my entire order. Womp.

Even with that $6 inconvenience, I still think the Old Navy return policy overall is fair! How about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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