Based on my experience, the Old Navy Return Policy is a generous one. Overall, I’ve had great experiences returning and exchanging everything from jeans and purses to shoes throughout my years as an Old Navy shopper.

Here’s my experience returning a shirt and other items I bought at recently and what I learned firsthand about the Old Navy Return Policy.

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1. Old Navy’s online return policy offers free return shipping.

When my shirt arrived, seeing it in person made me realize it wasn’t the right fit. Luckily for me, it was super easy to start my return in Old Navy’s online portal for returns. It quickly guided me through the process and helped me figure out how to print my return shipping label and return slip.

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can bring your return email to your local USPS or a UPS location nearby and they’ll print it out for you.

My printer was out of ink, so I opted to have USPS do it for me. After putting my shirt back into its package, I drove over to my local USPS store, showed them my return order email on my phone, and they printed the return label and return slip and sent it on its merry way.

Easy peasy!


2. You can return an online purchase in store, but not vice versa.

You can return an item purchased online at an Old Navy store, but you can’t mail back something you bought in the store.

TIP: You can’t return online purchases in store if they’re marked as “Mail Only” — which you’ll be able to see in the product’s description page.

Find an Old Navy near you.


3. You have 45 days to return anything you bought.

Whether you’re shopping or in the store, you have 45 days to return your items.


4. Get store credit for items even after the 45-day return window.

After the 45 days are up, you can still try to return your item for store credit, but that’s totally up to the associate or manager. So, you could potentially be out of luck depending on who’s helping you.

You’ll stand a greater chance of successfully returning your item for store credit if you have your receipt, tags, and it’s still available at Old Navy after the 45-day return window closes. If all of those things check off, you’ll likely get store credit (at the item’s current selling price).

For example, I bought a dress for $17.99, and when I went to return it a month and a half later — with its tags and my original receipt — I ended up getting $14.99 back in store credit because it was on sale for $3 less.

PRO TIP: If the item is an exclusive online item, you can’t return it in store past the 45-day mark. You’ll have to contact Customer Service and speak to them.


5. If your item’s not sold in the store anymore, you can’t return it.

If you try to return an item without a receipt, and Old Navy doesn’t currently sell it, you’ll most likely get a big fat nope.

A year ago, I bought a pair of shoes at Old Navy and threw out the receipt. But after wearing them around the house, I realized they were too tough to walk in, and chucked them into the back of my closet. After doing some COVID-19 cleaning to spark joy, I discovered them sitting there with the tags still on. Old Navy didn’t sell them anymore and said nope. So I gave them to my cousin.



6. You can return items at Old Navy without a receipt or tags for store credit.

If you’ve cut the tags off, try to return your item sooner rather than later — because if the item went on sale since you bought it, you’ll only get the current sale price as store credit.

If you’re exchanging an item for a different size or color, no receipt is required if the item is still in new condition.

TIP: If you don’t have the receipt, don’t cut off the tags that were sewn in, otherwise you’re really, really out of luck. But, you can get store credit on an item you didn’t have a receipt for, if it’s still tagged.


7. If you have your ID and the card you paid with, Old Navy can look up your purchase.

Lost your receipt and want a cash refund? Old Navy employees can usually look up your order via your credit or debit card — just make sure you have your photo ID on hand.

PRO TIP: Old Navy tracks your returns to make sure you aren’t taking advantage of their policy. Too many “No Receipt” returns and they could ban you from any future returns (yikes!). This happened to one of my friends, so returners beware!


8. Always say “Yes!” to the emailed receipt.

That way, even if you lose your paper receipt or — gasp! — cut the tags off something you end up wanting to return, you will get back the full amount that you paid for it.

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9. If you return a gift, even if you have a gift receipt, you get a gift card back. No cash.

You can’t get cash for gift returns, so you’ll have to settle for a gift card — with or without a receipt. Just make sure you have your photo ID with you.

When you return a gift with a receipt, you’ll receive a gift card for the gift’s full amount. But if you return a gift without a receipt, in five to ten days, Old Navy will mail you a “merchandise certificate” equal to the item’s current price.


10. Old Navy’s holiday return policy is a little bit looser.

Old Navy has a nifty little holiday return policy that you should be aware of:

  • If you buy an item between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24, you can return it by Jan. 15, or 45 days after your purchase — whichever is later
  • If you’re returning an online item through the mail, know that Old Navy has to get it by Jan. 15, or 45 days after purchase — whichever is later

Keep in mind that it’ll take at least five to seven days for your items to reach them via mail.



11. Here’s how your Old Navy refunds will work:

Most returns are refunded in the form of original payment, except when you exchange an item you bought with promo codes, coupons, or on sale.

When I bought a scarf online with a 5% off promo code, I decided to exchange it in store for a different scarf. The promo code was only good online, and I had already used it, so I ended up paying $6 more for the new scarf. There went my 5% savings. Womp.


12. Old Navy splits refunds in a weird way if you use two or more types of payments.

When I split a $100 total purchase (a $60 jacket and $40 boots) between a $20 gift card and $80 on my credit card and returned them both, Old Navy refunded $50 to my credit card and $50 to a new gift card.

If I’d returned just my $60 jacket, they would have refunded $50 to my credit card and $10 to a new gift card. But if I’d returned just my $40 boots instead, the entire refund would have gone to my credit card.


13. Beware: Old Navy isn’t always prompt with refunds.

So many times I’ve return-shipped items bought online and ended up having to reach out to customer service after not getting a refund for five or more weeks. Every single time, the customer service rep refunds me immediately. All the money back to my original payment form — no questions asked.


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Old Navy Return Policy — Everything You Need to Know