Lowe's Price Match


Lowe’s price match policy — known as the Lowe’s Price Promise — can be one of the most useful tools for saving at Lowe’s. But Lowe’s Price Promise isn’t exactly a clear-cut policy, so I’m here to answer the most frequently asked questions about price matching at Lowe’s.

But first, here are a few good-to-knows:

  • Lowe’s requires proof that an identical item is cheaper somewhere else, so be ready to show a competitor’s ad or a photo (screenshots work, too!) to a Lowe’s employee for your price match.
  • Lowe’s will only price match other stores at the time you make your purchase.
  • You can’t stack Lowe’s Price Promise with a Lowe’s coupon; you’ll have to choose one or the other.

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How does Lowe’s Price Promise work?

At Lowe’s, price matching is only possible when you see an identical item priced higher at Lowe’s than it is at one of their competitors such as Home Depot, Amazon, or Walmart. The item has to be in stock at both Lowe’s and the competitor, and the price must be current (no comparing Lowe’s prices to an outdated, cheaper price).

If you check all of those boxes, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get Lowe’s to price match their competitor — whether you’re shopping in-store or online.


Does Lowe’s price match work for both in-store and online purchases?

Yes. To get an in-store Lowe’s price match, you need to provide proof of the lower competitor price. That means you need to show a Lowe’s employee a photo or ad that proves an item is currently cheaper somewhere else. Do that, and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re shopping online, you need to call 1-877-465-6937 to validate your price match request. Competitor’s items need to be in stock and available to ship to your location to be eligible for a Lowe’s price match.


Does Lowe’s price match Amazon?

Yep, but Lowe’s will only price match items sold directly from Amazon. They won’t price match items sold by third-party sellers. And that rule applies to any online retailer, by the way: Lowe’s won’t price match any item from a third-party seller.


Does Lowe’s price match Walmart.com?

They sure do. Similar to how Lowe’s price matches items from Amazon, anything you’re hoping to price match from Walmart.com must be sold directly from Walmart — not from a third-party retailer.


Does Lowe’s price match HomeDepot.com?

Yes, as long as you meet all of the requirements above, Lowe’s will price match HomeDepot.com.


What other online retailers will Lowe’s price match?

In addition to Amazon, Walmart.com, and HomeDepot.com, Lowe’s will also price match items from:


Does Lowe’s price match Costco?

Lowe’s does not price match Costco. Although Lowe’s says they will match in-store prices from local retailers, they will never price match an item from a wholesale retailer such as Costco or Sam’s Club.


Does Lowe’s price match sales like Black Friday?

No, and that’s part of a wider policy about how Lowe’s won’t price match seasonal promotions (beyond Black Friday, the exclusion applies to Spring Black or any holiday sale). Lowe’s has a long list of price match exceptions, including:

  • Lowe’s won’t price match professional services (think: labor and installation costs).
  • Lowe’s won’t price match rebates, BOGO offers, and coupons.
  • Lowe’s won’t price match bulk pricing from another retailer.
  • Lowe’s won’t price match advertising errors or misprints (they call competitor stores to confirm pricing).

There are more exclusions — some of which we’ve already mentioned above (no wholesale retailers and no third-party marketplace sellers). See the full list here.


Can I stack Lowe’s coupons with a Lowe’s price match?

No, Lowe’s Price Promise is not stackable with any coupon or discount — even their military discount.


Will Lowe’s match a lower price from Lowes.com?

Surprisingly no. If you find a cheaper price on Lowes.com, go ahead and buy it there. Lowe’s won’t allow you to match that online price when you’re shopping in-store. The good news is if your order is more than $45, you’ll qualify for free shipping.


How long do I have to request a price adjustment?

If you bought something and then you find it at a lower price, you have up to 30 days to request a price adjustment.

Price adjustments are different than price matches. Price adjustments happen after you’ve already made your purchase, while price matches impact how much you’ll pay at checkout.

Lowe’s doesn’t cover price adjustments explicitly in their policy online, but employees I spoke with said you need the same proof they ask for in order to give a price match (a photo or ad showing a lower price on an identical item from a competitor).

A key difference between Lowe’s price match policy and their price adjustment policy is that Lowe’s won’t do price adjustments for items you find on Amazon. That’s according to some employees. . . but others say it’s up to the manager on site — so I’d recommend asking, just in case.


Can a Lowe’s manager deny my price match even if I follow the rules?

Yes. From Lowe’s full policy: “Lowe’s reserves the right to limit requests to reasonable quantities.” This gives Lowe’s managers the ability to deny a price match — even if it meets every other requirement — if they feel like a competitor’s price is too low to match.

As frustrating as it would be to follow every rule only to have a Lowe’s manager deny your price match, Lowe’s gives their managers the final word in approving a price match.

Of course, if that happens. I’d recommend one of two things. Either try another Lowe’s store, where managers may accept the price match with no problem, or (duh) buy from the competitor.

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