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Will Lowe's Cut Wood for You? All the Rules, Explained

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When I hunt for the best Lowe’s deals, I grab all the freebies I can get. While Lowe’s does cut wood for you, and it is technically free, this in-store service has a lot of limits. And you need to know what these limits are before you haul your entire DIY project over to the Lowe’s wood-cutting center.

Knowledge is power when it comes to learning how to save money at Lowe’s. I’ll explain the basics of Lowe’s wood-cutting services, plus go over the rules and limits to be aware of before you get too excited about this freebie. Hint: sometimes the DIY route is better, after all. And if that's the case, you'll want to check out Lowe's tool rental.

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Does Lowe’s cut wood for you?


The answer is yes, Lowe’s will cut wood for you, but you have to buy the wood from Lowe’s.

It’s important to note: Lowe’s offers wood-cutting services to make transporting the wood easier. So while they won’t cut your wood into fancy shapes or trim it to an exact size (consider doing Lowe's tool rental for that), they’ll make sure the wood can fit in your car.

Head to the lumber section at Lowe's and grab the wood you need. Then, ask an employee at the wood-cutting center if they can cut it for you.

Will Lowe’s cut your wood for free?

Lowe’s wood-cutting services are free if you buy your wood from Lowe’s and only need a few cuts. If you have a crazy big request, Lowe’s may charge you less than $1 per additional cut. However, some Lowe’s stores are more flexible than others, so this varies greatly from store to store.

How to Get Your Wood Cut at Lowe’s


Lowe’s cuts wood in-store on a first-come, first-served basis. So you don’t need to make an appointment ahead of time.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Grab the wood you need from the lumber department.

  2. Bring your wood over to the in-store cutting center (or visit the guest services desk if no one’s there to help).

  3. Ask a Lowe’s employee to help cut your wood (if your request is basic enough, they shouldn't have questions or concerns).

  4. Wait for the Lowe’s employee to finish cutting your wood.

  5. If everything looks good, head to a checkout lane and pay for your wood.

KCL TIP: Lowe’s stores close at 10 p.m., but they stop cutting wood at 9 p.m. So, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get in and out of the store.

Lowe’s Wood Cutting: Rules and Limits

No pressure-treated wood.

Most Lowe’s stores do not cut pressure-treated wood. Some employees will do it for you anyway, so you can try asking. But technically, they aren’t supposed to say yes.

Otherwise, Lowe’s will cut multiple types of wood, like plywood and timber. This includes unfinished boards, planks, panels, fencing, and more.

Standard and rough wood cuts only.

Lowe’s offers standard and rough cuts only — this means no "project" cuts.

This means Lowe’s will cut wood into smaller pieces so it fits into your car. But you won’t get perfectly clean or accurate cuts. Most Lowe’s stores can only offer 90-degree cuts and promise an accuracy of ½ inch.

Some Lowe’s stores can cut thicker pieces of wood than others, depending on the type of saw they use. If your Lowe’s store uses a panel saw, they may only cut 1x or 2x wood pieces (like a 1x4 or a 2x4). If they use a radial arm saw, they can cut larger pieces of wood, like a 4x4 fence post.

KCL TIP: If you need more precise cuts for your project, go the DIY route. Lowe’s offers four-hour saw rentals for as low as $15 (and their tool rental prices generally beat Home Depot’s).

Lowe’s wood only.

You can’t bring your own wood to a Lowe’s store and ask them to cut it. Lowe’s requires you to buy the wood in-store and request any wood-cutting services you need in the same trip.

No cuts under 12 inches.

Lowe’s generally won’t cut wood smaller than 12 inches. Pieces this small can fall between the saw’s guard plate. So if you want a three-inch piece of plywood cut or a dowel rod cut, you’re better off with a DIY option.

Max number of cuts varies by store.

How many free wood cuts does Lowe’s give you? All in all, the limits vary greatly by store location.

Some Lowe’s stores are super flexible and don’t limit the number of cuts they give you. Other stores are stricter and only offer one or two cuts max. And then you’ll find Lowe’s stores that fall right down the middle, offering five or 10 cuts max.

Call your local Lowe’s store and ask an employee or manager about their wood-cutting policy. If it sounds limited (or if they tell you the cutting machine is out of order), contact other Lowe’s stores in your area to see if they have more flexible options.

KCL TIP: Home Depot’s wood-cutting policy usually gives you 10 free cuts. Compare this to the policy at your nearest Lowe’s store to see who wins.

No returns.

You cannot return wood that Lowe’s cuts for you. Once Lowe’s cuts your wood into smaller pieces, it’s yours to keep.

With uncut wood, you have 90 days to return it to Lowe’s with a receipt, according to the Lowe’s return policy.

Related: Knowing the Lowe's return policy is also important when you buy Lowe's scratch and dent appliances or shop at a Lowe's Outlet store.

Will Lowe’s cut other materials for you?

Lowe’s cuts a variety of materials for you — not just wood. But again, Lowe’s cutting services are for easy transport only. This means you can’t ask for fancy cuts specific to your project needs.

In addition to wood, Lowe’s will cut the following materials for you in-store:

  • Chain

  • Mini blinds

  • Pipe

  • Rope

Lowe’s also offers free pipe threading and cutting for galvanized or black iron pipe.

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