Clipping and stacking weeks of coupon inserts is not the only way to save money these days. Manufacturers put tons of printable coupons on the internet, and we’re going to show you how to get them — like scoring a $10 Pampers coupon!

Here’s the lowdown before I get started: Sites like and most brand-specific couponing sites will ask you to enter your phone number or email address to verify your device before printing. I always suggest signing up for an alternative email to use for printable coupons. This way all your coupon promotions and emails go to one spot. And if it’s a hot coupon, you bet I am making a few extra emails so I can print more.

Here’s how to get started on printing your free coupons:

Don’t forget to download the official KCL app for more useful tips.


1. Search KCL’s coupon database for a list of printable internet coupons.

KCL has the web’s most comprehensive database for printable internet coupons. Seriously, we do. We scour the internet for you and compile all the coupons we can find. We’ll even show you how to use them to score huge savings on the things your family needs on The Krazy Coupon Lady Daily Deals page.

Here’s how to print exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Search for the item or brand you’re looking for (“detergent,” “Tide,” etc.)
  • Click on the “Printable” section
  • Choose the coupon you’d like. It will then take you to the website to print. Depending on the site, you may need to sign up to access the coupon.

Rather use your phone? The official KCL app can do the same thing! Just make sure your printer is linked to your phone to be able to print.

You can use KCL’s database to search for top brands like:


2. Try out different brand sites with rewards for exclusive free printable coupons.

Most brand-specific sites offer high value printable coupons like:

Plus, when you join select brand-specific sites and start earning points, you can score more exclusive high-value coupons! Kellogg’s Family Rewards lets you build up points for rewards. You can cash in your points for $1/1 Pop-Tarts, whereas without the points, the coupon is $1/ 2 Pop-Tarts.



3. Look for obscure and organic brand coupons on Grocery Coupon Network.

When you think of saving money, organic and eco-friendly are typically not in the same sentence. Grocery Coupon Network has printable coupons for these higher-priced items. You can get exclusive printable coupons for products like PATCH Bamboo Bandages, Bubbies Hawaii Mochi, and more.


4. Game the system (fairly) to get more prints and thus more coupons.

Here’s how to get more coupons, in a fair way:

  • Manufacturers and sites like let you print two coupons from each device you use. So if you want two more of the same printable manufacturer coupons, use a different device — like your mobile phone when printing from — to print two more coupons.
  • Like I mentioned already, more email addresses means more coupons. Don’t be afraid to use a few emails to be able to print the hottest coupons.
  • Watch for coupon resets (more on that below). This is how you’ll score extras of your favorite deals.


5. Print coupons on the first of the month.

Some manufacturers extend the total number of prints available — this is called a coupon “reset.” When a coupon reset happens, you can print two additional copies from the same device for a total of four of the same coupon.

Also, at the beginning of each month, new coupons get released. This is a perfect time to print any and all coupons that you think you’d like.

PRO TIP: Coupons can reach their overall printing limit and say “limit reached” before you get a chance to print your two coupons. Print your coupons right when you find out about them. I’ve waited to print coupons until the day I went to shop and the coupon wasn’t there! That was a sad day.


Now I’ll talk about how to print your coupons and save money doing that.


6. Before you print coupons online, set your printer to black and white.

Ink is the most expensive fluid on the planet, costing between $13 and $75 per ounce. Stores will accept black-and-white coupons, so save on colored ink and be sure to set your printer to “black only,” and check ink levels before you print.

Also, when your ink levels are low, you might not print a barcode, and this can cause trouble at the register.


7. Consider the price of ink vs. the cost of the printer.

August and September are prime times to find printer deals, thanks to back-to-school sales. Just because a printer is at a low price point doesn’t mean it won’t cost you more in the long run.

Inkjet printers are the most common printers for home-office use and often the cheapest as well — normally under $100. They do a very good job with color text documents and photos. Here are some highly-rated printers that won’t break the bank:

  • HP DeskJet 3755: Currently $89.89 on Amazon (down from $144.88), this printer gives you all the essentials with the option for a two-month free Instant Ink subscription, so you’ll be stocked up.
  • HP DeskJet 2742e: Currently $59 on This wireless printer also comes with a six-month free Instant Ink subscription.
    • Note: HP Instant Ink can be a great tool to avoid paying for pricey ink cartridges. If you print less than 15 pages a month, you’d pay only $0.99 a month, and they cover all of your ink! I use the $2.99 plan that gives me 50 pages per month, which has been plenty between coupons and everyday-life printing.

Laser printers are ideal for printing large quantities of black-and-white text documents. You’ll pay the least per page if you need to print in high volume. But they aren’t good for photos, and they don’t handle glossy photo paper well. The Brother HL-L2320D might be your best bet here, as it’s only $100 and prints up to 30 pages a minute.

TIP: If you bring your old printer for recycling to Best Buy, they’ll give you up to $50 off select Epson all-in-one printers.



8. Stack printable coupons with digital coupons for more savings!

Since you normally can only print two printable coupons, that limits you to how many deals you can get. Store apps, like Target or Kroger, have their own digital coupons. These coupons can be used in addition to your printable coupons, as long as you’re following the rules. For example, if Target has a deal for Buy 3 Tide Get a $10 gift card, you can use two printable coupons and one digital manufacturer coupon for the best savings on the deal.

Have you found a great place for internet coupons that I didn’t mention? Please share that knowledge in the comments!

8 Tips To Find and Print All the Internet Coupons You Want