Are Sunday newspaper coupons still a thing? In most areas, yes. If you’ve spent any time on, you’ve probably seen mentions of coupons from “SS 12/7” or “PG 12/13.” If you’re new, you might think I’ve been speaking in code. I didn’t mean to confuse you!

Don’t sweat just yet, ’cause I have the rundown of everything you need to know about Sunday newspaper coupons.

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1. What are Sunday newspaper coupons?

Inside each Sunday paper are coupon booklets, also known as “freestanding inserts.” Three different inserts come out on a regular basis: Smart Source (SS), Save, and Procter & Gamble (PG).

Even with the recent growth of printable and mobile coupons, newspaper coupons from the Sunday paper still account for about one-third of the total coupons redeemed. Values usually range from $0.25 to $2 off a product.


2. What’s the best way to get coupon inserts?

I suggest you subscribe or purchase more than one copy of the Sunday newspaper to get multiples of each coupon. You should have one copy of the Sunday paper for each member of your family, or four copies total, whichever is less.

The first step to finding a subscription is to call your local paper’s circulation department and ask them which inserts they carry, if they offer a Sunday-only or weekend-only subscription, and if they offer a discount for ordering multiple copies of the Sunday paper. Some newspapers also sell a Saturday advance paper that has coupons, but for the lower Saturday cost.

You can also check out your local Dollar Tree; they often carry the Sunday newspaper for only a buck. Walmart carries the Sunday paper all week, but the sticker price is at least $2.


3. Why do I need multiple copies of the newspaper inserts?

The easiest way to save big is to buy multiple products when they’re at rock-bottom prices. Trust me, when you find your first box of Cheerios for under a buck, you’ll understand why. Instead of buying one box to last you a week, you’ll get four to last a month—thanks to four copies of the Sunday paper!


Before you read on, be sure to bookmark the KCL Cereal Deals page to stay informed about all the deals.


4. Where can I get Sunday coupons for free?

Want newspaper coupon inserts, but don’t want to pay for them? You’ve got some options, including asking friends, neighbors, or co-workers to save their coupons for you.

Talk to local business owners or convenience stores and ask if you can have their unsold papers at the end of the week. Also, try checking out neighborhood and city recycling centers. Feeling adventurous? Jump in!



5. How do I know which coupons will be in the paper? publishes a preview of upcoming coupons each Saturday morning. We usually see two to three inserts in each Sunday newspaper—with the exception of holiday weeks when there may be none.

If your local newspaper doesn’t have the coupon you’re looking for, consider trading coupons on KCL’s Facebook page or purchasing clipped coupons online.

TIP: If you’re considering hiring someone to clip coupons for you, make sure you read customer comments and ratings for legitimacy. You should also be very careful about expiration dates—you don’t want to receive coupons you can’t use!


6. How do I clip and organize newspaper coupons?

You can organize your coupons in a few ways — the simplest of which is keeping whole inserts in a portable file box.

The most thorough method involves clipping individual coupons and filing them by category in a coupon binder. You can do this, but I just stick them in a box in date order. For full instructions and a free download, visit The Krazy Coupon Lady beginner page.


7. What else do I need to know?

Couple of good things to know: newspaper coupons often vary by region.

Some regions will receive a $1 off Pantene coupon while another region receives $2 off, and a third region doesn’t get any Pantene coupons at all.

Additionally, different manufacturers publish different rules in the fine print including one coupon per purchase, limit 4 identical coupons per day, etc.


8. Where do I find a newspaper coupon database online?

Search your favorite brand or product on to see all coupons (including printable, mobile, and newspaper) and hot deals at top national stores!

Use the KCL app to access the coupon database at home or on the go. You can even sort by type: select “newspaper” coupons, type in the brand name, and see a comprehensive list of which Sunday coupon inserts contained coupons for your brand as well as the dates they were distributed!

A Comprehensive Guide to Sunday Newspaper Coupons