One of the more frustrating things about being a couponer is that not everybody gets the same coupons.

Your geographic location has everything to do with which coupon inserts you receive (if any), so while your friend in Tampa may be enjoying savings from their P&G insert, you’re sitting in Sacramento without any special coupons.

Let’s take a look at the various coupon inserts, why you might’ve missed them, and what to do about it:


1. You didn’t get your coupons in the Sunday paper.

OK, don’t panic. Just call your local newspaper and ask if they carry coupon inserts and see if your paper was just missed.

If it was missed, they should be willing to redeliver you a new copy for free the next day.


2. You don’t want to buy a Sunday paper, but you want the coupons.

A bunch of newspapers across the country offer a free subscription to a coupon-based weekly newspaper called YES — Your Essential Shopper — which is full of nothing but sale ads and coupons.

What’s inside YES changes depending on where you are, but it’s been known to include SmartSource, Save (the publication formerly known as RedPlum/RetailMeNot), and the Procter & Gamble insert.

Just Google “YES! Your Essential Shopper” newspaper + the name of your city’s newspaper to find out how to subscribe.

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3. You didn’t receive the Procter & Gamble coupon insert.

Bad news: Not everyone gets the P&G coupon insert in their newspaper. They have their strategic reasons.

Unfortunately, you can’t just call up P&G and get them to send you the insert. But you can contact them to show your enthusiasm for the insert, and if enough people chime in, it could make a difference.

Otherwise, you’ll want to get acquainted with P&G’s website, for coupons; they’re often similar to what was in the insert.


4. You didn’t get the ‘Save’ insert (aka RetailMeNot) or the Unilever Super Saver.

Both of these publications come from the same place, so it’s a big deal if you’re not getting either one. But sadly, there’s not much you can do if their publisher, Valassis, isn’t serving your area. (Although, Save promises to introduce some online offers soon.)

Check your zip code at the coupon book finder for Save and the coupon book finder for Unilever. Sometimes you’ll find that a newspaper in a neighboring town might carry the inserts.

Otherwise, you’ll want to find other ways of saving on these products, like the Fetch Rewards partnership with Unilever.


5. You don’t have any paper coupons at home.

Hey, that’s alright. Krazy Coupon Lady has plenty of coupons you can print right from home (yes, it’s legal), and plenty of non-coupon savings and tricks to use stores’ loyalty programs to save you lots.

Our advice? Bookmark the products you want to buy the most — such as Dove, Tide, or toilet paper — and check back often. We’ll give you plenty of ways to save money, regardless of which coupons you get on Sundays.


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What to Do When You Don't Get Coupon Inserts