The flood of deals coming from Amazon for the 2020 holiday season will rush in earlier than ever, and you’re gonna want to be ready.

When should you shop Amazon Black Friday 2020? When is a good time to buy electronics on Amazon? When should I wait to buy the items on my list?

We’ve got the answers, friends. KCL is here to help you get everything on your list without breaking the bank.

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1. Amazon Black Friday deals start Oct. 26, 2020.

Amazon Black Friday deals start Oct. 26, 2020 — nearly a WHOLE MONTH earlier than in 2019.

Early Black Friday Deals will start Oct. 26 and run through Nov. 19, featuring a weekly rotating list of special offers. Last year, these deals were only available to Prime members; not the case this year.

Like last year, you’re also likely to see (at least) 10 Coveted Deals appear at midnight on Thanksgiving, and 10 more at midnight on Black Friday. Deals will keep going through Amazon Cyber Monday, Nov. 30 — that’s 34 days of discounts before we even hit December.

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2. Expect discounts on toys and electronics to spike on Dec. 14.

Why Dec. 14? It’s Free Shipping Day 2020 — which means hundreds of retailers will be offering free shipping (with no minimum purchase) for this one day only.

Amazon responds to this increase in online competition by discounting some of their hottest items all over again, bringing shoppers right back in for more.

Expect to see the most in-demand items, including electronics and toys, to hit some of the lowest prices of the year on Free Shipping Day 2020.

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3. Activate your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial on Oct. 13 to get access to Prime Day deals.

Amazon says Prime Day 2020 — which was postponed from July — is happening in October, and while they haven’t announced a date, industry watchers are focused on Oct. 13-14 for the two-day mega-savings event.

That’s less than two weeks before Early Black Friday Deals go live.

Since you don’t need to be a Prime member to access Amazon Early Black Friday Deals this year, you’ll want to activate your free 30-day Prime trial to access the Prime Day deals in early October. If the October Prime Day is anything like the July version, you’ll see the year’s best prices on Amazon devices, Apple products, Instant Pot, Fire Sticks, and Roomba.

Of course, within those 30 days you’ll still be able to enjoy free shipping with Prime during the Amazon Early Black Friday Deals.


4. Ask your Alexa for Alexa-exclusive deals.

If you have an Amazon-enabled device like the Echo, use it to get the best deals this holiday season:

Say “Alexa, what are your deals?” to hear a list of deals averaging 40% off.


5. Triple your Amazon return window with up to 90-day returns.

Amazon extends their return window from 30 days (for most items) to up to 90 days during the holiday shopping season for items shipped by Amazon.

In past years, anything you bought on Amazon between Nov. 1-Dec. 31 could be returned by Jan. 31 (exclusions apply).

This year, since Amazon Black Friday deals are starting a month earlier, expect that timeframe to start sometime in October. (We haven’t heard anything definitive just yet, but it seems likely.) This will help with the inevitable Black Friday buyer’s remorse.

Just print a return shipping label, stick it in a box, and schedule a free USPS pickup from your doorstep.

Now you can also make Amazon returns at Kohl’s. All you have to do is bring in the item you want to return to the Kohl’s customer service and show them the code Amazon will send you. No need to package it or label it first — Kohl’s will do that for you. AND you get a 25% off Kohl’s store coupon!



6. Sign up for Watch Deal alerts in the Amazon shopping app.

To make sure you don’t miss out on Amazon’s limited-time, one-day-only Lightning Deals between Thanksgiving and Christmas, scope out what you want 24 hours in advance and then sign up for text notifications using Amazon’s app.

Amazon will send you a text when the deal is about to go live so you can tap through on your phone and get the discount before it’s gone.

But while you’re adding deal alerts, you’ll want to set up Amazon deal notifications with the KCL app.


7. Join the Waitlist for any items you missed.

Sometimes deals are just sitting in shoppers’ carts, meaning they’ve claimed them but may not actually go through with purchasing them.

If you click “Join Waitlist” on an item that’s out of stock, you’ll be in line to purchase whatever someone else leaves behind.


8. Don’t spoil the surprise; use the Amazon app’s Package X-ray.

Customers with a smartphone can simply scan the shipping label barcode using their camera icon within the free Amazon shopping app, and the items that are inside the box will display on the screen.

This will help you keep items hidden, or just wrap the boxes as they arrive.


9. Check price histories on camelcamelcamel so you can buy with confidence.

Amazon is one of the few retailers with a bad reputation for hiking prices above MSRP just to make Black Friday sales look more exciting.

Instead of stressing about whether you’re actually getting a good deal or not while the Lightning Deal clock ticks down, just check your item’s price history on camelcamelcamel.

You’ll see what the lowest recent price has been (and when) to see if the current price is actually a decent deal, or just overly hyped.

TIP: When checking price histories on camelcamelcamel, know that Prime Day deals usually top Amazon Black Friday deals. So, while you may see prices drop over Black Friday, they may not drop as low as they did on Prime Day.


10. Price matching is dead during the Black Friday Five.

Most retailers will not price match during the Black Friday Five, which is Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

However, that still leaves at least 50 days of price matching to use to your advantage.

Does Amazon price match on Black Friday? Unfortunately no, but plenty of retailers price match Amazon — including Best Buy and Target!

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11. Collect free Amazon credit — like a gift card — if your packages arrive late.

With Paribus monitoring your Amazon shipments, you’ll be praying your packages are late!

They’ll track your Amazon orders and, if any of your packages arrive late (as they often do over the holiday season), Paribus will send you an email with easy instructions for filing a claim directly with Amazon. Amazon will make good with anything from reimbursed shipping to, at times, credits on your next order!

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


12. Check NewEgg’s prices before buying electronics during Amazon Black Friday.

NewEgg has historically beaten Amazon’s prices on Black Friday for electronics, so be sure to check them out before you commit.

Using the ShopSavvy app can help you quickly check out a list of competitor prices before getting suckered into a ticking-clock deal. Just tell ShopSavvy what you want, and it’ll show you current sale prices at major retailers.



13. Buy discounted gift cards to use on your Amazon purchases.

Find Amazon Black Friday gift card deals, which can either make a great gift, or can help you save on the rest of your holiday purchases.

You’ll want to visit and browse what’s available. The price you pay is lower than the amount still on the gift card. Easy savings.

Tip: If they’re sold out, you can set an alert to be notified when inventory returns.


14. Watch for Amazon Black Friday TV deals on Sony, LG, and Samsung TVs.

Watch these brands for the biggest TV markdowns. We’ve seen Amazon markdown a 55″ LG Smart TV from $1,199.99 to just $696.99!


15. Safeguard your budget by setting up an Amazon Allowance.

Don’t let all the great deals — and Amazon’s longer-than-ever Black Friday shopping season — tempt you into overspending!

Give yourself an Amazon Allowance, which is pretty much a prepaid electronic gift card that you can load with a set amount right before Black Friday sales start, making it impossible to overspend.


16. Keep an eye on those shipping deadlines to make sure gifts arrive on time.

Mark your calendars with these holiday shopping season 2020 shopping deadlines:

  • Dec. 14 – Last day to order and get free delivery on orders over $25 for non-Prime members
  • Dec. 18 – Last day to order items eligible for standard shipping for Prime members to arrive in time for the Christmas holiday
  • Dec. 22 – Last day to order for Prime members before the Christmas holiday
  • Dec. 23 – Last day to order items eligible for one-day delivery for Prime members with no minimum purchase
  • Dec. 24 – Last day to order for same-day delivery for Prime members in eligible areas on orders over $35 (order by 9:30 am local time)
  • Dec. 24 – Last chance for free two-hour grocery delivery for Prime members in select cities (order by 5 pm local time for Whole Foods Market and 8PM local time for Amazon Fresh)
  • Dec. 24 – Whole Foods Market stores, Amazon Books, and Amazon 4-star stores open Christmas Eve
  • Dec. 25 – Amazon gift cards and Amazon Prime subscriptions are still available for purchase online


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