What are the best Netflix hacks? How do I add people to my Netflix account? And more importantly, how do I kick people off?

Is there anything better than cuddling up and watching your favorite shows for hours…and hours? For better or worse, I love Netflix. But I also like to know that I’m getting the most out of my subscription. You too? Then read on, because we have the best Netflix hacks out there.


1. Make sure your streaming platform is up-to-date for the best Netflix viewing experience.

Nothing is worse than a slow buffer because your old T.V. or Amazon Fire stick can’t keep up. If you need an upgrade, then check out these Amazon FIre deals and tv deals.


2. Share Netflix with up to six other people.

You can create up to six profiles on Netflix’s premium service. That’s only $2.33 per person for a month of service!


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3. Disable dubbing on Netflix’s foreign-language titles.

Netflix is starting to release a lot of quality content from other countries. If you prefer to watch them with subtitles instead of dubbing, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Select your show
  2. Select “Audio & Subtitles” from the description page
  3. Select your preferred option
  4. Press the “back” button to return to the description page and play your show


4. Then customize your subtitles based on color, size, font and more.

Seriously, who can read that tiny script? Go to “Subtitle appearance” under your account settings and you can change the font, color, background and size of your subtitles.


5. Stream your Netflix shows in 4k — but only if you have a premium subscription.

4K is just a fancy way to say Ultra HD. There are a few requirements for this perk:

  1. Have an HD T.V.
  2. Stream with high-speed internet (at least 25 megabits per second)
  3. Have Netflix’s Premium subscription service

If you meet the criteria you can search Netflix’s 4K content by typing “4K’ or “Ultra HD” in the search box.



6. Watch Netflix during off-peak hours for the best quality viewing.

Watch early in the morning or late at night to get the best video quality. Who needs sleep, anyway?

Psst, if you work during peak internet hours then check out this list of 20 companies that pay you at least $11/hour to work from home.


7. Selectively delete your Netflix viewing history so it doesn’t influence your recommended shows.

Remember that time your friend logged into your account and watched 23 episodes of Gossip Girl? Well, now Netflix is suggesting shows based on that little binge.

To selectively delete shows, you’ll need to click “Viewing Activity” under “My Profile.” From there you can just click the X next to any show you’d like to delete from your history.

TIP: You can choose to delete specific episodes or an entire series.


8. Test new Netflix features before everyone else.

Once you log into your account, head over to the “test preparation” button and toggle it on. You’ll be able to see new changes and updates before everyone else.


9. You can also kick unwanted users off your Netflix account by signing out of all devices.

It’s not uncommon — or illegal — to give your Netflix password to others. But if your ex (or anyone else) is still taking advantage of your Netflix account then you need to cut that cord.

Simply go to your account and sign out of all devices. Make sure to change your password when you log back in.


10. Rate everything you watch to get better recommendations.

Give a star rating every time you watch something. Each time you do this Netflix gets to know you a bit better and will make more informed recommendations



11. Download select titles for offline Netflix viewing.

This is my favorite for long road trips! I let my kids pick two or three shows or movies to download for the trip. I don’t have to use up my data and their screen time is automatically limited.

Not all of the shows on Netflix are available for download. You can search by “available for download” or look for the download icon on your selection.


12. Make requests for titles you want to see on Netflix.

Netflix is listening, you guys! If you really want something that isn’t available you can fill out a request form and let your voice be heard!


13. Save data by switching to low HD when watching on your phone.

The best quality HD video you can stream on Netflix will use 3-7 GB per hour. That’ll kill your phone’s data plan if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

Save yourself some moolah by switching to “Basic video quality” when streaming Netflix on a mobile device. Doing this will only use .3 GB per hour.

To make the switch, go to “Playback settings” under “My profile” in your account settings.


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14. Get special features and behind-the-scenes footage from your favorite Netflix shows.

Click on the “Trailers and More” option and you’ll find extra footage on select shows. As if we don’t already get enough Orange is the New Black.


15. Get narration for select titles so you can multitask without missing anything.

Simply turn on the “Audio Description” feature and a narrator will describe all of the action happening on-screen.



16. Keep it age appropriate with parental controls.

I don’t love watching the same shows as my kids, but I don’t want them accessing all of Netflix’s content when I’m not in the room.

I set up profiles just for them and restrict what they can watch by specifying a maturity level.

Go to “Parental controls” under “Settings” in your account profile. Then establish a PIN that only the adults in the house know.


17. Prevent spoilers with Super Netflix.

The Super Netflix extension for Chrome users blurs plot descriptions and image thumbnails if you like a little mystery in your life. It will also automatically skip T.V. intros, enhance video brightness and color contrast, and pick your video streaming quality.


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18. Watch Netflix more efficiently with computer shortcuts.

F = full screen
Esc = taking you out of full screen
PgDn = pause
PgUp = play
Spacebar = pause or play
Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward
Shift + Left Arrow = rewind
M = mute button (depending on your computer)


19. Watching in bed? Save your neck with Netflix Flip.

We all do it, so no judgment. Netflix Flip is a Chrome extension that flips your screen so you can binge-watch yourself to sleep in comfort.


20. Remove “Netflix Originals” from your suggestions to see more content.

Netflix really wants you to watch their stuff, so it takes up a lot of real estate on your home screen. You’ll still be able to search for and watch Netflix original content, but there’ll be more room for other suggestions.

To do this you’ll need to add the Google Chrome extension, No Netflix Originals.



21. Disable the “are you still watching” prompt on Netflix.

Don’t let Netflix judge you for binge-watching. If you’re watching from Chrome then download the Never Ending Netflix extension and watch as much as you want without any interruption.


22. Download Rabbit and watch Netflix with everyone — even if they aren’t in the same room.

via The Mama Maven

Fact: I love scary movies, but I can’t watch them alone. Enter Rabbit.

Rabbit is a free platform that lets you share what’s on your screen with one or more friends. Only one of you needs a Netflix and Rabbit account, but all of you need Google Chrome to watch.

You can even instant message and talk while the show is playing.


23. Add IMDb ratings to help make viewing decisions.

You’ll need the IMDb ratings for Netflix extension on Chrome to take advantage, but once you do you’ll get all your favorite IMDb info right alongside your show selection, including plot and awards!


24. Browse by “expiring soon” to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Did you know that Netflix has over 76,000 micro-genres? Even the most committed viewer can’t possibly browse through them all.

Add the Better Browse extension and you can browse by any of these micro-genres, including “expiring soon.”


25. Don’t know what to watch? Try Netflix Roulette for some inspiration.

Netflix has the rights to some 13,000 titles, which can make choosing one a little overwhelming. This randomizer will give you suggestions based on genre and scores from both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.


26. Download the Netflix app for easy viewing on any device.

This makes it easier to watch shows on the go. Just don’t Netflix and drive.


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26 Netflix Hacks to Change the Way You Binge-Watch