You guys, Hulu.

For $5.99/month, you can get on-demand entertainment including next-day episodes from shows like This Is Us and Modern Family, commercial-free movies, and Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale.

But you probably already knew all that, huh?

Well, here are 13 Hulu hacks I bet you don’t know:


1. Save $5.99 with a FREE trial month of Hulu.

Your first month of Hulu is always free.

And you can score as many free months of Hulu as you have email addresses to share. . . but you didn’t hear that from us.


2. Enjoy a free week of Hulu with Live TV (regularly $39.99/month).

After your free month of regular $5.99/month Hulu is up, go ahead and sign up to enjoy a free week of Hulu with Live TV.

You can stream 50+ top TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment, in addition to Hulu’s complete library of on-demand entertainment.

Adios, cable.


3. Share your Hulu account with friends and family.

You can stream up to 18 devices with one $5.99/month account. Here’s how one family does it.

Or upgrade to the $14.99/month account for unlimited screen access and go wild.



4. Get $10 every time you refer a friend.

If you aren’t going to share your account with a friend, you may as well refer them and get a $10 Hulu gift card.

Find the referral link on your Account page.


5. Earn 200 Plenti Points for every 10 qualifying episodes you watch on Hulu.

Link your Plenti Points card to your Hulu account, activate Hulu offers, and start watching!

You can earn 200 points when you activate your first qualifying device to stream Hulu (devices include Roku, Samsung TV, Vizio TV, XBox, PlayStation 3 or 4, Amazon Fire).

After that, you’ll earn 200 points for every 10 qualifying episodes you watch.

Just log in to your Plenti Points account to view available Hulu offers here.


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6. Download the Hulu app to use your smartphone as a remote.

It’ll make typing, swiping, and searching way easier than the cramped TV interface.

It’s also easier to turn on the “Hulu Kids Lock” feature from the app, which brings us to . . .


7. Activate Hulu Kids Lock so only kid-friendly videos are accessible.

You’ll need a password to view anything considered not kid-friendly.

Just click the “lock” icon in the top right corner of your Hulu app screen to turn it on or off.



8. You don’t have to pay for Hulu while you’re on vacation.

Planning a vacation?

Put your Hulu account on ‘hold’ so you aren’t paying for a service that you aren’t using. Do this from your Account page.


9. Rate shows to help Hulu feed you more of the shows you like.

If you viewed a show or movie once and hated it, that viewing will still affect your recommended show list.

If you take a moment to rate a show as bad, similar shows won’t show up on your recommendations just because you viewed the bad show once or twice.


10. Tailor your ad experience to your interests.

Ugh, ads. I feel you!

If you have to see them, you might as well see things you’re quasi-interested in.

Just click “Personalize Ad Experience” under Privacy Settings on your Account page.

You’ll be asked 12 questions to customize your ad experience so the commercials are actually somewhat worthwhile. I went from watching car and phone commercials to ads about fashion and makeup.


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11. Or skip ads altogether for an additional $4/month.

If you just can’t do the ads, upgrade your account to the $11.99/month commercial-free subscription.

The commercial-free Hulu with Live TV option is $43.99/month, just $4 more than the $39.99/month commercial-friendly version.


12. Your Watchlist will show you when you have a new episode to watch.

For example, if you add The Bachelorette or This Is Us to your Watchlist, it’ll show you that you have an unseen episode to watch every time a new episode airs on live TV.

This significantly cuts back on your “What should I watch tonight” browsing time, so you have more time to binge.


13. Keep everyone happy with separate profiles.

If you aren’t using the Profile feature and have more than one person on your account, you’re probably getting a lot of recommendations for shows that don’t make sense for you!

Create a profile for everyone in your household, or anyone you’re sharing Hulu with.


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13 Smart (and Accurate!) Hulu Hacks You Need to Know