Sam’s Club Curbside pickup makes it easier than ever to buy in bulk without going into the warehouse. Although Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, curbside pickup is fairly new. Plus, did you know it’s available for free for all warehouse members currently? Once Sam’s decides to charge Club members to use the service, it will only be free for Plus members.

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Here’s what you need to know to save time and money:


How does Sam’s Club curbside pickup work?


Start your order through the Sam’s Club app like this:

  1. Add items to your list.
  2. Choose your pickup date and time when you’re ready to check out.
  3. Once Sam’s Club notifies you that your order is ready, drive to the store.
  4. Check in through the app when you arrive.


Look for “Pick up in club” when you’re shopping Sam’

If you’d rather skip the app and shop, sort by “in club” to see only items available for pickup. When you select a product, you’ll see a blue “Pick up in club” button — this means you can add the item to your cart and use curbside pickup.


Can I use coupons with my curbside pickup order?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club doesn’t accept coupons at all, but all Instant Savings offers will be applied at checkout automatically, no coupons necessary.



How much does pickup cost?

Right now, it’s free for all club members. At some point, it won’t be free for basic Club members, only Sam’s Plus members. What’s the difference? A Club membership costs $45 per year and a Plus membership costs $100, because they get extra perks like free shipping and access to early shopping hours.

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When can I pick up my order?

Sam’s curbside pickup slots start as early as 7 a.m. for Plus members and 10 a.m. for Club members. The store will hold your order for up to 24 hours. After that, they’ll cancel your order and you won’t be charged.



Are there same-day pickup slots?

Yes. If you’re lucky enough to find one. All same-day orders are before 3 p.m. Any later and you’ll need to pick it up the following day.


How much do I need to spend in order to qualify for curbside pickup?

There’s no minimum, you just need to place an order. So, one item.



Go ahead and check out with both a store pickup order and shipped items.

Say you want to buy some laundry detergent and bulk paper towels, but only one of those is available for pickup in your local store.

Rather than place one pickup order and one shipping order separately, Sam’s Club will let you complete an order with both delivery types.

Reserve a pickup slot for your delivery items and choose a shipping type for the rest of your purchases when you checkout.







Sam's Club Curbside Pickup: Top Tips for Newbies