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7 Things to Know About the Sam's Club Bakery: Best Items, Prices & Hours

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I always cross my fingers there will be a sample station set up in the Sam’s Club bakery, because everything is Just. So. Good. The savings you get from their bakery alone can make up for the cost of a Sam’s Club membership. But even if you’re a long-time Sam’s Club shopper, you might not even be aware of everything the Sam’s Club bakery has to offer.

To help you squeeze the most value out of your Sam’s Club membership, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about their bakery. Find out what they offer, what the best deals are, and which muffin flavor is the best. (Hint: it’s blueberry.)

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1. Sam’s Club has everything from fresh bread to wedding cakes in the bakery.

Someone holding a bunch of bread int he bakery section at Sam's Club

The Sam’s Club bakery truly has it all. Their fresh bread and rolls are always delicious, and they have plenty of breakfast items to make busy mornings way easier. For special occasions, you can let Sam’s Club do the work for you with cupcake trays and even custom wedding cakes.

And unlike a lot of the other things I buy at Sam’s, the bakery items come in both bulk packaging and in reasonable quantities for smaller households. All of the muffin flavors come in trays of six (at $4.98, that’s about $0.83 per muffin), but you can also grab a variety pack of nine muffins. If you’re buying breakfast for the office, you can grab a bulk wholesale case of 60 muffins!

Another bulk favorite of mine for parties and grill-outs is their ciabatta rolls, which come in an 80-pack. But they’re also available in an eight-pack, which is a lot more manageable for a household of two.

TIP: You’ll pay only $0.75 per muffin when you buy a dozen from the Costco bakery.


2. But it’s not just bread and cakes — the Sam’s Club bakery has cinnamon rolls, flatbreads, and pizzas, too.

Someone holding a stack of muffins at the Sam's Club Bakery

Here’s a sampling of all you’ll find in the bakery section at Sam’s Club.

Desserts & Pastries

Whether you need a birthday treat or an everyday dessert, you’ll find cookie and brownie trays, pies, turnovers, madeleines, and fresh biscotti in the bakery section.

Cakes & Cupcakes

Grab a tray of casual cupcakes, a fresh cake for any occasion (the tres leches cake with fresh strawberries is popular), or a gorgeous custom cake for weddings or birthdays.

Buns, Bread, and Rolls

Pick up fresh-baked bread for weeknight dinners, rolls of all kinds, and fresh butter croissants in the bakery. I personally love the artisan ciabatta rolls!

Breakfast Items

Save time in the mornings with Sam’s fresh-baked breakfast items, including cinnamon rolls, assorted muffins, and all kinds of bagels. The variety pack of danishes is always at the top of my grocery list.

Flatbreads, Pitas, and Pizzas

The bakery also offers stone-baked naan, naan bites, and pita bread for easy weeknight dinners.


3. Every Sam’s Club location has a bakery, but some bakeries are bigger than others.

Baked goods in the bakery at Sam's Club

While doing my research, I learned that every Sam’s Club warehouse includes a bakery. For the most part, all Sam’s Club bakeries carry the same items, especially the basics like fresh bread and rolls, cookie trays, cupcakes, and just-baked muffins.

Some stores include larger bakeries, though. At bigger bakeries, you might find additional flavor varieties of muffins, danishes, and bagels. And sometimes those larger bakeries will test out new items. But otherwise, all Sam’s bakeries are pretty similar!


4. Bakery hours vary by location, so call before you go.

Some Sam’s Club bakery locations have different hours than the actual store. Typically, the bakery will open at the same time as the rest of the store, but at some locations, the bakery to will open an hour or two after later.

If you’re heading to Sam’s Club first thing in the morning, just be aware that the bakery employees might not have everything made and ready to go yet.

With special orders, you’ll want to call ahead to make sure a bakery associate is available. Some locations have specialty cake decorators who work limited hours, and sometimes they’ll ask you to set up an appointment if you’re placing a large custom order.


5. Sam’s Club bakery sells a lot of similar things as Walmart — but they’re not the exact same items.

Someone picking out a loaf of bread from a shelf in the Walmart bakery section

Because Sam’s Club is owned by the Walmart corporation, people often wonder if the bakery items are the same at both stores — but they’re not. Both retailers offer the same types of things (breads, muffins, etc.), but the recipes are different.

Sam’s obviously offers more bulk items than Walmart does. For example, Walmart doesn’t carry bulk trays of 60 muffins. But the general consensus is that the baked goods from Sam’s Club taste better, while the Walmart Bakery has the best-tasting cakes overall. (Of course, that’s totally up for debate!)

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6. Shoppers rave about Sam’s Club bakery’s dinner rolls, blueberry muffins, and tiramisu cake.

Someone holding up a case of blueberry muffins at the Sam's Club bakery

As an experienced Sam’s Club shopper (and eater) myself, I’ll share my top three must-try items from the bakery section.

  • Member’s Mark Yeast Dinner Rolls: The freshly-baked rolls come in a pack of 24 for just $3.98, making each roll only $0.16! Compare that to Target’s classic dinner rolls, which are $0.36 cents each (and not as tasty, in my opinion).
  • Member’s Mark Blueberry Muffins: You need to add these muffins to your Sam’s Club shopping list. Their blueberry muffins ($4.98 for six) taste just like the ones from Starbucks ($2.99 for one), and you’ll be paying three times less per muffin. Plus, the Sam’s Club muffins are bigger!
  • Member’s Mark Tiramisu Cake: For just $14.98, the tiramisu cake feeds eight people, so it comes out to about $1.87 per serving. Compare that to paying at least $10 per serving at a restaurant, and you’re getting a great deal. Not to mention that tiramisu is difficult and time-consuming to make yourself, so you’re saving both time and money with this one.


7. You can even order a custom cake from the Sam’s Club bakery!

You already know that Sam’s everyday bakery items are a great deal, but you can save even more when it comes to custom cakes. Whether you’re ordering for a kid’s birthday party or a budget wedding, you can save a ton by getting your cake from Sam’s. Their custom half-sheet cake is just $20.98 and feeds 48 people, which means each serving is just $0.44.

The downside is that you can’t place a custom order online. You’ll need to either call the bakery or visit your local store to place an order. (Sam’s website says they’re exploring an online ordering feature, but it hasn’t been rolled out just yet.)

Sam’s recommends ordering at least a week ahead of time if you’re wanting a lot of lettering or an intricate design. They do have pre-made undecorated cakes available for same-day purchase, and they’re attractive enough on their own that you won’t even miss the additional decoration.


Is there an online version of the Sam’s Club Cake Book 2023?

You bet there is. You can browse all 46 pages of the Sam’s Club cake book right on their website. Here’s what inside the book:

  • 20 Icing Flavors & Colors
  • 15 Decoration Options (sprinkles, edible gold sequins, sanding sugar, etc.)
  • Cake Topper Monogram Options
  • 32 Themed Cake Designs
  • 130 Edible Image Photocake Designs
  • 3 Special Order Party Trays
  • 4 Prepared Trays



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