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From the grocery store to the hardware store, prices are going up all over the place — even the cost you pay for gas to drive to these stores. But is everything more expensive right now? Well, pretty much.

We looked through our price history data from 2021 and compared scores of products, and the overwhelming result was that yes, you’re paying more for pretty much everything.

But some items saw bigger price jumps than others. We’ve listed some of the items with the most substantial price increases in the last year, that are at least 15% more expensive in 2022 than they were in 2021.

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1. Avocados: 64 – 98% more expensive

A person's hand holding an avocado above a pile of avocados.

Want a medium-sized avocado? Walmart prices are 64% higher than they were a year ago. Before you think, “I can use coupons!” … they’re pretty rare.

Target prices for avocados are $0.99, an astounding 98% higher than it was one year ago. Keep in mind that prices may vary by region.

Produce is on the rise all over the place. Target strawberries saw a 45% increase since 2021. Avoid paying full price by waiting to shop until Target does a $1.99 sale on strawberries.

Not even frozen produce escapes the price hike; Bird’s Eye frozen veggies at Walmart are 23% more expensive in 2022.

PRO TIP: We’ll teach you how to make your produce last longer.


2. Eggs: 57 – 80% more expensive

A person's hand lifting the top of a Good & Gather egg carton to show the eggs inside.

Spending 80% more on eggs was not part of my 2022 New Year’s resolution. This is the second-highest increase we’ve seen from Target prices in the last year.

And at Sam’s Club, the 18-count container of Eggland’s Best eggs was just $3.08 at Sam’s Club in spring 2021. The price has jumped up to $4.84, which is a massive 57.14% increase.

PRO TIP: Wanna keep eggs from going bad? Freeze them. We’ll show you how to freeze eggs.


3. Chicken Breast at Sam’s Club: 52.38% more expensive

A person's hand lifting a two-pack of Farmer's Market chicken breasts off of a shelf of more of the same product at Sam's Club.

Chicken breast at Sam’s Club is up nearly $1/lb since last year, which is an increase of more than 52%. Just $1.89/lb last March, chicken breast is now $2.88/lb.


4. Annual Flower Baskets at Lowe’s: 50.10% more expensive

Hanging flower baskets on display at Lowe's.

Lowe’s prices for 1.5-gallon baskets of annuals went up over 50% in one year in my area, going from $9.98 to $14.98. Exact prices may vary based on where you live, but increases like this are pretty common. Make sure you’re getting the best deals by reading this article on how to save on hanging flower baskets.

In related news, Bonnie Strawberry plants from Lowe’s are 20.10% more expensive.


5. Milk at Walmart: 48% more expensive

A view inside the dairy case at a Walmart store displaying gallons of milk.

Feels like gas prices and milk prices are competing to see which one can raise their prices more in a year. And although milk coupons are rare, coupons for Walmart’s store brand, Great Value, are basically non-existent.

So yeah, seeing Walmart prices for a gallon of whole milk grow 47.95% in a year — from $2.19 in 2021 to $3.24 in 2022 — isn’t great.

And even if you’re not buying cow’s milk, you’re still paying more at Walmart. A pint of Almond Breeze almond milk is over 16% more expensive year to year.

Learn how to coupon so you can cut costs on other products you regularly buy.


6. Patio Stones at Lowe’s: 43.70% more expensive

A person's hand taking a patio paver from a stack of them at Lowe's.

In March 2021, 12″ x 12″ cement patio stones were $1.48. They’re $0.70 more expensive in 2022.



7. Grass Seed at Home Depot: 38.44% more expensive

A shelf stocked with grass seed.

If you want your grass to grow, your out-of-pocket spend is going to grow, too. Scotts grass seed is nearly 40% higher in 2022 than it was in 2021. What used to be $64.99 a bag now costs $89.97.

And Scotts Turf Builder prices rose more than 16% at both Lowe’s and Home Depot.


8. Bacon at Sam’s Club: 33.46% more expensive

A person's hand holding up a package of Wright Brand real wood smoked bacon in the refrigerated section at Sam's Club.

Sam’s Club prices for four-pound packages of Wright Brand bacon are now $25.33, which is over $6 more than they were this time last year. Yikes.

Ball Park Franks are also more expensive, like 16.72% more. And at Walmart, Buddig lunch meat is 17.65% more expensive.

We’ve got more info about how to save on meat — we’re even looking at the cost savings of buying a cow.


9. Hand soap at Target: 31.75% more expensive

A pump bottle of Softsoap antibacterial hand soap being held in front of a shelf of more hand soap at Target.

An 11.25-oz bottle of Softsoap will cost you 31% more in 2022 than in 2021 — a jump from $1.89 to $2.49.

Learn more about how Target prices have changed over the past year.


10. Luvs Jumbo Pack Diapers at Walmart: 30.18% more expensive

A package of Luvs pro level diapers sitting in a Walmart shopping cart in the diaper aisle at Walmart.

Spending money on diapers is tough enough — you literally throw them away — but paying another 30.18% for diapers? Oof.

A jumbo pack of Luvs at Walmart was $4.97 in 2021, and Walmart prices jumped to $6.47 in 2022. That stinks worse than what you put in the diapers.

And in related products, the price of Huggies wipes has increased 21.91% over 2021.

But don’t worry — we have a list of ways you can get baby freebies (including free diapers).


11. Cetaphil face wash at Target: 29.08% more expensive

A person's hand holding a pump bottle of Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser in an aisle at Target..

Cetaphil face wash at Target is $1.80 more expensive per 8 fl oz bottle in 2022, compared to a year before — that’s a more than 29% increase!

In other personal care price jumps:

  • Dove Dry Spray Deodorant at Walmart: 25.93% more expensive
  • Nexxus Shampoo at Target: 25.02% more expensive
  • Bar of Dove Soap: 19.81% more expensive


12. Prime MDF Boards at Lowe’s: 26.78% more expensive

A woman holding a piece of wood, talking to an employee at Lowe's.

“Wood” you believe you’re paying more for lumber products? The price I paid for 1″ x 6″ x 8′ medium density fiberboard (MDFs) in February 2022 has already jumped 26.78% — from $10.98 to $13.92.

But we’ve got plenty of tips for you to save money at Lowe’s to help lessen the blow.



13. Campbell’s Soup at Walmart: 25.53% more expensive

A person's hand placing a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup into a Walmart shopping cart basket with other cans of Campbell's soup.

Word to the wise: You shouldn’t pay more than $0.75 per can of soup. But since Walmart prices are now 25% higher, that’s gonna be harder to achieve. Campbell’s soup cans are $1.18 each in 2022.

And while you’re filling your pantry, keep in mind that baking staples like organic cane sugar from Costco cost more these days, too — 15% more expensive.

We’ll teach you how to stockpile cans and other non-perishables for less.


14. Sara Lee bread at Walmart: 24.75% more expensive

Loaves of Sara Lee bread stocked on a shelf in Walmart.

I’m already talking about the “good old days” when Walmart prices for a 20-oz package of Sara Lee White Bread were less than $2.00. Those days were, well, in 2021. Now, the bread costs $2.47, representing a nearly 25% increase.

You’ll probably want to keep tabs on our bread coupons page.


15. Char-Broil Gas Grill at Lowe’s: 20.08% more expensive

A person lifting the lid of a grill on display at Lowe's.

Don’t get burned by rising grill costs. Lowe’s raised the price of a Char-Broil gas grill from $249 to $299 between 2021 and 2022.

The first rule of buying grills is to never pay full price. Thinking about buying a grill? Here’s how to do it right.


16. Coffee: Around 20% more expensive

A Starbucks tall black coffee in a grande cup sitting on a table.

Starbucks prices on brewed coffee in 2022 are $2.95 for a grande, $0.50 (or 20.41%) more than it was in 2021. And even a tall brewed coffee jumped 17.78% in price.

But coffee prices aren’t just going up at the coffee shops. It’s an even bigger jump in Walmart prices for bottles of Starbucks Iced Coffee. They’re 24.74% more expensive than in 2021. And even Sam’s Club prices on the cost of a 51-oz bulk container of Folgers are 18.26% spendier from a year ago. You’re gonna need our coffee coupons and deals.

TIP: Need to save money at Starbucks? We’ve got lots of tips for how to use Starbucks Rewards to your advantage.


17. Frito-Lay Classic Mix at Sam’s Club: 18.55% more expensive

Boxes of Frito-Lay classic mix chips stocked on the sales floor at Sam's Club.

Another summertime staple you’ll be paying more for this year are chips. Sam’s Club prices on Frito-Lay 24-ct Classic Mix boxes are $2.50 more than they were last year, which is an 18.55% increase.

Want to wash it down with a Pepsi? You’re now paying 16.03% more for a 12-oz 12-pack.

Bookmark our chips coupons and our Pepsi coupons.


18. Dog food: 18% more expensive

A person's hand holding up a package of Purina Bella wet dog food in the dog food aisle at Walmart.

Feeding your doggo costs more. Walmart prices for Bella dog food trays are 18.92% higher in 2022, and at Target, prices on Iams dog food are 18.20% more.

No worries, though — we’ve done a lot of work to find out the best ways to save money on dog food.



19. Tidy Cats Cat Litter at Walmart: 17.63% more expensive

A container of Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong kitty litter sitting in a Walmart shopping cart.

Walmart prices for a 20-lb jug of Tidy Cats cat litter are more than 17% more expensive than one year ago. We usually see Tidy Cats coupons valued at around $2, so if you buy this brand, always look for a coupon before you shop.

Checking rebate apps like Ibotta is also a good idea, as they often have stacking offers that’ll help you save even more. Get started by reading our ultimate guide to rebate and cash-back apps.

And while we’re talking cats, we’ll show you how to get cheap cat food every time you shop.


20. Yoplait variety packs at Walmart: 17.20% more expensive

A container of Yoplait original french vanilla yogurt being held up in front of a shelf of more yogurt at Walmart.

When you buy an 8-ct pack of Yoplait yogurt, you’re now paying $0.55 per cup, according to Walmart prices. That’s more than 17% spendier than it was in 2021 when it was $0.47 per cup.

Check out these Yoplait coupons we found for you.


21. Glade candles at Target: 16.72% more expensive

A Glade clean linen candle being held in front of a shelf of candles at Target.

An extra $0.50 for a Glade candleTarget prices have gone from $2.99 to $3.49 — doesn’t seem like a big increase, until you realize that it’s 16.72% more expensive. Ouch.

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