Depending on how much your baby eats, you can spend upwards of $30/week (or more as your baby grows!) to keep them satisfied.

That can equal nearly $2,000 in the first year!

Here are all the ways you can save on baby formula without killing your budget:

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1. For the best deals on formula opt for Kirkland-brand formula instead of Similac Pro-Sensitive to save 53%.

You can get a 3-pack of Kirkland non-GMO powdered formula from Costco (three 2.13-lb. cans) for $49.99, or $16.66 per can.

You’ll spend $69.99 for a 2-pack of Similac Pro-Sensitive (two 2.13-lb. cans), or $34.99 per can.

That’s roughly 53% savings, and you’ll have to go to the store one-third less often.


2. Save 10% on every order using Enfamil’s Subscribe to Save program.

Enfamil’s Subscribe to Save program will save you 10% on every order of your favorite baby formula or toddler drink. You can switch products, quickly make changes to match your schedule, and lock in your discounted price as long as you’re subscribed. This program can save you up to $424 annually!

Get peace of mind knowing that the next order will arrive when you need it, directly from the manufacturer. And with their Afterpay “buy now, pay later” program, you’ve got additional options to save.


3. Get baby formula coupons when you sign up for programs with Similac, Enfamil and Gerber as soon as you’re expecting.

As soon as you start preparing to welcome a baby into your family, sign up for the customer programs with Similac, Enfamil and Gerber. Then have your husband sign up too. And maybe your mom.

You’ll all start receiving samples and monthly high-value coupons (like $5-$10 off for at least the first year). The welcome kit alone is generally worth around $50.


4. Call the formula company for coupons when you run out.

As a program member, you can expect to receive high-value coupons from the manufacturer, but it may not be enough to get discounts on every can you buy.

Call the company and ask if you can have a few extra coupons to help you continue buying their brand.

Similac Strong Moms: (800) 986-8800

Enfamil Family Beginnings: (800) BABY123

Gerber Generation: (800) 284-9488


5. Or just follow KCL for formula coupons and deals.

We keep a stash of Similac, Enfamil and more formula coupons on our site, so check with us before you hit the store.

We recently saw Similac clearanced at Walmart for $5/can, marked down from $19.99. We used a $4 coupon and got it for $1.



6. Get formula freebies or discounts when you sign up for ALL the baby registries.

Of course we hacked the baby registry game. . . but can you blame us? These seven retailers hand out freebies and discounts after you create a baby registry. The freebies change often, but there’s usually at least a free bottle and some high-value formula coupons.

Create a registry for each and collect them all:


7. Save up to 15% using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

You can save up to 15% on a formula subscription using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature.

Be sure to check for coupons prior to your next shipment. I recently saved an additional 35% on my first Similac shipment by taking advantage of an Amazon-offered coupon.


8. Buy powdered formula instead of pre-mixed liquid.

Powdered formula (once prepared) is about half the cost of ready-to-serve liquid formula.

For example, you can purchase a 23-oz. can of powdered Enfamil on sale for around $22. You’ll get about 155-oz. of drinkable (prepared) formula, which equals about $0.14 per ounce.

Purchasing pre-mixed Enfamil in liquid form will cost $0.29 per ounce on average. In the end, you’ll save about $0.15/oz. when you buy powdered.


9. Get a travel powder dispenser so you aren’t tempted to purchase expensive liquid formula.

At first, I thought I had to purchase spendy liquid formula to leave the house with food for my baby. Then, I discovered this little $5.88 powder formula dispenser.

I kept the three compartments fully measured and in my diaper bag, so all I had to do was fill a bottle with water, pour and shake!


10. If your baby hates the formula, return it for a refund.

If you realize your baby has trouble digesting a certain type or brand of formula, you don’t have to keep it. Take advantage of the company or retailer’s satisfaction guarantee and return the unfinished can for a refund.

Then, call the manufacturer and let them know the formula upset your baby. They’ll often send you a free sample of another variety (for example, a formula for sensitive tummies) because they’ll want to keep your ongoing business.


11. Take all the hospital freebies.

We all know this one, but don’t be shy. If a new nurse shows up and asks if you’d like another formula sample, smile and say, “Sure!”


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