1. Prevent kids from falling out of bed with a pool noodle.

Place a pool noodle along the edge of your child’s bed and under the fitted sheet. It’ll act as a soft barrier.


2. Limit kids’ soap use with a rubber band.


3. Make sure your babysitter always has instructions and emergency contact info with this free template.

Print out this free template and place it in a frame. Every time a babysitter watches your kids, use a dry erase marker to leave care instructions and emergency contact information.


4. Sort laundry faster with dots on clothing labels.

Use one dot for your first child, two dots for your second child.


5. Childproof cabinet doors with hair ties.


6. Use Command hooks and a hair tie to childproof your fridge.


7. Dip a Dum Dum lollipop in cough syrup if your kid hates the taste of medicine.

Dum Dums work best because they’re small and easy to dunk in a small medicine measuring cup.



8. Shop for shoes easily by tracing your kid’s feet.

If your child hates to try on shoes, trace their feet before heading to the store to make it easier to find the right fit. This DSW shoe-buying guide is a big help too!


9. Use hot glue to add grip to the bottom of slippery shoes.


10. Let neighborhood friends know when your kids are free to play with a door sign.

This is the perfect solution for families who have neighborhood kids always knocking and asking if their friends can come out to play—especially during homework or dinnertime. Print out this free template or make your own. Use colorful graphics to help young kids understand the sign.


11. Get your kids to love eating fruits and veggies with sprinkles.

Persuade reluctant kids to eat finish the veggies and fruit on their plate with sprinkles! Parmesan works too.


12. Slice the crusts off sandwiches with a pizza cutter.


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13. Protect car seats from snack-time spills with a fitted sheet.


14. Make reaching the faucet easier for toddlers with a DIY faucet extender.

Use a knife or scissors to cut off the narrow lid and make the channel for the water. The plastic around the lid is thicker, so it may be a little harder to cut through. Also, depending on your faucet and how curved the spout is, you may have to adjust the extender’s holes or use a different bottle so it stays on.



15. Potty train boys by putting cereal in the toilet and having them aim at the pieces.

Keep those liquids where they belong!


16. Use an old shower curtain liner to accident-proof a bed mattress.


17. Give kids their own spot to sleep in a hotel room by changing the direction of a bed’s pillows.


18. Fill a binder with printables, games, and other fun things for kids to do on the road or plane.


19. Have your kids use an old lotion or soap bottle as a water balloon pump.

No more wasted water!


20. Prevent mold from forming in kids’ water toys by plugging the hole with hot glue.


21. Shield kids’ hands from sparkler burns with a plastic cup.



22. Freeze difficult-to-wash stuffed animals and pillows to kill dust mites or pests.


23. Clean and disinfect toys, brushes, and flip flops in the dishwasher.


24. Keep doors from locking with rubber bands.


25. Transform an old shower curtain liner into an art smock.

Start by trimming a long, rectangular section from an old shower curtain liner (make sure it’s big enough to cover at least the front of your child’s clothing). Then, cut a hole that’s just large enough to slip over your child’s head. To help your child’s new smock stay on, cut a “belt” from the remaining liner and tie it around his or her waist.


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