Evelyn Romans

Editor, Tips + Photo/Graphics Manager

Evelyn Woodhead was one of the earliest KCL hires, joining back in 2014. Although money-saving is always a win, Evelyn is always attracted to finding a good life hack — whether it’s a copycat recipe, something crafty for the holidays, or something that makes parenting her two kids a little easier. 

Bargain-Hunting Background

  • Evelyn wasn’t an avid couponer until joining KCL, but quickly got hooked as she immersed herself in the world of saving money. Everyone does their krazy a little differently, and Evelyn’s was in finding cheap alternatives to expensive products, and most notably, being able to decode the secret messages hidden on stores’ price tags. 

Editorial Experience

  • During her eight years at KCL, Evelyn did it all. Besides editing content, Evelyn created and facilitated an online e-course, the “KCL Couponing Challenge,” which helped hundreds of couponers step up their savings game. Outside of KCL, Evelyn has worked as a columnist for a weekly magazine and as a digital content director for a marketing agency.


  • Arizona State University, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature