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We love to spoil our pets! They deserve a cozy bed, healthy food, and lots of toys. But pet supplies can be expensive, even if you know how to score a few pet food freebies. Luckily, Fido and Mr. Whiskers don’t need to know that we got all their favorite chew toys and treats for the lowest price. We shopped around for cheap pet food and found several pet products that are always the cheapest on Amazon.

One feature that can really add up to big savings on pet products is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option. This feature allows you to purchase a pet necessity at a lower cost when you set up a recurring purchase. Saving 5% on one purchase might not seem like it’s saving you a lot of money, but when you add up the savings on kitty litter or dog food across the course of your pet’s life, we’re talking about saving hundreds of dollars.

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1. Amazon or Costco: which membership is worth it for pet deals?

costco cart filled with dog and pet products

Costco’s memberships cost $60 per year (Gold Star) and can go as high as $120 per year (Gold Star Executive). Amazon Prime memberships cost $139 per year.

But do you need both? For pet parents, Costco is a great place for everyday low prices, but some products are actually cheaper on Amazon.


2. Amazon Subscribe & Save prices rival and sometimes even beat Costco’s.

a dog sleeping next to an amazon prime box on a couch

Amazon’s automatic reordering program is called Subscribe & Save. If you’re not familiar, we wrote a post you can read on how Amazon subscriptions work.

The basics are:

  • You’ll save about 5% just for subscribing.
  • You’ll save 15% if you subscribe to 5 or more items per month. (When you browse our best subscribe & save deals, reaching five will be easy.)
  • You may be able to save an extra 25% or more (in addition to 15%) when you subscribe to a new item. (I say ‘may’ because these extra discounts can vary from account to account. You may have nothing. You’ll likely see the 25%. Or you may even see a 40% in the place of 25.

In order to beat Costco, Amazon shoppers usually have to take advantage of all three. We recently compared costs between Costco and Amazon and below is a list of items found cheaper on Amazon:


3. Purina Prime Bones venison chew sticks cost $0.83 per stick on Amazon.

prime dog bones from sams club

One of the single best Amazon deals I came across while researching these prices is this Amazon deal on Purina Prime Bones. And $0.83 per bone is before you Subscribe & Save. After Subscribe & Save discounts, you’d only pay $0.79 per bone.

At Sam’s Club Purina Prime bones cost $2.66 per bone ($15.98 for a 6 ct bag). At Amazon, bones cost $1.57 per bone ($9.42 for a 6 ct bag) after Subscribe & Save discount.



4. Puppy pads are cheaper on Amazon than at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Costco.

puppy training pads cost comparison

Before you bring home a new bundle of fur, be sure to stock up on puppy pads. They are must-haves during those first few months at home with a new puppy. Opt for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature and each pad will cost you just $.14.

  • Save 6% per puppy pad on Amazon using Subscribe & Save compared to the Sam’s Club’s price tag.



5. Subscribe & Save to get the best deal on pet treats.

Save on name-brand dog treats with Amazon’s subscribe and save feature. This option costs about the same per ounce as the Costco store brand. We love it when we can get a quality brand for the same cost as a generic product.



6. Canned cat food has the cheapest price per ounce on Amazon.

canned cat food comparison by store graphic

Your kitties will love you forever if you regularly offer them wet cat food. But it’s hard to compare prices and find the best deal when there are so many package sizes and can sizes. Here, we found that Amazon offers the best price per can and by the ounce!

  • Save 35% per ounce on Amazon using Subscribe & Save compared to Costco’s price tag.



7. Temptations cat treats cost 22% less at Amazon.

Temptations cat treats from sams club

Temptations Cat Treats are priced well at Sam’s Club, but Amazon still beats them.

At Sam’s Club, Temptations cat treats cost $0.41 per ounce (19.48 for 3 lbs). On Amazon, Temptations cat treats cost $0.36 after Subscribe & Save discounts.



8. You can find a $40 cat tree on Amazon.

cat tree cost comparison graphic

The right cat tree for your home depends on your pets and your style. Generally speaking, we like an option that can support multiple cats so you only have to purchase one cat tree even if you have several cats.

  • Save 46% per item on Amazon compared to Walmart’s price tag.



9. For pet toy bundles, find the cheapest price per item on Amazon.

pet toy bundles cost comparison graphic

Fill their toy bin without emptying your wallet when you purchase a bundle with lots of toys for your pets to enjoy.

  • Save 65% per item on Amazon compared to Walmart’s price tag.



10. You can easily find an affordable pet travel bag on Amazon (for under $25!).

pet travel bag cost comparison graphic

Take your pup with you anywhere for less when you have a well-stocked pet travel bag that costs $7.99 less than the next cheapest bag.

  • Save 29% per item on Amazon compared to Sam’s Club’s price tag.


Here Are the Pet Items That Are Always Cheaper on Amazon