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Looking to cut down on your pet costs? I have good news: Saving money at Petco is ridiculously easy, if you know how to work it.

From finding Petco coupons and earning cash back with their Pals Rewards program, to getting free, same-day Petco delivery — we’ve got all the savings tips you need.

I’ll start with everyday ways to keep money in your pocket at Petco, then highlight the best Petco sales, and finally, I’ll simplify Petco’s fine print so you don’t get caught off guard.

Before you start, though, be sure to download the Krazy Coupon Lady app. Then “favorite” Petco, and we’ll send you the best deals as soon as they go live.


1. Join Petco Pals Rewards to get $5 coupons for every $167 you spend.

a woman holding a cellphone with pals rewards on screen standing in front of a petco

Unlike PetSmart’s loyalty program, Petco’s Pals Rewards program is, well, actually rewarding.

Pals members get one $5 Petco coupon for every $167 they spend at Petco — instead of one $5 PetSmart coupon for every $1,000 they spend at PetSmart.

The best part? You can stack these $5 off rewards on top of each other, coupons, and sale prices (as long as it doesn’t bring the total price below $0).

All you have to do is sign up for a free Petco Pals Rewards account, and you’ll start piling up savings.


2. Find all current Petco coupons on Petco’s monthly offers page online.

a person holding a cellphone with petco monthly coupons on screen while pushing cart with dog treats

Petco makes a new set of Petco coupons, promotions, and sales available on their website every month.

Oh, and about those coupons. Expect Petco to make four coupons available at the top of the page. Here’s what those coupons looked like in March 2022:

Petco denotes which deals are online or in stores only on each promotion.


3. Expect Petco’s monthly offers to include deals on Petco dog food, cat food, pet supplies, and treats.

a sign for buy three get one free on dog treats with a person grabbing a bag of dog treats

When it comes to Petco’s monthly promotions and sales, Petco tends to stick to cat and dog products.

I tracked each month’s promotions from November 2021 to April 2022, and in that time here’s what I saw:

See this week’s best Petco deals here.


4. Get a 35% off Petco promo code for your first order when you sign up for repeat deliveries.

a person pulling cat food out of a box

If you’ve ever heard of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, Petco’s repeat delivery program is exactly the same (if you haven’t heard of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, then read all about it here).

Basically, Petco shoppers get special discounts when they place a recurring order of one or more items. Your first repeat order will get a 35% discount, and future orders get a 5% discount. And at Petco, shipping is free on all orders over $35.

You can choose the length of time you want between orders, and you can cancel at any time.

Read our breakdown on pet food delivery services.


5. Or place your Petco.com orders for curbside pickup and get 10% – 15% off your entire order.

a person driving up to curbside pickup outside petco

You don’t have to order delivery to get a discount on your Petco.com purchases. That’s because Petco rewards shoppers who order online and pick up in store with 10% off any purchase of $50 or more. Sometimes Petco has even given me 15% off the entire order!

If it’s easy for you to get to your local Petco, here’s how I’d do my online Petco orders:

  1. Place an order on Petco.com and set up repeat deliveries, which will get you 35% off your first order.
  2. After receiving your order, cancel all future repeat deliveries (cancellation is free).
  3. Place your remaining orders for in-store pickup for 10% – 15% off your entire order.



6. Stack Petco coupons, rewards, and sale prices for the lowest possible price.

a person grabbing dog food off shelf with a bag of dog food in cart

Petco doesn’t limit how many coupons or rewards you can stack on a single order, unless your coupon would bring the subtotal below $0. That means if you have $5 in Petco rewards, you need your subtotal to be at least $5.01.

Here’s how it looks to stack a Petco sale, coupon, and reward in one purchase:

Buy 1 Jiminy’s Cricket Crave Dry Dog Food, 10 pounds, reg. $58.99
Set up Repeat Delivery for 35% off your order
Apply 25% discount from Petco monthly sale
Use $5 in Petco Rewards
Free shipping on orders over $35
Final Price: $25.54 (57% savings)

Read all about the best pet rewards programs here.


7. Petco Pals Rewards members always get a Buy 9, Get 1 free deal on bags of pet food.

a person pushing a shopping cart in petco store near large vital care sign

When it comes to saving on pet food, getting a free bag of chow sets Petco apart from the field. But getting this so-called “Nutrition Perk” is a little more complicated than I’d like it to be.

Assuming you’ve signed up for Petco Pals Rewards, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the Petco app.
  2. Tap the “account” tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the app.
  3. Tap “Pals Rewards.”
  4. Tap “Unlock” next to the nutrition perk.

Then, give your phone number at the cash register when you make pet food purchases to get credit. Purchases through the app will automatically link to your account.

TIP: Want to have that kibble brought right to you? Read more about how to save on pet food delivery services here.


8. Get $15 in Petco coupons each month when you sign up for Petco Vital Care.

a person at at shopping cart looking at a brochure in store for petco vital care

Petco’s Vital Care is a subscription — $19.99 per month — that promises a slew of monthly rewards and coupons. It even includes free routine vet visits.

The catch? Well, each state only has a few veterinary clinics that participate in Petco’s Vital Care program, plus your subscription fee won’t count toward your Petco Pals Rewards earnings.

And, of course, $15 in monthly rewards won’t cover your $19.99 monthly payment. You need to find $5 more in savings to make Petco Vital Care worth it. And you can do just that with these exclusive discounts:

  • 5% off repeat deliveries of food
  • 10% off food
  • 20% off cat litter purchases
  • 20% off Petco dog grooming visits (reg. $59)

Here’s how much you’d have to spend on pet food alone in order to start saving money each month…


9. Petco Vital Care is worth it if you spend at least $35 on pet food each month.

a person holding a tray of 12 blue turkey meatloaf wet dog food cans in store

You don’t even have to use all of the discounts available to you with Petco Vital Care to make the subscription worthwhile.

You can save enough money to pay for the subscription on dog food alone. It requires stacking all of your potential dog food discounts:

  • 5% off any repeat delivery
  • 10% off nutrition

Those two discounts need to net you $5 in savings. To do that, you need to spend at least $35. Here’s how it works:

Buy 1 12-Pack Buffalo Blue Homestyle Recipe Turkey Meatloaf Adult Wet Dog Food, 12.5 ounces, reg. $38.28
Pay $19.99 for Petco Vital Care each month
Save 5% with repeat delivery
Save 10% on nutrition items
Save $15 with Petco Vital Care rewards coupons
Final Price: $17.73 ($37.72 including Petco Vital Care)
Compare to $38.28 regular price on Petco

That’s just for food. Here’s how much you have to spend on cat litter or dog grooming to save money with Petco Vital Care:

  • Spend at least $20 on cat litter per month (20% discount plus 5% autoship discount)
  • One dog grooming appointment (reg. $59) per month (20% discount)


10. Save more than 60% every time you buy high-end cat litter — like World’s Best — from Petco.

a person holding a bag of worlds best cat litter on the store shelf at petco with vital care signage

If you’re a Petco Vital Care member, then you’ll be able to get high-end cat litter like World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter (reg. $34.99) for as little as $13. That’s 63% savings!

Buy 1 World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter, 28 Pounds, reg. $34.99
Apply 20% Petco Vital Care discount
Use three $5 Petco coupons
Free in-store pickup
Final Price: $13 ($0.46/lb)

By comparison, Petco’s own cat litter brand, So Phresh, is only one penny cheaper. With Petco Vital Care, you’ll be paying store brand prices for one of the top cat litter brands. No other store can match those savings over and over again on cat litter.

PRO TIP: Read our best tips for getting cheap cat litter.



11. Petco rarely has the best price on name-brand cat food — shop Target, PetSmart, or Amazon instead.

Friskies cat food stacked up on a table

It’s not that Petco has unusually awful prices on cat food, but when it comes to name brands, they simply never have the best price.

Here’s where you’ll find the best prices on wet cat food:

Petco’s nowhere to be found, and they don’t fare any better with dry kibble:

TIP: Don’t miss our best tips for getting cheap cat food.


12. Petco’s return policy only gives shoppers 30 days to make a return with a receipt.

a close up of the receipt from petco in front of bag of items

When it comes to returns, PetSmart definitely has the upper paw over Petco.

Whereas PetSmart lets shoppers make a return without a receipt and up to 60 days after your purchase, Petco requires a receipt and only gives you 30 days to make a return.

By the way, Petco counts 30 days from the date your Petco.com order ships — not when it arrived — so count the days accordingly. Petco won’t accept returns of prescription medicine or pharmacy products.

These stores have the best return policies — and Petco’s not on the list.


13. Yes, Petco does price match their competitors. Here’s how it works:

a person point at the price of cat litter on shelf with a cheaper price of the cat litter on cellphone from the petco app on screen

It’s difficult to find Petco’s actual policy concerning price matching — as in, I couldn’t find it online! But I called Petco’s customer service line and found out that Petco.com will price match the following retailers:

But Petco stores will only price match Petco.com (no matches on competitors’ store prices). Of course, you’ll need to present proof of a lower price (I use screenshots and a url) in order to get your price match.

If you need to make a price match for a Petco.com purchase, call 877-738-6742 to reach Petco’s customer service line. Choose to speak to a representative, and they’ll help you from there.


14. Look for 30% – 50% off pet Halloween costumes at Petco during the week before Halloween.

A small black and white dog dressed in a US postal Service costume.

If Petco sticks to what they did in 2020 and 2021, then the best time to buy Halloween costumes from Petco in 2022 will be 7 – 10 days before Halloween.

In both 2020 and 2021, Petco took 30 – 50% off their pet Halloween costumes in the lead-up to the holiday.

Buy 1 Medium Bootique Wicked Sweet Dog Dress, (reg. $24.99), $12.99 sale price
Free store pickup
Final Price: $12.99

This was the only time we saw a dedicated sale for Halloween costumes from Petco.

That said, Petco’s known to place unsold sale items on clearance after holidays for as much as 50 – 75% off. If you want to chance it, it could be worth stopping by Petco on Nov. 1.


15. The best Petco aquarium sale is during Petco Black Friday when aquariums are $1 per gallon.

a person holding an aquarium in store around other tanks stacked up

If you’re in the market for a new aquarium, it’s worth waiting until Black Friday rolls around at Petco.

From 2019 – 2021, we’ve seen aquariums on sale during Petco Black Friday for $1 per gallon (that’s 50% savings!). That’s how we found this 10-gallon Aqueon glass aquarium tank (reg. $19.99) for $10 in 2021.

Although this sale isn’t exclusive to Black Friday — we saw Petco’s $1 per gallon aquarium sale during Presidents’ Day 2022 — Black Friday’s the only holiday in which we’ve seen this deal each year since 2019.



16. From 2019 – 2021, Petco took 65% – 75% off dog and cat toys and 50% – 60% off pet beds during their January clearance sale.

a woman putting cat beds in cart in petco

The best sale for pet beds, dog toys, and cat toys is definitely Petco’s annual after-holiday clearance. Since 2019, Petco has sold pet beds for 50 – 60% off the regular price, like this one we saw in 2020:

Buy 1 Animaze Dog Crate Mat and Pet Bed (reg. $9.99), $3.99
Free store pickup
Final Price: $3.99

We’ve also seen Petco place serious discounts on dog toys and cat toys during their clearance sale. For instance, in 2021, they were selling Marvel dog toys for 75% off their regular price.

Here are the other after-holiday clearance sales you can’t miss.


17. Get Petco free shipping on any online order that’s more than $35.

Two dogs sitting at a front door with a Petco delivery box in front of them.

Between Petco, PetSmart, and Chewy.com, Petco has the lowest free shipping minimum at $35.


18. Order by 2 p.m. and access free same-day Petco delivery on orders over $35.

a person delivering pet food and cat litter through doordash

Like PetSmart, Petco has teamed up with DoorDash to provide free, same-day Petco delivery on all orders over $35. Simply place your order before 2 p.m., and you’ll receive it the same day.

Of course, as is the case with any DoorDash delivery, you have the option to tip your driver.


19. The Petco Pay credit card gets you 10% cashback on all of your Petco or Petco.com purchases.

a person on a laptop with petco pay credit card info on screen with cat sitting nearby

Petco offers anyone who signs up for their Petco Pay MasterCard 20% off their first purchase, but the long-term perk that could make this card worth your time is the cashback benefit.

Petco Pay cardholders get a $5 Petco coupon (received via email) for every $50 they spend with the card at Petco or on Petco.com. As is the case with any retailer credit card, the interest rates on Petco Pay are a brutal 26.49%, so pay off your balance each month.

Read all about the best store credit cards here.


20. Don’t bother looking for a Petco military discount — they don’t have one.

Member of the US Armed Forces dressed in a uniform kneeling down, hugging a German Shepherd dog.

But here’s how you can find plenty of military discounts from other retailers — including PetSmart.



21. Buy discounted Petco gift cards from Raise.com and save 2% – 5%.

a person holding out a cellphone with raise app and petco gift cards on screen in store by cart

Raise.com is a website that sells full-value gift cards at a discounted rate. I think of it as a way to create your own coupon.

At Petco, the savings we found were pretty slim — only 2– 5% savings on full-value gift cards. But hey, it’s better than nothing, and if you know you’d spend the money anyway, then you should check out Raise. Oh, and first-time users get 15% off of their first order.

Read about our favorite gift card tips here.


22. Use Ibotta to get 1% cashback on your Petco purchases.

a person holding a cellphone with ibotta app ad petco on screen with bag of items and petco receipt in background

Ibotta is a cashback app that gives you cashback when you purchase select items at participating stores. And Petco is one of those stores.

All you have to do is go to Ibotta.com (or use the app), search for your store, and click the “shop” link from the Ibotta page. Your rebate will be automatically calculated at checkout and should appear in your account one week after checkout.

You can also get 1% cashback on anything you buy (except gift cards) when you shop Petco from the Ibotta app.

Here’s everything else you gotta know about how to use Ibotta.

I hope this made saving money at Petco simpler and easier for you. Any questions? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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