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8 Ways to Get Cheap Cat Food, No Matter Where You Shop

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Unless your cat’s somehow making you money because they’re Instagram famous, you’re probably looking for ways to get cheap cat food on the regular. I’m here to help.

I’ve outlined the best ways to save money with cheap cat food. You’ll learn about the best places to shop, get some brilliant pet food delivery tips and stock-up prices, and finally, answers to some FAQs.

By the way, if your cat is Instagram famous, um, hit me up in the comments and tell me how you did it.

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1. First, always calculate the cost per cup whenever you’re shopping for dry, cheap cat food.

a bag of meow mix in cart in the background with a bag of friskies cat food being held on handle of cart

It takes two easy steps to calculate the price per cup of your dry cat food:

  1. Multiply the number of pounds by four (four cups of dry kibble equals one pound).
  2. Divide the sticker price by whatever number you found in Step 1.

The final number from Step 2 is your price per cup. And by the way, you shouldn’t pay more than $0.26 per cup when it comes to dry cat food. Set your sights there, and your options will include:

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2. And for wet, cheap cat food, always calculate the cost per ounce.

meow mix tender favorites and simple servings wet cat food in cart

When you’re buying wet cat food, there’s always a measurement of how many ounces are in each container of food (check the bottom corners of the package).

To calculate your price per ounce, simply divide the sticker price by the total amount of ounces in your cat food package. For wet food, always try to spend below $0.24 per ounce — a price at which I still found brands such as Friskies and Meow Mix:

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3. Sam’s Club has the cheapest dry cat food: Meow Mix cat food for $0.19 per cup — and that’s a regular price.

sam's club exclusive mixture meow mix food near a cat eating from a bowl

Shocking — none of the retailers who specifically cater to pets (Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart) offer the best prices on dry cat food.

Instead, Sam’s Club tops our list of the best everyday value on cat food, with this 32-pound box of Meow Mix for $23.78.

The savings on cat food alone could justify the cost of a $45 per year Sam’s Club membership. (But you can also learn how to get a free Sam’s Club membership.)

If you don’t want to become a member, you can still shop (you have to pay a 10% “handling fee”). Even then, Sam’s Club cat food would only cost $0.20 per cup.

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4. Friskies cat food is the cheapest wet brand at $0.14 per ounce from Chewy and Target.

box of friskies meaty bits wet cat food in target cart

When it comes to cheap canned cat food, it really isn’t close. The Friskies Meaty Bits cat food is a paltry $0.14 per ounce from Target and Chewy.

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5. Save 10% on Amazon cat food when you use Subscribe & Save.

friskies shreds wet canned cat food next to amazon boxes

The easiest way to maximize savings on cat food is to subscribe to your pet’s food from retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart.

Each of these stores offers you the ability to automate repeat orders on a schedule that works for you. But Amazon’s the best option because only Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service promises up to 10% savings.

As low as$9.88$20.56(52% off)
What to buy
Price Summary
As low as $0.41 each

As low as$28.78$31.98(10% off)
What to buy
Price Summary
As low as $0.45 per cup

6. The best cat food sale is Chewy’s Black Friday sale, which saw 70% off your first order of American Journey cat food.

siamese standing on counter next to Chewy box

Although it’s a store brand, Chewy’s American Journey cat food (regularly $0.59 per cup) is actually a high-end cat food brand similar to Purina One Plus (regularly $0.50 from Target).

But during Black Friday 2022, Chewy store brands like American Journey were 30% off their regular price. Additionally, Chewy took 50% off customers’ first repeat delivery order.

Better yet, Chewy lets customers stack their discounts. Here’s an example of what it could look like:

Buy 1 15-Pound Bag American Journey Sensitive Stomach Salmon and Rice Dry Cat Food (reg. $32.41), $22.68 sale price
Sign up for repeat delivery for 50% off your first order
Final Price: $11.34 (70% savings)

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7. The Top 5 cheapest cat food brands are …

a box of Friskies wet cat food being held in front of target cart

Yes, you can use coupons, discounts, and even subscription services to save on cat food. Even so, there are a few brands that are consistently the cheapest. Which are they? In my cat food research comparing major retailers, Target, Walmart, Petco, PetSmart, and Chewy, the the top five cheapest brands are:

  • Friskies
  • Meow Mix
  • Fancy Feast
  • American Journey
  • Whole Hearted

We’ve got more ways to save on pet food, supplies, vet visits, and more.


8. Shop for the cheapest cat food at these 5 retailers …

two large boxes of Friskies wet can cat food stacked on top of each other inside target cart

Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Chewy, and Amazon consistently show up with the cheapest cat food. This may be through great sales, certain coupons they offer, or their store loyalty programs. Focus on these stores!



9. How much dry food should I feed my cat?

wellness complete health grain free senior cat food being poured into bowl

Although the cat food packaging has their own specific instructions most of the time, I called some of the local vets in my area.

They told me, generally speaking, that if your cat is between five and 10 pounds, they probably only need 0.75 – 1.5 cups of dry food per day.


10. How much wet food should I feed my cat?

person opening wet canned cat food near dish

When it comes to wet food, the vets I spoke with told me an average cat needs about four to five ounces of wet food per day.

Again, the specific feeding instructions should be included on the backside of your package.


11. Can kittens eat adult cat food?

kitten and adult varieties of iams dry cat food in target cart

Adult cat food is lower in protein than kitten food. The vet told me it’s not wise to rely on adult food for your kitten — they need more protein to help them grow.

If you have any other questions (or seriously, if your cat is Instagram famous), hit me up in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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