Ultimate Pet Savings Guide
Ultimate Pet Savings Guide
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Love is a four-legged word.

The perks of owning a pet are endless — but paying for food, supplies, vet visits, and other stuff probably isn't your favorite part.
Let this be your guide to saving money AND keeping your pets healthy, happy, and living their best lives. We'll cover how much pet food should really cost and other things (like how to take your pet on vacation with you).
Maybe your cat's a bigger boss than you are, but that's what makes them great, right?
Your feline friend deserves the best life possible. From saving on food to leveling up playtime, this is your guide to cutting costs on quality care.
How to Save on Cat Food
Dry cat food shouldn't cost you more than $0.26 per cup — but it's easy to overpay for big brands. This is your guide to calculating costs, comparing prices, and finding the cheapest cat food around.
Spoiling your pup is a natural part of pet parenting. So we say “go ahead.”
We'll show you how to save on all your canine supplies. That way you can choose: upgrade to the best dog food without paying more than the cheap stuff. Or save all your pennies for that splurge-worthy dog gear you found on the gram. Your call.
How to Save on Dog Food
With all the different dog food brands, types, and sizes, it's hard to tell if you're getting a good price. This guide shows you exactly how much to pay and where to buy the cheapest chow.
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How to Save on Pets at Petco
Saving money at Petco is pretty simple: You can cut costs in a big way by stacking coupons, rewards, and sale prices on a single purchase. Wanna know where the best deals are? This Petco guide tells you everything you need to know.
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How to Save on Pets at PetSmart
If you shop at PetSmart, you NEED to sign up for a free PetPerks account — it's the only way to access sale prices, coupons, and promos. Prepare to cut costs with these sneaky ways to save at PetSmart.
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How to Save on Pets at Chewy
Fun fact: PetSmart owns Chewy! Not so fun fact: Finding Chewy deals isn't as easy — but knowing what to look for (and when to shop) goes a long way. Learn the best ways to save at Chewy with these tips, like how to score deals under $10 and save $50 on pet meds.
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How to Save on Pets on Amazon
When you're spending $300-$600 per year on dog food, finding ways to save money is a MUST. These popular pet items are cheaper on Amazon than they are at Costco or Sam's Club.
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