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13 Best Pet Hair Removal Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Sure you love your fur buddy, but I guarantee you didn’t realize how much they would shed. You can always tell which one of your co-workers and friends has a cat or dog by the obvious pet hair on their coat or pants or in their car….

It’s okay, though, because we’ve gathered the 13 best DIY pet hair remover tips and tricks to help your clothes and make your furry friend happy. KCL has everything you need to take care of your pets (check out our pet coupons page) and teach you how to get rid of pet hair on every surface of your house.


1. Use textured rubber gloves as a pet hair remover tool on carpet or furniture.

woman wearing rubber cleaning gloves to clean pet hair in carpet

If pet hair has invaded your carpet or furniture, you’ll have to get your hands dirty to tackle the job, because vacuuming won’t pick up everything. Textured rubber gloves act as a carpet rake for pet hair as you run your hand along it. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so, depending on your surface and amount of hair. The gloves also work well on pet beds.


2. Scrub carpeted surfaces with a pumice stone to remove pet hair from your car.

using a pumice stone to pick up pet hair in car

If you have a dog that sheds a lot, you know that vacuuming alone won’t get all the pet hair out of your vehicle’s carpet. To save time, use a pumice stone to remove pet hair from car seats before using the vacuum. The rough texture of the stone will “rake” the pet hair and loosen it enough so that you can pick it up and throw it away.


3. Learn how to keep pet hair under control by using a rubber squeegee over carpet.

using squeegee to clean pet hair off carpet

Another pet hair removal idea is to run a squeegee on carpet — you just have to choose the right squeegee. I know it sounds weird, but it works! Generic rubber squeegees won’t do the trick as they’re kind of flimsy. You’ll need a pet hair removal tool with a sturdier handle (like metal, heavy-duty plastic, or wood) that will allow you to press harder and collect more pet hair. Do this after you vacuum, and you’ll be surprised at how much hair is left over.


4. Pick up a pile of hair with a latex balloon.

balloon picking you dog hair

Ever try rubbing a balloon against your hair? Yeah, it’s like that, but far more useful as a pet hair eraser! Just blow it up, tie it off, and rub it on the unsightly pile of pet hair until the static electricity attracts the hair.



5. Use the rough side of Velcro as a DIY pet hair remover around the house.

using velcro to clean pet hair

Fuzz, hair, thread…Velcro can easily pick up fibers from fabric and carpet, so it’s an ideal pet hair remover. If you don’t have a big strip of Velcro, try a jumbo self-grip plastic hair curler. Just press the Velcro onto the pet hair and move on to the next pile. To get the hair out, use a toothbrush, duct tape, a sewing needle, or a fine-tooth comb.


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6. Wrap duct tape around a paint roller or use a lint roller.

a paint roller covered in duct tape for pet hair remover

Lint rollers are amazing little tools that make your clothes look better, so of course they can do the same for picking up hair. Don’t wanna use up all your clean tape as a pet hair lint roller? I don’t blame you. Simply wrap duct tape around a paint roller instead, and roll it over the areas that need to be hair free. This method lets you remove hair from cars, furniture, clothes, and anywhere else that needs some cleaning up.


7. Stick clothes with pet hair in the dryer first before washing.

putting dog hair covered leggings in dryer

Before tossing hairy clothes in the washing machine, throw them in the dryer. Turn your dryer on to the tumble/fluff, no-heat setting for about 10 minutes to loosen the pet hair before washing. Don’t forget to clean your lint trap!

If you’re not into drying first, you could also use a washing machine lint filter bag. Just throw the bag into your normal wash cycle, and it will magically collect extra lint (or pet hair, in this case).

Now that you’ve learned how to get pet hair out of clothes, it’s time to help your poor washing machine get clean. Add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar as a pet hair remover for laundry cleaning during the rinse cycle.


8. Brush surfaces with a scrub sponge for a quick pet hair eraser method.

cleaning pet hair off couch with scrub sponge

Still looking for pet hair removal tips? Try a dry sponge for a cheap solution. The rough side of an everyday scrub sponge will do the trick to collect pet hair for easy disposal. Depending on the fabric of your surface, a slightly damp sponge may help the hair cling to the sponge better.


9. Run wet hands over pet hair to magnetically attract loose strands.

wetting hands with water in sink

Out of rubber gloves? If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, just wet your hands and run them over pet-hair-prone areas. The water will attract the loose hair (like a magnet) and prevent it from attaching itself to your clothes or furniture. Ideally, you’ll want to rinse your hands (or dip them in clean water) periodically for best results.


10. Attach a dryer sheet to a Swiffer as a DIY pet hair remover.

swiffer with dryer sheet to clean pet hair on floor

Dryer sheets work like a charm for removing wrinkles, but they’re not just for throwing in the dryer. Just attach the sheet to a Swiffer sweeper and use it on the desired surface. This method works best for loose surface hair, rather than embedded hair.



11. Wipe down furry furniture with pet hair dryer sheets.

picking up dog hair with dryer

Speaking of dryer sheets, Bounce makes pet hair dryer sheets specifically for pet owners. Glide the sheets along surfaces. You can also throw the sheets in the dryer to absorb leftover pet hair from your clothes or your pet’s outfits.


12. Make clean-up easy by using a pet hair remover brush.

pet brush getting dog hair

As a pet parent, you know maintenance can be rough and costly. Using a pet hair remover brush is a cost-effective way to remove hair from surfaces like carpet, cars, or furniture. The tiny teeth on the brush scoop up the hair with little effort.


13. Invest in a powerful pet hair vacuum to get the job done.

pet grade vacuum cleaning carpet stairs

Despite all of your best cleaning efforts — grooming regularly, sweeping, mopping — sometimes a good machine needs to take over. The best vacuum for pet hair depends on your pet’s hair type and where you plan on using it. When looking for a vacuum, think about cordless/corded, bagless, swivel, filter, and price (duh!).

Handheld vacuums are the most affordable and are great for carpeted stairs, cars, and furniture. The upright vacuums for pet hair work well on carpeted floors, area rugs, and bare floors. Regardless of type, you need one with a strong suction component. There are even vacuums with specialized pet attachments for small corners, flexible hoses, hair eliminator tools, and upholstery brushes.

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